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  1. Griz I cant wait to get the game NOW! Nice interface
  2. do you mean the 4 pane view in 3dsmax? If so you can click on the icon in the bottom right corner and that should give you all 4 views. As far as the other error you are refering to, I have not had that problem, sorry
  3. Sure, I stuck them on my site http://myadsense.ws/GRAW/Ground.zip
  4. I've noticed that i havnt got any help what so ever on any question i have posted lately,maybe cause i just make TDM maps and im not an [GR] fan i have no clue,hopefully someone will answer us soon . Hang in there !!
  5. If i knew i would shure help you,I would like to learn how to do the terrain thing myself. I have made several maps but i have not been successfull in making a terrain from scratch.. Thanks for replying.
  6. Hey guys, I have made a new map from scratch and am having a hard time getting it to show up in the editor. I followed the tutorial as best I can, but it's a little confusing. So I would like to list the steps I took, along with the xml's and maybe some of you can point me in the right direction. 1- exported to diesel (tried with and without material.xml) 2-extracted quick bundle, put in ..\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Data\ 3- ..\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Data\levels\custom_levels\your_level\ texture_scope.xml: <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_ground_ghetto_mission04_remade/atlas_gg_m04_remade_rock_diffuse" /> <texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_ground_ghetto_mission04_remade/atlas_gg_m04_remade_rock_bump" /> 4- ..\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Data\objects\city\custom_level: has these 3 files lookout.diesel lookout.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <dynamic_object xmlns:xi="x"> <diesel file="/data/objects/city/custom_level/lookout.diesel" orientation_object="root_point" materials="/data/objects/city/custom_level/materials.xml" viewports="default|crosscom"/> <body fixed="true" name="lookout" template="static_ground" max_walk_angle="35"> <object name="root_point"/> <object name="lookout" collision_type="mesh_mopp" hidden="false" material="concrete"/> </body> <editor_marker_manager> <marker name="lookout"> <offset x="0" y="0"/> </marker> </editor_marker_manager> <decal_surfaces static="true"> <ds_mesh object="lookout"/> </decal_surfaces> <lightmap> <object name="lookout" height="1024" width="1024"/> </lightmap> </dynamic_object> materials.xml: <materials> <!-- Landscape --> <!-- Dirt and sand--> <material name="dirt_mud" src="landscape" decal_material="dirt"> <diffuse_texture file="gg_dried_mud_xy_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="gg_dried_mud_xy_bm"/> <self_illumination_texture file="gg_dirt_xy_df"/> <distorsion_texture file="gg_dirt_xy_bm"/> </material> <!-- Cliffs and sand --> <material name="cliff_mud" src="landscape" decal_material="dirt"> <diffuse_texture file="gg_dried_mud_xy_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="gg_dried_mud_xy_bm"/> <self_illumination_texture file="gg_rock_xy_df"/> <distorsion_texture file="gg_rock_xy_bm"/> </material> <!-- Sand and grass --> <material name="dirt_grass" src="landscape" decal_material="dirt"> <diffuse_texture file="gi_grass_xy_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="gi_grass_xy_bm"/> <self_illumination_texture file="gg_dirt_xy_df"/> <distorsion_texture file="gg_dirt_xy_bm"/> </material> </materials> 5- ..\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\Data\units\city\ u_custom_level.xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <units> <unit type="static" name="ghe_lookout_01" slot="35"> <model file="/city/custom_level/lookout.xml"/> <script_class name="base" class="Base"/> <script_class name="editor" class="Editor"/> <stats block="base_data"> <var name="lightmap" value="true"/> <var name="no_silhouette" value="true"/> <var name="ambient_points" value="155"/> </stats> </unit> </units> When I try to place the custom static landscape it kicks me to desktop, but no crash log is generated. What am I missing, or did I completely screw it up? Any and all help would be appreciated greatly Thanks
  7. I assume you downloaded the latest version ? I actaully don't know what to blame it on... I have absolutely no clue as to why its doing this. I appreciate the input, like I said... I'm considering scrapping it. thanks Hey Jason, I'm pretty sure I have the latest version. The size is 6246kb. dated 9/22/06.
  8. Hey, my brother and I were playing your rescue bud map, and it crashed when we tried to manuver around to by NW corner. here is the crash log. Tue Oct 10 20:51:45 2006 Crash in application version: grpcrc1.30 data\lib\units\ai\soldier\smovelogics.dsf(-1): cant find member: search in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\managers\aihivebrain.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\custom_levels\rescue_bud\rescue_bud.dsf(38) It did it twice, once when he hosted and again when I did. I dont know if anyone else is having this problem. It looks like a great map to play. Maybe there is a problem on our end? Any ideas?
  9. no harm no foul. I feel the same way sometimes. I'm looking foward to the tutorial if you get the time
  10. I am working on a map and when I try to save, it gives me this error: Crash in application version: grpcrc1.21 data\lib\utils\dev\editor\staticlayer.dsf(-1): cant find member: get_objects_by_type in type <destroyed c++class> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\utils\dev\tools\editor.dsf(0) data\lib\utils\dev\editor\worldeditor.dsf(0) data\lib\utils\dev\tools\editor.dsf(0) Even when I go back to a previous save, that saved okay, it still kicks in this error. Is this a by product of the update or is it unrelated?
  11. Would anybody know if there is a chain link fence in any of the graphic sets? Or if not would someone be able to make one? I assume you would need to know 3d max for it, and sadly that leaves me out I'm attempting to make an army base with roads leading in and out, and would like to use chain link fence around the outside. Thanks guys for any help you can give.
  12. I add the sewer entrance, the top part is at ground level and the other is below ground. But when I go to add the next section of straight sewer it's at ground level not underground. How do I get it down to meet the first section? Thanks in advance for your help
  13. It's from mission 4---strong point--- I took the world.xml from that mission removed everything but the landscape unit, and was trying to build off that. But I cant seem to get rid of the yellow and blue cubes. Grin_Willie I tried your suggestion, no go. Any other ideas. I can post all my info if you need to look at it or I can pm you. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.
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