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  1. don't think his "hack" was designed for GRAW2... it's actually legal software available for purchase. it works in any game or with any other software for that matter. i won't name it for obvious reasons, and if i have a few minutes to test it with the demo, i'll post something. in any case - it's harmless in a well administrated server. it probably gives those who try using it a headache within the first 10 minutes anyway...
  2. ironically enough, if GRIN were to scratch every little itch posted on this forum today and magically satisfy everyone - by next week there'd be twice as many suggestions, complaints and threats of "passing" on the game 'cuz it's missing something critical. get a life, people.
  3. RvS anyone? you could turn off/on every piece of the HUD, including the weapon view, and it could always be forced by the server. with GRAW series being so short-handed as afar as the FOV angle, every inch of the screen is utterly important. the gun models sure look nice, and it's realistic to have them in front of you and all, but at least for us adversarial MP players - a cluttered screen is nothing but a pain in the neck(eye?). what i would give for being able to have nothing but the ret and the ammo count on the HUD... probably not much, but in any case, more options is always good!
  4. we went from 1 to 4 shots to kill in GR, to a lot more armor in GRAW, and now in the demo people are terminators! unless, of course, new ballistics were implemented, to adjust round velocity over distance, maybe even bullet drop, but i haven't really noticed any patterns. body shots are VERY ineffective. if i want to put some one down from a few hundred feet away i don't take a shot unlees i know it's gonne be head, otherwise you just scare targets off. first of all, it'd be nice to find out the character body parts damage coeffiicients, as in out of 100HP - chest is 24, legs are 10, arms 8, back and rest of body 16, head 75 and so on. it seems sometimes you're better off gunning someone down below the waist than going for center body, since the legs aren't protected as much as the torso. it would definitely help to know the numbers... another thing we're missing are the stats for all the weapons, hopefully only until the full release.
  5. i was wondering why i couldn't see as much around a SCAR scope... apparently the game renders a 4:3 aspect images and then zooms in on them to fit the left and right edges. not to mention the kill messages that block out the whole right side, forcing you to sqeeze your viewing angle into like 60 degrees. besides, oon a map like Calavera the vertical angle is just as important as the horizontal, it's not exactly flat. i really liked the game, but when the awkwardness didn't go away after a few hours i realized i'm not seeing the whole picture. i use 800x600 with the aspect ratio set to 16:10 on my 1920x1200 17 inch laptop LCD. it looks really narrow, both directions. wish there was a way to switch certain parts of the HUD on and off...
  6. well i hope they can talk about how the weather is during the beta process, unless that's under the NDA too... otherwise they can't even tell their kids to dress warm and they'll freeze to death, cause this is happening during the beta process right? in any case, i'll post if i find something that helps the FPS...
  7. not that i don't have confidence in GRIN anymore... it's just funny.
  8. it's just a tiny bit worrying that they're having the exact same issues as they did(and still do) with the first one. are we gonna have to wait for version 1.35 again to be able to stay in a server?
  9. anybody recommend any values changed to run the demo? i'm about another hour away from completing the file and i'll be using an x18000 moblity, so i need all the help i can get... i'm sure the beta testers got a few tricks up their sleeves. oh, and is it a dx10 game too?
  10. just set your windows clock to like a week before the expiration date...
  11. it stops where the anti cheat says it stops. it's not like you can change anything else in GRAW1's xml's and go online. on the topic in general... the reticle has always been a helpful tool in pretty much any FPS shooter, in GR especially. each weapon's ret was so well balanced, i believe it's what controlled the game dynamics in MP. there's a slight difference in the term "realism" since then though... GR1's tightest assault rifle was the SA80, and if you remember firing that on full auto, you don't lose much stability by holding the trigger down. now, do you remember how the MP5 behaved? i think it was quite similar to GRAW's reticle for all guns... but why wouldn't it be? m8 and SCAR outperform [GR] guns by a mile. they are supposed to be easier to fire and stabilize, just like the MP5 was a very easy gun to play GR with for beginners. GR never had the actual weapon movement from recoil and no matter how bad the ret gets, the center dot was very easy to keep on target. GRAW's got the screen jerking instead, so the rets should naturally be quicker to close. by the way, ret width while strafing in GR was significantly less than when sidestepping in GRAW, so the accuracy was better accordingly. the pause between switching from a full run to a drawn weapon position really eliminates the need for any kind of exact accuracy representation in the reticle bloom. an optional "GR-style" reticle AND weapons server mode would sure be a fun thing to try iin GRAw2 though...
