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  1. Yep. And to answer the other questions- Dual core only affected games when they were new, but was mainly a problem on the CPU side(which has been hotfixed). If the game does not take advantage of dual core, then the game simply just uses one core as any other typical CPU.
  2. After seriously playing, I really came to enjoy the detail in GRAW that immersed me. I haven't seen many explosions like this before(i don't use the physix card either). When I blew up a car, not only did the car release a lot of shrapnel/smoke but these hanging pieces from another structure got hit too, causing a few pieces to dangle off. As they were dangling, you could see the real time shadow casting on the ground and then the pieces finally fell off. Also, if you shoot through the trees, the leaves move. The implementation of HDR is actually worth mentioning in some areas. I was looking at a striped metal business door and the the lighting would reflect off each shingle edge ilike when the sun bounces off metal and gives off a blinding glare into your eye. Yes, the performance could improve, and the graphics are not perfect, but it is nevertheless a very dramatic atmosphere. I am used to playing Rainbow Six's graphics(with a noticeable lack of technology shift generally) and still loving it. This just makes it better.
  3. this game hasn't been on sale in north texas for a while. At least in the Dallas area as far as I've seen. The first time I saw it on sale was last week.
  4. I think this is only for 7900 x2 cards.. I may be wrong. I read that at guru3d.com forums (Note, x2 meaning SLI, not dual core)
  5. I really am trying to find another tactical simulation that hasn't seen the light of days for who knows how long. I miss playing R6 series online as many of you do(before the recent ones). My purchase of the game is really gonna depend on how active the community is within the next several months. So I'm asking you guys, what do you think? by the way, by looking at the official PC GRAW forums I see everyone is complaining. Though when I came here, theres actually people who are pushing for change. If this forum is any testament, maybe theres some future. I jsut don't wanna be screwed by another game where the community and developers flop and give up.
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