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  1. As much as I understand your post, what I dont understand is your reasons. It would be good and helpfull if you explained what you dont like. Together with what you do like. Colin Do NOT like 1. Reticule goes up and down, left and right can NOT shoot anyone, instead of not moving target in [GR]! 2. System requirements - My Comp P4 Prescott 2.8Ghz 512 DDR RAM ATI Radon 9600XT can NOT play the game! But where all that memory goes - do not see many improvements in graphic - to be precise do not see it at all! Personally will not continue to play to see positive side becouse I do NOT like the core! It is the same when somebody gives you icecream with something you like the most, but before that you must eat something that will make you throw out - you will not eat icecream! Ofcourse if they fix the thing with moving gun and made it like in [GR] I will give it a second shot. I hope that there is a lot of people who think like me, and that the game makers will hear this and improve game playability. Cheers, CrAzYSeRb
  2. I have neot been negative, or tried to offend someone, was just expresing my opinion about GRAW. So if this is forum just for 'GOOD' opinions then you should write in forum rules!
  3. First to introduce myself. My name is Djordje Djokanovic in Ghost Recon known as CrAzYSeRb!. I am playing GR 3 years since now, and consider myself as a good player )... Anyway. I tried almost every FPS or similar games and found almost all of them just copy of each other. When I first played GR I saw the game I have never played before I liked it from the very beginning. Ghost Recon is the game similar to the 'real world' no jumps for like 5m, not to be on the other side of the map for just like 2 secs and so on... Playability of the game is excellent, a lot of tactics and strategy involved, especially in Team battles. And after all, I was waiting for the continuation of the GR series and finally GR AW is out. First thing I did not like was the gun moving all the time when I was pointing in some direction, I know that probably some of you will say that it is in 'real life' but I do NOT want real life battle I WANT THE GAME. It is bad thigh to simulate things like that in the game this IS GAME and they should keep it in that way. In Ghost Recon IT, DS ... gun was just like it should be in the game. What I am suppose to do to pray that I will actually hit the target when my gun always go up and down, left and right! This suppose to be a strategy and tactic GAME not a bad simulation. But to be 100% clear I LIKE 100% reality of the GR series but we suppose to keep it in the borders of the game, not to ruin the game with small stupid things, and reduce playability of the game a lot. Second look at these minimum system requirements 256DDR Video card 1024 RAM or more 3 GHz CPU or more MINIMUM! OK, not vote who you have this machine at home!? I can bet less then 20%! So I personally will uninstall GR AW and will continue to play GR IT, DS, HX5... Those mentioned gives me a fun, strategy, tactics and real enjoyment playing it... Cheers, Djordje
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