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  1. Lightspeed, you played GR. the only weapon that didn't have explosives in the kit was the OICW/no GL, since it had the highest zoom/range out of all the AR's. why is GRIN's setup suddenly the mother of balanced gameplay? in their own RvsA gametype higher ranked kits have sighted weapons with frags and smoke included in a kit. it's as if we're all stuck on rank 3 while playing tdm/siege/hh. kick it up a notch! a sighted SCAR L with a single frag doesn't give you superpowers, you know... on the other hand, an optical sight, GL, and a frag all in one kit would be quite ridiculous. balance is good, but why not give everyone more choices, rather than take away from what's already in the stock kits?
  2. i want an optical sight and a frag in at least one kit!
  3. i've fallen under the map upon respawning on Timber. another oversight is when you change the team you're on a couple of times in a row, and while the server is processing the switch the round starts - you become out of sync. other than that it took me a while to figure out why i was getting a black screen and had to alt-tab back in every few minutes. removing the wireless connection notification icon seems to have helped. and as long as my laptop is running cool i can play for hours non-stop.
  4. how did you come by this information? do you have an exact number for the network speed value that is the turning point in physics settings? i run my server at 3000 but i haven't had any luck filling it with more than 6 people... the actual upload is 3.5 though, but if the physics automatically become more intense - my processor might be struggling.
  5. as soon as i start the download in the browser - windows restarts! i tried this with both Firefox and Explorer. anyone else??? EDIT: once i saved it with a different extension, it was fine. weird. EDIT2: and this is the second day of a fresh XP x64 install! seems whenever my browsers comes across the expression ".exe", even if i'm running a google search with it - system restarts!
  6. what's wrong with it is as with every other rifle in GRAW2 you could let off the shot before having the scope all the way up. i never said remove them, just slow them down a bit. and to top it off, firing a sniper rifle off the hip should NOT produce the results it does.
  7. seconded. 3 was a good numer in GRAW1. but i won't be using them anyway, because then i lose my scope. maybe that's why nobody cared to reply to this for so long. explosives are off limits if you want to be able to stand up against a sniper with your rifle.
  8. RvsA! Riflemen get GL's, frags and smoke with higher ranks! so is it their specialty after all? GRAW1 was a paradise of equipment selection, everyone loved it. why look back into the past, i don't know...
  9. RSE had a way with maps. [GR], SOAF, all R6 games all had perfectly designed maps. now GRIN seems to be learning because GRAW1 maps were a mess, and now we have some sort of pre-designed action in GRAW2. it's all about the paths, i think. freedom of choice is great, but when there's too much freedom - people get lost; a game turns into a tedious search for opponents.
  10. as for positive things, it was definitely a move in the right direction of map design, compared to GRAW1. kinda even miss the city blocks now, but i'll take wide open maps over street alleys any day. one oversight is absence of fog though. except the smaller Arroyo and Fort, all the maps are a sniper heaven, making the 3 CQB classes of kits useless, save those 2 maps. the thing is, fog is in the game and modders have brought it out on custom maps, why it wasn't used on the stock ones is beyond me... just a bit more tweaking and a few more maps, this game will be solid gold. i'll even start recommending it to friends!
  11. fix the kits. nerf the snipers, all of them, not just M99. make more maps.
  12. ahem... now that the game is out, aren't the MP kits still ridiculous? every other noob uses an M99 and to counter that with an AR you have to have a scope. great! that means i can never take a frag with me, or even a smoke nade. what were those beta testers thinking? balance, you say? more like every kit is equally crippled. mind you, in RvsA mode, you get some very nice combos with higher ranks, but in tdm and siege we're like one-handed ######. it seems obvious the majority of players did not approve this system, so why are we still stuck with it in 1.04? the whole classes thing in GRAW2 is a disaster, imo. it's great for SP, but has no place in multiplayer. go back to the weight limit or make some better kits, GRIN. i shouldn't have to follow my Rifleman class teammates to if i want to use frags and be able to shoot at all! [GR] did have kits and classes, but you'll agree they were a lot more diverse. i could have my SA80(WITH a scope) with pretty much any secondary, while snipers could carry frags and even claymores. anyone playing this online should've realized by now that most maps are infested with camping snipers and the only antidote is a Scoped AR! but if i'm carrying an assault rifle - why am i not allowed to use explosives??? i really don't wanna wait for until an expansion for this fix. take care of it now, GRIN! hire new beta testers if you have to. sniper rifles need to be re-worked anyway. those kit selections are repulsive!
