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  1. I just then had one crash with GRAW this is what happened. I was in multuplayer, I was playing Deathmatch and tactical points weren't enabled. I bought a SCAR Light and extra ammo, after I died a few times I decide to change weapons. When I equipped myself while I still had the SCAR extra ammo equippted the game crashed. That's what I've experienced so far, otherwise all else is good.
  2. woo my newest inspiration to start eagerly searchin for aus servers in graw again!
  3. YES!! At least!!! Thank you GRIN!!! WOO!! Edit: Deathmatch Rules!! I played my first game and did badly 6 kills 8 deaths then i played my second game and owned it!! 42 kills 17 deaths!! Highest in the server !! Thanks a lot GRIN!!
  4. awesome patch GRIN !!! Hopefully it'll be released soon! I can't wait!
  5. IMO, i think all the three round bursts in the weapons of this game takes too long to fire. I've only seen the Ausstyer in action doing a 3 round burst and it was faster than this. Maybe i played too much Halo 2? Maybe i'm just imagingin thing? but overall MRC is too weak a weapon for me to use, but if maybe the three round burst was more faster and had more impact like the Clarion in CS, I'd use it more. Just my 2 cents
  6. I chose east asia and the pacific, because of the mass population in Japan, really awesome urban country, also in China, fighting on the Great Wall or some landmark would look really good ^^ Or the Kokoda Trail hehe that should be interesting. Just my 2 cents
  7. look sweet, the HUD looks better than the PC one too XD. How come they are allowed like 8 players in a co-op map? i thought it was only four? or is it like an XBOX 360 special thing?
  8. Some of the features will be in the next patch in June or definitely in the near future. The online section of GRAW is being patched by GRIN, expect a patch coming out in June to enhance the gameplay. It will include more play modes, bug fixes etc. But otherwise see you in the field!!
  9. How i got past the last bit, was to not rely on the upstairs cover, have the support guy guarding the left wall, rifle man rite next to VIP 2 to help him, and sniper guy behind a wall on the right side of the embassy. You stand in the middle with acess to cover on left and right side. As they rush you, get your Scar L, zoom, and shoot. Your teammates are good enough to keep themselves alive, once tanks start coming in, make sure they're all in cover, you pop out, target them and hid until tanks are dead, then go again killing. Afterwards when VIP 2 is out, go back to your normal spots, if you do it well both US marines should still be alive. If not oh well you can still kill the rest with your ghosts once again same tactic, tank approach, get evryone to hide, you pop out target tank, hide and wait till its dead, once your blackhawk comes, use the tactical map check for any more tanks, otherwise go up to your chopper. with that you'll be covered by the minigun people in the blackhawk, and you just hope in and mission complete. I found this mission to be very fun and enjoyable, my favourite Co-op mission. on Normal I finished it with three ghosts still alive but both of the US marines dead. Cover is the most important thing in this section, make sure your squadron has acess to cover at all times!! otherwise good luck!!
  10. I personally think the game is a great game!! I got like soo bored of CS :S then got GRAW and found it an amazing game, although AI can be improved, I like the health system, Cross-Com, etc etc the hud and all, its great "realistic" of course physics are accounted for in the game, but not much since i don't have a physX card. What I might expect for in the future would probably be a "ghost walk" for the Ghosts, like even when you walk, you make sounds which is too noisy and spoils the stealth in MP, like in games like Counter Strike, once you walk, its silent, in the army and cadets they teach us how to walk basically silently or noise reduction is to an abosulte max. Otherwise great graphics, great sounds, gamespy sucks, more fixing of bugs for MP, more weapons, like I'm totally biased in using the SCAR L and H, maybe a new cool weapon can be introduced? I doubt it but jsut a suggestion, also flash bang, infrared vision, and more actions that your own ghost team can do. Otherwise keep up the great work!! Awesome game!!
  11. In SP missions, I use SCAR L or H, for strong point I was forced to use the sniper with an SMG in order to take out the bunkers easier, other wise SCAR, m9 pistol and if theres a ZEUS i'd take one, if not, then extra ammo. In Domination, just the SCAR H or L with front grip and combat sight, in co-op, depending on the team leader, generally once again its SCAR, single shot for range, auto for close up.
  12. ^ really? I found this mission pretty easy once I got past the RPG after the ambush in the beginning, defending the embassy was the best part, and the tanks are pretty easy too, just camp your guys in behind the embassy gates giving them cover to run behind when a tank comes, afterwards cover just the front and the left side, and it should be all easy, I have guys on default weaps, I used the SCAR L with front grip. and yeah was one of the best missions
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