  12. That is all I was saying. I do not want to be able to run and reload. That was never my point. I want to be able to abort a reload and run by simply pressing the run modifier button. that is actually already in GRAW1,except it only works at the very beginning of a reload. and that seems logical, because otherwise an interrupted reload would mean you literally drop everything, including the fresh mag. people would really hate that part. i noticed the abort can be made right before the character reaches his pouch. makes sense. besides, you can still move, just slower.
  13. ye, i'm an idiot. i have failed to return to the oh so tempting BSR server, though i won't admit to the hours wasted on unsuccessful attempts to change my IP, sleeping with a cable company official, eventually bribing my neighbors and traveling hundreds of miles in order to get outside my static IP range... all to get to play with the oh so great BSR clan! even if, by some wild chance, i actually were to be able to get back in there, i assure you, the first thing you would've done is call out "hack" and then try to dress it up with "glitch" and "exploit", resulting in a quick and unreasonable ban. sounds immensely entertaining... thanks, but no thanks. apparently, i played that game longer than most, and naturally, that interfered with your clan's ideology. i know, i know, getting pwned doesn't taste too sweet. you should let it go though.
  14. you know he couldn't take that chance. if he were to get his ass violated by the "n00bs", he would most definitely break down and cry like a little girl, followed by a prompt suicide. i should've masked under a different name...
  15. one thing you're good at - is changing the subject, Rugg. oh, and being THE drama queen... in any case, let me correct you on your first two posts on the topic. i won't present my impressions of what happened back at the UBI forums as hard facts, but i'm sure most will agree that GRIN has given it a pretty good shot. so no, they did not refuse to participate in the discussions on the official forums. the fact is - they didn't even have to try. that's the publisher's job, and dev chats/diaries/posts are really a rare luxury to gamers. would you keep coming to a bar where a fight every night is guaranteed, just because it's the biggest place in town? can you blame them for hanging out in a civilized place? they didn't owe it to anybody, they did it on their own free time; free! and i wouldn't be too concerned about my posts being nitpicked by a ubi forum troll, if i were the head of game studio. they tried to enjoy communicating with us, but what do you know... morons got in the way. nevertheless, they've considered our every request so far, and addressed every issue to the best of their abilities. i'm actually noticing an increase in player numbers online lately, probably due to the more capable GPU's becoming more accessible to an average PC owner. five bucks says you won't be able to stay on topic and not retort to personal attacks, rugg.
  16. Raven Shield had lean and walk, and it was excellent. I could see not being able to run and lean, makes more sense. In the real world you would be able to lean and walk, np. Can't you walk and chew gum at the same time? Try patting your head and rubbing in circles on your stomach simultaneously. Now that's a challenge. you could definitely fire off a few shots in the right direction while walking, performing a full body lean, and aiming through your scope, but to expect any kind of accuracy in such a position is a little naive, which makes it kinda pointless. as for the RvS lean, which was actually more of a peeking action, i don't think RedStorm was overly concerned with the authenticity of their simulated characters in that game. you probably won't be able to even walk a straight line with your spine bent like that and the weapon recoil kicking you every few seconds...
  17. hahahaha back when [GR] was the only GR, people were always complaining about it and trying to find ways around it. While I do agree it worked wonders on the swamp map (really miss being able to sneak up that close and find yourself right on top of someone... imagine that map with GRAW:X graphics !) Most people didnt like it on all the maps. As Wolfsong said, it was on all maps and used to hide the clippings. I would like to see it on some maps ( if there is a swampy one, or in conjunction with rain to give a map a "murky" feel) but dont want the [GR] extreme use of fog you're right, a lot of maps were horrible to play with thick fog. most people simply avoided them. but have you tried playing clear Tank map or clear Airbase and Red Square? those were impossible to play without the fog build up over distance. you could see very far, but never all the way through. fog intensity was scaled to the design of the map and the combination always seemed to work perfectly. clear Train Depot anyone? the gameplay turned into a point-and-click-and-twitch-peek-glitch fest. the GR atmosphere was gone.
  18. Th33f, those shots don't happen because the draw distance of opponents in GRAW is 150 meters, beyond that distance the enemies magically become invisible. Try it out on Strongpoint with somebody on coms, you'll see That is a major GRAW flaw, I mean draw distance should be as far as you can see! (you can see structures and such but voala! enemies just vanishes beyond 150 m.) I hope they've corrected that in GRAW 2... However, I definitely agree that variable fog should exist on maps, anything from clear (like "Riverbed") to heavy fog (like "Swamp"). Makes gameplay more interesting and variable. i'm aware of that limitation, Peace, there's just one thing. [GR] maps weren't very big either, as a 3D scene they measured a maximum of 400 meters, if i remember correctly, but... just like in GRAW, the game world seems inflated to us on the screen because of the camera FOV angle we're stuck with. in fact, if there was an identical limitation in [GR], even lightly fogged maps would not let you see the effect; the fog would kick in sooner. did the long range shots on Tank not seem far away enough for you? what you call a flaw in GRAW is to me a failed attempt to replace the fog effect. as Roco said, on all settings high, the image is washed out enough to create a good enough illusion of a wall of air between you and the target, but since that can't be forced onto every player in MP, it wasn't possible to make the effect more pronounced. it would actually cripple the players using high video settings. i guess it's very hard to match the look of distorted air to a simplified brightness gradient on lower settings... this is where consoles have a hell of an advantage over PCs. even though we have access to much faster GPU's than those in x360's/PS3's, we don't see the same effects in our games as consolers do, untill better GPU's become common enough. it's quite sad.
