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  1. me.. I just plan on making and releasing a some what a Hige T.C. But with the maps.. i am going to be making a handful.. i have them all concepted out on paper. I want them to focus more on team tactical play.. the domination mode right now in graw.. its to much lone wolf. Americas army map "Bridge crossing" is a good examble of tactical team play/ firefighting. I am going to focus on that the most.. but altogether be very diverse.
  2. what about the camera problems.. has any of those been fixed? what i mean is when in 3rd person view your player will go off screen and wonder around and all of that stuff.. any fixed views or more stable ones yet?
  3. dont worry guys we were promised a sdk... and a map editor... i jus hope they come out before i leave for basic training..
  4. ok i have been working on this 3rd person view on my whole day off work.. i finally figured out a easy way to get the head to appear.. I can tell you now to all..but you might be disappointed because........ it is impossible.. we need a 3ds plugin or some model sdk tool to do this i have changed models and everything possible.. the camera for the user is inside the head of the player. because even though you changed the distance from the body..the head goes with the camera.. although you are not seeing your self in third person. even though you can see the model all that is.. its a lignment problem.. that is your fps model. so what we need to focus on finding is the third person model..which i had found. in the camera settings there is a name of third_front , third_right , third_left...... etc those are the cameras for the third person model and perspectives. so if anyone knows how to do key bindings maybe that will work.. but i dontknow anything besides editing the model itself..
  5. im stumped on how the 3rd person views are going to be. i can not see them so being like GR:summit strike, or Roguespear. ill keep working on it.. but has anyone had any more luck than me?
  6. check the forums aatt ghostrecon.net to see the error i get.
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