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  1. Sometimes when I resupply the AI kirkland is using his sidearm and it gets annaoying
  2. After looking at all the posts that are being posted I realized this. Everyone has almost forgotten all there issues with GRAW and are embracing it and waiting for the Patch. It took a month but hey now almost everybody is alright. I guess all the whiners have coped with it or just left. Just thought I'd state that. We're over it guys HURRAY!
  3. I chose Mid east North Africa because it ties into current events, besides who doesn't like flying through a sandstorm in a blackhawk and assaulting a town filled of enemies.
  4. If you did add the smoke grenades then would the AI actually react to it or not notice it and still nail you? Just a thought to think about.
  5. I don't get it how is that a camo someone explain
  6. Nice Camo looks cool. I must say it looks sort of like the EU camo in BAttlefield 2142 check out the trailers at ign. Just the colors though
  7. I'm sure others have said this but the gameplay in Domination MOde sometimes is so fast that it hardly matters if you have a Gay PInk Suit on or are running around Butt naked. But still a slight advantage nonetheless. I wonder how many gay gamers outside would use that color.
  8. I just started playing the sixth mission, Ready for Bear. While in the APC and once I got out I think I noticed that my ghost teams camo has changed color slightly less yellow. I don't know how to post screen shots so I can't really prove this. Does anyone else notice this or are my eyes just messing with me.
  9. Sorry if I came on too strong but I felt that I had to say that and I was angry at something else at the time.
  10. NOt on the topic but I just read the thread nd realized how far off the topic got and how everyone started with The geneva convention. Just amazinf how side tracked one can become by little statements. AS to the semi-automatic rifle GRIn could what BF2 did and make semi-auto rifles that did less damge that some balance would be kept. As to the realism part if you want realism go become a soldier get shipped to Iraq come back then see if you want more realism. I f you are a soldier then you're great and I got nothing against you but all you whiners need to be happy eith what you got.
  11. Hey yo Fiddlestx remember me I played CO-OP with you today on VIP2 is Down under the Name Iyre. Didn't know you were a member
  12. So I heard that the new patch will probably have a MP editor and maybe a SP editor down the road. This sounds awesome to me. So the point of this post is to get the creative juices flowing. What are some types of maps that you guys will try to create, like objectives or layout of the mission or hidden areas in MP maps. I just wanted to know what some people are planning to do with these editors if they come out. I love the idea of an editor but I can't see what can be done with the city. After they are just buildings. So I ask of you to post what you or your clan would or will do with the editors. Use this as a sort of brainstorming area so that maybe others can build off other ideas to fully enhance the editor's usage and increase the amount of fun everyone has. Afterall games are made to be fun and engaging. Also I am interested in seeing what people can create. Just put brief ideas or lengthy ideas of plans for new maps. A preview to the future of GR:AW. Please post and get those creative juices flowing on this thread. I m waiting to see what comes up.
  13. I think the problem with you is that you cn't accept the game for what it is. I haven't played Ghost recon but I grasp the fact that it is completely different than GRAW. Also think of it from GRIN's point of view they are trying to make a game for profits not so that the [GR] community will be completely pleased aand fulfilled. They are trying to make a game for aa more vast spectrum of gamers. Not just hardcore GR fans. But they still are going to try to please the GR community. An example would be me. THis the first tactical game I have bought. I think it is awesome with the tactical map and planning out attacks. I know for sure that there are more people like me. As for headshots, why go for them anyways I can get an instant kill by shooting the in the chest. Sure the damge model is cooky but try to get over the damage model and then judge GRIN. Look through the opposite sides shoes before telling them not to make a certain game. There are far more people that would like GRIN to make more tactical games than those who don't. GRin can never please evryone nobody can.
  14. To the Mexican Army having all the same weapons whatever they are called you are forgetting that it is the YEAR 2013. NOw who knows what Mexico did with its Army in that time. Also MAybe this new gun is the Futuristic AK-47 in the sense that the Ak-47 is the most used Assault rifle in the world. There are many factors to this and one cannot simply blast the game for this. Besides is it really that annoying. It is not a big thing
  15. I was reading on how to open the map editor and I can't find my GRAW root folder or what it is. Can someone tell me where to find it and and how to launch it or whatever. PLease Help.
  16. This mission has been the easiest so far. I beat it in 30 minutes which great time. There was no actual hard part to this mission. All you people complaining about the machine gun in the castle. ITS NOT THAT HARD. just wait for him to stop shooting then peek out and pop a few rounds into his legs. I beat that part on my first attempt but then died when the HUmvee type thing came down the road. Very cool mission like splinter cell. Cool lighting too especially the flashlights the soldiers have
  17. Not only do they myseteriously dissapear fromt he blackhawk mid flight, the mysteriously re-apear in the APC that extracts you. I can just imagine that little conversation... Mitchele: So where the hell were you guys when I was taking on half the mexican army by my self???? Brown: . . . . Kirkland: . . . . Allen: Sir, lunch break, sir. Union requirements. Last part is preety funny
  18. I am now playing the 5th missio MayDay Mayday nad was wondering why you don't get your other squad members on this mission. Or do you get them later in the mission. But I do like this mission it reminds me of Splinter Cell in the way that it is dark out and you have try and be stealthy. Anyone have any answers please answer.
  19. Yo u guys have some High FPS. I play at 1280x1024@60 with most settings high. I have 2GB DDR RAM and a nvdia geForce 6800. My average Fps is 13 or 12. I can get into the thirties with 800x600 I also have BF2 which has an FPS of like 50 to 70. So is this goog bad, or I am just doing some thing wrong. Please help.
  20. I got the game 2 weeks ago and have beat the third mission. My computer is pretty good i think. I've read on other posts that people play on resolution that are extremely high. when i go to the video option it only lets me pick the highest resolution 1200x1600 i think. Does it automatically only allow for the highest your computer can handle or there another way to increase resolution further.
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