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  1. let me get this straight... the amp box connects to a sound card with 3 lines? could you tell me what color jacks are used? does that include the mic connection? you said, one is for the bass, so the rest, the 5.1 channel sound comes in through one wire? does the headset itself only has one mini-jack to connect to the box with?
  2. Raptor and Crowman, i've got a question about the Medusas's... what has it got, 4 jacks for 5.1 sound? is there any way to get true 5.1 out of the headset using a single SPDIF jack? i just can't find an external sound card with 4 outputs anywhere, just the imitations with only one headphone jack output, which i'm assuming is SPDIF and produces kind of a fake 5.1 sound... thanks for any input.
  3. np, wish i wasn't wasted, i would've done a little better. anyway, good fun.
  4. yeah, it is an Uninterruptible Power Supply with a battery should last half an hour, but the rig is plugged into the half that's only surge protected. it was the chepest i could find, so now i'm paying the price... btw, i just set up a TS2 server, same ip, port 8767, no pass.
  5. it was the breaker on the machine itself. happens when there's a surge in the power lines. anyway, it's back up now and auto team balance is off. see y'all tonight.
  6. no, Roco. i can't get to that ip using Radmin either. it's gotta be a UPS breaker or a router restart, which would've probably deleted my ports configuration... little bastages are out drinking. there's not gonna be anyone in the house for a while i guess. sorry. i'll try again tomorrow night.
  7. arrrrrrrgh! my retarded brothers must've rebooted the router or something so the server is down right now. i'm on it though. i'll post when it's back up, and don't think for a second that it crashed...
  8. oops. didn't realize that was off. will fix tomorrow.
  9. got a few peeps on right now. join for a free low ping!
  10. turn off auto reload and you don't have that problem.
  11. yea, i was in there for like an hour, nobody joined. maybe BOTA X can get together with the Clones later tonight and get this party started. i'll be on around 7PM eastern. hope to see ya there. one more thing, i'd love to know what kind of pings people are getting to the server. mine is always 47 to 59, but i'm connecting from Maine, which is on the same coast...
  12. sure thing. i'll set up a TS or Ventrilo server tomorrow... if i get my mic to work that is.
  13. it's finally up and ready, titled th33f's NYC FiOS. i've only left 6 maps in the cycle, did away with Downtown and Avenues, Strongpoint might go as well... max deaths is set to 4, 10 minute rounds, TDM. network settings are at max - 3072 kB/s. the conncetion should hold up pretty well, and i'd appreciate as many people as possible stopping by to play a game or two... i've left it running for 2 days now and there hasn't been an issue of any kind. i'll be logging in every night for the next two weeks at least to admin the server. any suggestions as to how the server should be run can be sent to... yeah, you guessed it. you're just gonna have to deal with me. i'm about to install XFire on my laptop and i'm all set. handle is th33f, and you will find my email in the MOTD. enjoy!
  14. thanks for keeping an eye on this thread. i'll type up the server specs below, and maybe you guys could tell me if i should go through with installing WS 2003 or stick with XP... P4 650 3.4GHz w/HT on a Asus 955x chipset 2x1024MB Corsair XMS2 at 800 MHz running in dual channel 250GB Maxtor ATA-133 HD the reason i'm hesitant to switch to WS 2003, is because i hear XP Pro x64 was based on that build, and x64 gave me issues when i tried to run it. CPU temperatures were about 10 degrees higher than with regular XP, and i was getting BSOD's every few hours... is there any performance to gain from switching? if so, how much? again, thanks for helping me out with this stuff.
  15. i will keep it open to the public for now, fill it up, see how it runs... i'm worried about my OS. it's still on an IDE drive and i'm thinking of installing Windows Server 2003. eventually, i guess i'll use it for playing matches with whatever squad i'm in. i'm sure we'll be able to work something out as far as sharing the server with friendly teams and maybe host some ladder events even... i noticed since my P4 has Hyper Threading, a running server only uses up 50%, so i might end up trying to run 2 servers on this thing. we'll see...