  19. plenty of maps had zero fog, like DS Riverbed or, again, Embassy. by the time Island Thunder expansion has come out draw distance was surely not an issue. most IT maps had fog in them to simulate the tropical climate, not out of any GPU resources concerns. more than half GR maps didn't "work" without fog. clear Ghost Town always turned into a ridiculous shootout from miles away. adding good looking fog would probably pose a hit on a lot of lower-end video card users' framerates, even today, but it does add a new dimension to the game. and besides, GRAW1 has MP maps with rain on x360! i guess they're hesitant to make the move to that on PC, because nothing short of a 512MB card will be able to give you any decent FPS in MP. that, of course, repulses a lot of buyers, and they don't want that, do they? i think they should at least keep it in mind for a later implementation. wheather and fog was probably one of the most distinctive features of the GR series. it's too bad the console versions still have it. we get played as usual...
  20. judging from the screens, there's not going to be any bad weather again. day/night cycle is great, but again, apologies for beating a dead horse, [GR] had fog in 80% of its maps and people loved it. each map's design was balanced to the thickness of the fog, it was perfect. GRAW maps like Strongpoint, Avenues and Church even, would've been a lot more popular if there was any kind of protection from 2000 foot snipe shots... like FOG! in GR it was essential to the gameplay. unless the map was in the "small" category(Day Docks), or at least split up into smaller parts by design(Embassy), the thickness of the air was always there on the bigger maps, to protect players from spawn-to-spawn snipe kills. it's just surprising that a game like GRAW, and GRAW2 as well, with all their effects, fail to reproduce such simple aspects of the environment, like fog, rain, and snow. if you go play GRAW adversarial MP today, you'll find that those who choose to snipe end up with at least 5 to 1 k/d ratio, if they're any decent. those that really get off on hiding on a roof all game, often get 20+ kils with one or two deaths per game. most players would be able to do the same thing, only such style of play isn't very attractive to most people. i take an assault rifle because it's fun to use it, and if i'm forced to fight a sniper i'll keep trying with an AR or quit the server. i don't snipe, it's not for me(not enough patience maybe), but a couple of sneaky snipers can sure offset a well balanced game, and that's what i want to be protected from. what can you tell us on this, GRIN?
  21. Thats what im talking about. as long as they don't let people move while peeking, it's all good. the [GR] lean system would've been great, if it wasn't for the left peek issue. being able to lock yourself in a peek won't be very popular in MP, i'm sure. i just hope Grin surprises us.... in a good way.
  22. playing GRAW(and typing this) with an Alienware laptop. i got it for the sole purpose of being able to get decent performance in GRAW multiplayer, though the widescreen and 2 100GB SATA HD's in RAID 0 let let me turn it into my movie/music storage/playback unit, especially when i get a sound card that plugs into the serial slot. 2 gigs of RAM, Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 Ghz and an x1800 allow me 30+ FPS in a busy server. half-full ones are good for about 50 frames. i am running XP x64 though, and the x!800 is slightly overclocked, but if i could throw more money away on this thing, i'd definitely get an SLI beast... if you want to accomplish GRAW performance - you can't go wrong with a Go 7800 GTX. a lot of OEM's offer those and it's a solid performer. i bet they'll put a g80 into a notebook pretty soon, so it might make sense to wait a little...
  23. what's funny is that the GR.net community has always revolved around tactical games like GR and R6 series, never the arcade shooters like Battlefield or Joint Ops... well, guess what, ArmA will NOT be a tactical game, or at least not as tactical as the ones where player VEHICLES are NOT available! BF/JO/Soldner and so on have never offered a true tactical experience, and even OFP was way too unbalanced for me. so if you enjoy getting hammered with a Vulcan jet cannon from a mile away, feeling completely useless against it with your M4 - it's THE game for you. i bet foot soldier combat will be non-existant in this game. whatever you see in the videos is just marketing. unless your weapon of choice is an Abrams, Apache or a Mig - you're gonna hate the gameplay.
  24. so the headset wire itself connects to the box with a single jack? if so, is it called an SPDIF input?
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