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  1. Hum , If i remember well , Grin or Ubi are planing a standalone server during summer. so dont worry, we just have to wait a little more ... ( i hope to be true )
  2. I agree with the fact that the way we choose weapon have to be redesign M8 roxxx and it's free , so why to bye another weapon ? i find that it's ridiculus to buy weapons, that drop the realism down... and pleaze make the head shot lethal ....
  3. Warehouse , l love to throw nades in the chemical plant and do everyone freezing
  4. My question is simple : Is Graw multithreaded ? Does it run better on Dual core processor ( eg: 64 3800 x 2 ) ? Thanx people
  5. graw xbox : arcade game , unmodable , short lifetime graw pc : tactical game , moddable , long lifetime
  6. If AA is not supported in hardware mode ( with defered lightning ) , fps will drop down. I'am realy curious about the way they'll make AA aviable. Any way I still drinking beer to get any blur effect ( advanced Aniso and AA hardware mode ). It look less jaggy when i'am drunk. ( sorry for my uggly english , i'am a froggy )
  7. Viiiper : "ASUS A8N32-SLI, AMD 2.6Ghz FX60, 2GB 4400 XMS PRO, 2x BFG 7900GTX-OC, 1x AGEIA PPU, 2x Raptor-X boot" OMG how much fps 1280 x 960 all max ?
  8. I dont bother , because i never used AA in any game. I still drinking beer , and after 1 litter , AA is comming on my screen , there's no scaling , everything is blur . Yeah i tell you that beer does great things in hardware mode ! So forgive the software AA and purchase a pack of 26 Kronembourg ( french beer ) hardware AA ! Have fun NTF-Phoenyx French GRAW comunity site
  9. I've seen a player whowhere speedhacking last nigth We made a video of him. Any way i'll realy enjoy anti cheat technology
  10. Great ! I'll translate this for the frenchies ! Thanks
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