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  1. Hamburger Hill was great fun I can't wait to get playing it again! I preferred it to traditional King of the Hill style modes because, as has been said, it was based on how long your team held the zone rather than who was in it when the time ran out. After GR had been around for a while, in ClanBase (and other ladders I think) it began to be played with single or limited spawns in place of TDM. The reason for this being, if your opponents were campers and wouldn't move, you could get a couple of points by sneaking into the zone and thus you would force your opponents to react to either get to the zone and score some points themselves or kill all your team to win the round - so helping to prevent camping by both teams. This made for some very tight and tense battles.
  2. I think you just answered your own question, no?
  3. Hi Belfast Boy, I saw you in the Ubi server last night didn't I? Anyway my favourite weapon is a Scar-H with scope, and front grip.
  4. Dumbed down? Isn't the game trying to replicate the cross-com that is expected to appear for real during the next decade? It would be impossible to do this and keep the same way of doing things as in [GR], the crosscom system didn't exist for the Ghosts in [GR] Its a different game, things are different.
  5. Umm yeah, heheh, sorry.......just read the umpteenth stupid complaint so ended up making one of my own......
  6. The system requirements for this game are NOT unreasonable. The system requirements do NOT mean you need a high-end PC to play it. Anyone who is moaning about having to upgrade their PC which "was high-end 18 months" ago is talking BS. If your PC really was "high-end" 18 months ago you'd still be able to play GRAW now, end of story. My PC really was high-end 3 years ago and only just fell below the minimum requirements for GRAW on the gfx card front. (I had an FX5900). So my box is 3 years old, and GRAW didn't work on it. But its 3 years old! It would be unreasonable for me to expect a bleeding edge game to work on a box that was high-end 3 years ago. Consider this, the average refresh cycle for corporate desktops (ie PC's which are only required to run Word and Excel) is 3 to 4 years - So if you're trying to stay up with bleeding edge games why do you expect to be able to play them on old hardware? People who think that 512MB RAM is reasonable these days are sadly mistaken, I have desktops on my work network with 512MB RAM in them, and all they do is run Word and Excel all day....... I've had to upgrade my gfx card to play GRAW and I've also put in an extra Gig of RAM, I don't think there's anything wrong with this.......for better or for worse it is and always has been a fact of life of PC gaming that you have to run the upgrade treadmill from time to time.
  7. Varies depending on what's going on, but usually between 35 and 45 fps but dips down to 25 if lots of effects etc. Gainward Bliss 7800GS (512MB) @484/1036 MHz P4 3GHz 2GB RAM 1152x864 res Tweaked a couple of things as per the GRAW Tweakguide, but ostensibly everything is on HIGH with AF at 8x
  8. I had to replace my gfx card for this game and added some more RAM, but I needed a new gfx card anyway - I had a non-ultra FX5900 so have been struggling with everything for a while. HL2 looked OK on the 5900 but BF2 looked bonk. PC gaming is and always has been an expensive hobby, and I don't think its unreasonable for a bleeding edge game to be unable to work on a 3 and a half year old graphics card, even though it might be annoying to be forced into the purchase to play the game. Personally I don't understand what all the wailing and crying is about AA, I've never been able to use it on my 5900 so for me GRAW looks beautiful, the HDR is magnificent. Comparing it to BF2 on my mates high-end rig, GRAW still looks fantastic, even though he runs BF2 and 8x AA.
  9. There are already some excellent posts in this thread, many of which I agree with but I will add my own requests too in the hope they will add to the weight of numbers for requests those features. I played GR from the first day it was released and it stands as my favourite game of all time and IMO GRAW has great promise if more work is done on the MP side of things, which is what is most important for me! I don't want or expect GR just with better graphics - times move on - but I do want some of the best features of GR moving to GRAW. Gametypes: Please add TDM, HH etc. from the original GR. Domination is an exciting addition, but we need TDM! Server: Remove the reliance on Gamespy - this is, and has been for many years, awful. We need dedicated Server binaries that can be used by professional hosting companies without us having to spend a fortune on dedicated servers with expensive gfx cards like we would have to at the moment! Admin options - all the standard admin options, kick/ban etc. MP Game options: I have mixed feelings about supply lines and the ability to change weapons mid map. But I am sure some people like it so please provide options so these features can be tuned by the server host. My preference is for a simpler style - ie. you pick a weapon and thats what you've got. If we do have to buy stuff - please, please we need a button to rebuy previous kit! Respawning - respawning onto a squad leader became a joke in the likes of BF2 whereby you could swap squads, everyone respawned onto you, then if you die, someone else recreates a squad and you spawn on them, this is just bobbins and is completely unrealistic. The idea of having to "pay" to respawn on a squad leader is interesting, but for me TDM with no respawns is the way I want to play it anyway. One shot, one kill mode as per GR. I've tried to play GRAW mp like I used to play GR mp - ie using single shot - I have lost count of the times already that I have shot someone in the chest with a Scar H only for them to spray me with bullets and kill me - this is most definitely NOT GR - if I shoot someone in the chest, especially with a heavy calibre round they should be dead, or at the very least incapable of aiming so I can pump in another round and kill them. Basically people need enough options so that they can have a pseudo realisitic GR 1 style, no-respawn TDM battle or a more arcadey multi-respawn Domination mode game for example. Maps I think the new urban style of maps is great, all the hiding places make for an excellent challenge and they are IMO well designed. However we need more maps, and maps of a different style too. Excellent work so far GRIN, just keep it up
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