  16. turns out the server hasn't actually crashed once, but it does disappear from the GameSpy browser a few minutes after being started. i guess i didn't get all the ports on my firewall... anyway, it seems to be ok now. i'll start admining the server this Monday, see you guys there.
  17. or i could just unpack the bundle and look at the map files names?
  18. and those would be the same map names we see in the game, separated by a coma, right?
  19. GRAW and a $1k laptop don't go together in one sentence. i blew 2.7k on mine, and it still crawls in busy servers on all settings lowest, at 800x600. you want to play GRAW like you do with a desktop version of a 7800 - you need to get an SLI notebook. 3 grand and up...
  20. just checked, and i guess it crashed. i started it 2 days ago. do they crash a lot? anyway, i need to get my brother to set up remote admin on it, or what do they use these days?
  21. thanks for walking me through this thing! i'm done and the server is up. the only thing i haven't completely comprehended is the map_cycle line. leaving it blank is fine or...? i'll only be hosting stock maps... hope to see some traffic on the server over the weekend. i probably won't show up on it untill Saturday night. have fun.
  22. you must've never played on a private server then? i doubt that... your comment comes off more along the lines of you not wanting to admit there was ever bullet lag in GR. ubi servers were _plagued_ with bullet lag, and still are. as far as dedicated ones, if you're connecting from overseas you'll feel it as well... as for the 6 people you mentioned, i guess it's time for them to go out and spend some dough, because i've never experienced actual bullet lag on my system with GRAW. slow trigger response - yes, sometimes, but once the shot animation kicks in and the sound is produced - the round travels across instantly. if it doesn't - look into a memory upgrade, or at least lower some graphics settings. GRAW PC has hit the streets about a year too early, so it's easy to blame the game, rather than your hardware, because everyone else is having similar problems, again, due to outdated hardware(which could've been purchased as the highest end product quite recently). tonight's the night i'll be setting up my FiOS server, and if any of you guys spot it in the browser, i encourage you to stress the living hell out of it, and post around here if anything laggy occurs... i'll probably call it th33f's NYC FiOS, so stop by.
  23. GR bullets flew about as fast as a slingshot can go, not even. you could track them all the way across maps, it was like watching train cars pass by ... they were slow! in addition to that, the sum of pings was contributing to the delay even more. if we're talking about an "interesting" design, GR takes the cake i'd say. you could sometimes hear a shot and the ding on the rock next to you almost a full second apart. lots of mutual, or even massively ridiculous deaths can fit into _that_ time frame. GRAW MP can get a little funny sometimes, but most of the time it's fair enough, to the point that when you're ambushed you can spot the direction of the shot almost instantly and find a safe spot. from there, it's about framerate and pings. i know i can play a lot better at 50 frames than i can at 40, and at 75 i'm unstoppable, but that's a luxury i won't be able to afford until next year... anyway, we should start seeing faster, cheaper, fiber-optic servers sometime soon, and as long as people's hardware is up to par, GRAW will only get more and more enjoyable. i just wish i had 5 grand for an SLI monsterbook.
  24. my Alienware notebook has finally shipped, and i love it! now this means i can dedicate my desktop to run a 24/7 GRAW server out of NYC on Verizon FiOS! that's right, 5 megs up! i guess RocoAFZ would be the person to talk to, but i haven't seen him post lately. so if anyone has any input regarding the subject, i would aprecciate your taking the time to post some tricks. and just to make some of you jealous, here's the laptop specs: IntelĀ® Core2 CPU T7200 @ 2.00GHz w/4MB L2 cache 1048MBx2 DDR2-667 (no idea what brand) ATI Mobility Radeon X1800 256 MB 100GBx2 SATA 1.5 HD in RAID 0 (again, clueless about the brand) on top of that, the LCD panel is 1200x1920, and i'm running XP x64 Corporate on this baby. woot!
  25. thanks for the suggestions, guys. setting the xml file to Read-Only either crashes GRAW before it even starts, or forces me to exit with a message "Cannot write to the installation folder". i did have all the resolutions i wanted with Omega's driver under 32 bit XP, so it isn't really GRAW's fault. i guess i gotta wait for him to release the 64 bit version. thanks again!
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