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  1. this might belong in technical support, so don't hesitate to move it appropriately... i've got an issue running GRAW on my laptop: after hours of searching, i've got my mobility x1800 to work under XP x64 using a modder tool with the official Catalyst 6.9. unfortunately, since this driver i'm using is not Radeon Mobility series specific, i'm not getting all the widescreen resolutions that i'd like to use. long story short, the only setup that works fine in GRAW is my native LCD resolution of 1920x1200, but naturally it isn't very smooth that way... i've found a couple of resolutions that are close to my ratio and are supported by the driver, but i'm still getting unused areas of the screen on top and bottom. whenever i edit the renderer_settings.xml to use a resolution not listed in my Display Adapter Properties, GRAW reverts back to 800x600 and resets all my video options using auto-detect. is there a way to override the auto-detection then?
  2. the feeling is mutual, Ruggbutt. i wish i had better aim a couple of times as well............................. anywho, i have zero incentive to stick with anything GR related, or published by ubi for that matter, at the moment. i'll just go play fear at insane resolutions and totally burn my remaining brain cells. or how about GR1! EDIT: thanks for the quick rundown, Roco.
  3. hi, been out of the loop for a few weeks. i'd appreciate anyone taking a few minutes to post what's on GRAW's horizon... i have no idea whether i'll get the problems i keep reading about with 1.30, but my tricked out Alienware laptop is on the way, and i'd love to know what to expect in the near future. i'm sure GRIN has been busy addressing the new issues that came up after the last patch release... the question is, obviously, _when?_ and how effective the results will be. another thing i'm wondering about, is whether an internal beta test is still happening and how extensive it is... hopefully the open beta gave GRIN all the feedback they needed to keep working, but the fixes always need testing as well... looking forward to the bits and pieces of info i missed out on...
  4. any facts behind this comment?
  5. regardless of how fast the PPU can process the numbers, the game engine still has to render those extra objects/textures/effects, hence the inevitable framerate drop. the fact that the drivers keep getting updates is great, but it won't O/C your GPU for you...
  6. i assume you're shopping for DDR2, so make sure to get 800Mhz or higher memory if you want to match the performance of your DDR-400 at those timings.
  7. same here. we're using Havok without the hardware, so those drivers should be absolutely irrelevant. maybe the Ageia software is reserving some bandwidth for the PPU, hence the slight performance drop...
  8. to meet minimum requirements = to be able to launch the application, not necessarily use it to full extent. that's why the recommended system requirements are there.
  9. hmm, sounded to me more like the van crashing down on the concrete and breaking an axle... don't know why the glass breaks though.
  10. the thing is, GRAW is not very CPU limited unless you're playing at resolutions 1024x768 or lower, and your framerates hit 100+. as soon as you kick up the resolution and enable a few extras the FPS hit is due to the GPU's inability to keep up. someone here at GR.net underclocked his P4 to half the frequency. it made almost no deifference, because the video card was getting overwhelmed first. it depends on the video card, of course.
  11. a preview video/interview: http://video.uk.msn.com/v/en-gb/v.htm?g=ED...32-43CB27B29085
  12. No, it doesn't. In the CRT test for GR:AW, the 7950GX2 averages 8 frames/second higher than the 1950XTX, and that's with two settings at higher levels. you're right, i didn't realize they don't sort the results in any particular order and i didn't bother to compare the actual numbers. my bad. on average, the x1950xtx will be around a $100 bucks cheaper than the 7950gx2 though, so it's a decent trade-off.
  13. what a waste of effort! not only is 1900 Crossfire crippled by the master card's lower clock speeds, most of those sites use cat 6.6(2 months old) and sub-par motherboards! you'd think this would be a well organized review, but the benchmark results show it is a total mess, as to be expected from review sites other than the few great ones... i say this race we've got going now is completely irrelevant to 95% of the consumers. by the time we get DX10 GPU's Crossfire technology will have matured enough to stand up to SLI in ALL aspects, though it is doing great already. it just hurts me to see how a lot of sites screw up their benchies by being not up to date on the hardware/software involved, and people are misinformed. the part that mentions GRAW 1.20 is completely botched up, in fact they never got it to work in the under $2000 system category...
  14. 2500 kilobytes per second would translate to 20 megabits per second. all the servers running GRAW right this moment combined together won't need that much bandwidth. you're a little confused here, viiiper... 2500 kilobits per second, on the other hand, sounds about right. however, unless your server runs full at all times you'll never spend that much. 250Kb/s or 2 megabits per second should cover both incoming and outgoing traffic to your server, Cormac, allowing you to host for 32 people. well, i'm sure you already took a look at Cheesy's stats for his server in the above mentioned thread...
  15. GR2 used the original GR engine, with some minor graphics and physics enhancements, from what i remember from a pre-release interview... Raven Shield used Unreal 2, basically a next-gen engine at the time.
  16. no, i meant who else is hosting the download.
  17. heh, just had a look at the 3DMark06 tests, and the vertex/shader performance benchies was all i needed to see. while nVidia is trying to capture the market with brute force, like doubling up on almost every part, ATI keeps investing into handling the latest technologies better. quad-sli, what a joke...
  18. well, those extra partitions didn't appear by themselves. you creted them, DS, probably while trying to format in the setup. there is a very powerful and easy to use tool available, called Norton Partition Magic, and it works on all Windows. should help you sort out the mess...
  19. weird comparisons on that site. they seem to freely adjust in-game settings from card to card and then line them up. anyway, the CRT portion of the tests shows the 1950XTX in the lead, for both GRAW and Oblivion. btw, anandtech reported nVidia releasing a new line up of mid-range cards to compete directly with ATI's new offerings. while 2 GPU's and 1024MB of memory is still an unbeatable combo(7950GX2), the more standard single-GPU cards from nVidia will have a hard time keeping up with their respective counterparts from ATI. since none of those are in the $600.00 USD range, the 7950GX2 is in a class of its own. my attention is on the 80nm process chips though. the upcoming R600 from ATI will undoubtedly smoke the 7950GX2, and so will a G80 card, which is why nVidia hasn't revealed any specs for it yet. they need to sell as much of the "top-end" as they can still... which is a great card for folks with only one PCI-E slot. hopefully, the G80 series will make the jump to GDDR4 as well as ATI, or they'll get lazy again...
  20. try catching up on this thread... http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...merate&st=0
  21. xbitlabs screwed up the crossfire results for GRAW. they obviously aren't aware of the file name change required to get it to work properly. that was also the very first benchmark available for GRAW, so you have to keep in mind the the unpatched game performance and older drivers. rage3d are aslo using catalyst 6.5 for ATI, plus they hit some kind of ceiling with a 7950gx2 at 1024x768, i wouldn't trust their results too much either. driverheaven's reviews are, on the other hand, quite consistent, with all the custom optimizations for all setups accordingly enabled. out of all the latest titles GRAW and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion are very heavy on shader usage. ATI cards seem to handle those better, while nVidia is big on performance in games more dependant on textures. that's why older games will generally pump out more FPS on an nVidia card, while ATI is a better choice for using the latest technologies like HDR and SM3.0 effects.
  22. is it around 1.8GB? if you got it through a torrent it mightve gotten corrupted...
  23. filefront really busy rite now... 1000 dl already.. Sup does it worth the 445mbs? no, the screens are really misleading. i for one thought this was something along the lines of BF2, while this is an RTS. not necessarily a bad one at that, just not my type pf game.
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