  13. i always get fooled by your damn server. says there's 8 people in it, and when i join i'm all alone. it's all your fault, Rugg!
  14. at least you get to play a few games until the accusations start flying. i usually get banned on sight. welcome.
  15. all i care for is performance, Roco. Vista isn't ready yet.
  16. Vista < XP < XP x64. fancy looking OS means worse performance. i will avoid Vista like a plague until i stop playing games. the only benefit is looks. who needs that? XP x64 has been out long enough and at the moment all of my hardware, including printer, sound card, mouse, etc. are supported in x64. the difference in performance over 32 bit XP is roughly 15% in GRAW1 and probably about the same in GRAW2, as i haven't even tried to run it under regular XP.
  17. the question is in the title. if you have tried setting it higher, have you seen the upward traffic actually exceed 3M?
  18. Are you referring to Team Deathmatch? umm, no. Deathmatch. every man for himself.
  19. oh, i been liking it since GRAW1 demo, Rugg. played the hell of the full game, and as for GRAW2 i have put one or two holes in your head already... anywho, tell Vlahd to hurry up and make dm_day_docks!
  20. don't know about you, but i still miss [GR] Solo type games. Day Docks and Train Wreck were classics... GRAW2 has a different feel, but i do enjoy Deathmatch games nevertheless. i finally set up my dedicated FiOS server to run 5 Deathmatch maps. the connection is advertised as 5 megs up/20 megs down, but the true bandwidth is only about 3.6M, which is still plenty for a GRAW2 server at max load(before i forget, would a setting above 3000 for network speed value actually work?). it's in Staten Island, NY and i ping 30-40 to it from Brooklyn. should be pretty stable too. i'll keep it on Deathmatch for a while, until i decide i need it for clan matches. server's called: th33f's NYC FiOS Deathmatch max deaths: 10 time limit: 10 rounds per map: 3 immortality time: 2 join up and have fun. i might stop by once in a while and show ya'll how it's done. you could e-mail me with any suggestions at ny7h33f@verizon.net.
  21. agreed. that's exactly how it should be done, except ubi won't go for it. since it's community provided content - they can't charge for it as they would for an expansion pack. if they don't sell it - they don't support it either. why would they waste their money on putting those maps together, working out the bugs, renting download servers, etc... i guess someone just has to do a really good job with those maps, like that winter pack for GR(forget the name). modders often take the liberty of changing the weapon behavior though, sometimes adding new guns and upsetting the game balance. that alienates a lot of "stock" players away from the mods... here's to hope.
  22. just a quick opinion here... i know that a lot of people will turn away from the MP side of the game after trying to compete in public servers. there are a couple of things that might irritate the players new to the game, more so if they never got any practice with the original GRAW. one problem that still exists is hardware config/settings. medium to high video settings hold up quite well in SP, even with an average GPU. a few stutters here and there, but the AI opponents are not that difficult to manage really. once you get to a full server though, you become somewhat like a slow blind sheep with those higher resolutions, end up getting owned in every firefight, not being able to even shoot straight, and eventually hating the experience. personally, with my C2D, 2 Gigs of RAM, SATA drives in RAID 0 and an x1800 Mobility, i play in 800x600 with absolutely everything turned down to a minimum and only get 30-40 FPS in a full server. with only a couple of dozen people it gets better, but i'm still considering an upgrade to the x1900. nobody likes losing to simply a faster shot. it makes you hate the game, when it's really the player... another unfortunate aspect of public online gaming is, of course, the inevitable spawn rape, developing quite often on GRAW2 maps. the_cut is just brutal to the lower side. naturally, team stacking doesn't help, and with so few servers running larger games there's nowhere else to go really. being on the losing side is quite annoying, and trying to catch up with the veterans(of GRAW as well) is boring. one more thing... i believe there should've been a couple smaller maps for MP, something with no place to hide, helping people get familiarized with drawing a rifle and the rest of the basics. tactics isn't everything in this game, at least they don't play as much a part as they did in GR, which is a shame. i still enjoy the action though. people just need to adapt.
  23. Usually you gotta buy me dinner before you call me that. Great idea Bota:X. right... but you should really watch that figure or i'll stop calling!
  24. Wow, I forgot that existed............... you can always count on me, honey...
  25. that's the thing, you can't block it. it does it to your whole OS, but i'm saying too much already...
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