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  1. Its really bugging me as to why this has not been released with the retail game.
  2. Ubisoft are very carefull when it comes to release dates. A MP demo would be superb!
  3. They done a similar thing in COD called Kill Cam or sumthing but to be able to save a vid of a fire fight would be superb
  4. Will it be possible to watch a match when joining the lobby?, the fact that you had to wait in a boring sceen was a downside for me anyways in GRAW, and it would be so much better if you could watch your friends battle it out whie you wait till next round.
  5. Thats why i host my own rooms if you see me on your welcome to join me and our community
  6. Nice one thanks for the link!
  7. Want to play tacticly but without the clan ties? visit the new Ghost Ops community Players are put into squads and develop skills by playing on a regular basis with other members of the squad, check it out EDIT** Forgot to mention that we are Mature GRAW gaming community, anyone with a mature gaming attitude is welcome to join, just sign up over at the site
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