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  1. Well from past experiance,I'd put my money on option #2 being the case.
  2. And "off" means moving pointer all the way to the left?????? Will have to try this,thanx for the tip.
  3. First try I scored 52 Second try 70 Tried to take screen shot as proof but guess I forgot what key it is,didnt find it in GR folder anywhere [NH]4x
  4. Since no one has mentioned it, here's my 2 cents: When playing online ,be an observer for a few games,look through the eyes of other players you consider to be good players,ie... the one s that stay alive the longest.They stay alive because they know something and use tactics others don't. And as others have said ,practice,and move slow. Also,if you haven't,take snipe21 up on his offer.Good luck,happy gaming
  5. I never take my GR cd out of pc,that seems to cut down on loading time ,cause,if you load cd after pc booting ,it seems to take forever to load,and that's with DS and IT only activated. Does any of this make sense?
  6. Here you go: At start menu press,X,L2,Triangle,R2,select,start. You should be good to go.
  7. Yes it does ,But you have to complete some missions of a campaign 1st,I think,been a while since I played GR on ps2. Just hold on I'll find something for you and get back here and post.
  8. Thanks for the info. However ,My motto is "If it ain't broke,don't fix it". One could end up doing this
  9. The time and place doesn't matter to me.What I'd like to see in a mod is; No "live or dead enemy " shown on the "command map" ,use it like a map, only to give grind ref. ,also,remove the "compass" like in Frostbite and HX5
  10. 512 mb of ram is stated,but,I only see 510 mb in your dx diag. So something is wrong there.I can't help( pc dummy here),but no one has noticed this ,and it has to be causing a problem also. My 2 cents.
  11. BOA_ELF, Yes I did,and tried it,but no go,went back to their site after posting yesterday,entered user name and password,things looked like I was getting in,but still couldn't post a question,maybe I'm too dumb to figure it out
  12. Completed objective on the 1st mission ( sp),ez was show ( during the game), before objective was completed,go to EZ,but couldn't extract. (Helo was not shot down). What's the deal? Also went to their website ( above address) registered so I could ask this question there,but was always asked to login (couldn't login). Even sent an email,but have yet to recieve a reply.BUT,I do like the mod,even with it's "bugs" Claymoar...............Harmless................until...............Detonated!!!!
  13. To Rolento, At "start screen"press,X,L2,Triangle,R2,Select,Start that should get you what you want,have fun.
  14. To Rapunzelle, At start menu, X, L2,Tri,R2,select,start. this will let u go to mp plus u can play DS,without completing anything
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