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  1. dunno, my retail CD version came with a flyer saying something along the lines of "plays best on ATI".
  2. ACC was a group of clanmembers, mostly ex-Rumble and TCZ, that kept an eye on pretty much every player that joined one of their servers on the eye. i have to add they were sometimes too quick to jump the gun, but final decisions were usually just. unfortunately, the so-called Anti Cheat Coalition was excessively represented by an individual known as the buttplug... oops, i mean Ruggbutt, so a lot of issues would take on a personal character, not a good thing for such an organization. you had to have heard of it, if you've been into GR since May '01. i'm just saying it's nice to see the same kind of dedication we saw in GR as far as catching hackers, which kept the MP alive for an extra couple of years. it's all up to GRIN's ability to solve this, but even if they come up empty-handed - it's not impossible to manually weed out the cheaters, as long as we get that ban button.
  3. rather and whether are two completely different words, Roco. other than that, i'm liking the way cheaters(or potential cheaters) are being exposed. so is there an ACC for GRAW?
  4. 8 pages and no one asked this! which setting keeps the characters from blending in with the map best??? i've been playing MP with no PE, and i think lack of lighting really slows down your reaction. hand grenades look so similar to the rest of the street trash on maps, it's impossible to determine where they land and i usually run right into the explosions. of course, it helps my FPS, but even at 75 frames per second i sometimes look straight at a still enemy and don't realize it untill he fires. i agree with whoever said the game gets a cartoony look without PE. it just feels like a 2D scene at times! as soon as i get my liquid cooled 1900xtx i'm switching to low or medium. hopefully when i get the second one for crossfire i'll be able to keep the frames at a playable level on high. so, regardless of looks, i seem to be able to see a bit better with PE. now if only we could get a slightly wider FOV...
  5. if we could get a smaller map with the DM mode... *cough* day dox *cough*
  6. exploit and glitch? surely you wouldn't dream of such a thing. i agree that the lean should be like the original GR though. hey, if there are people running around using glitches/exploits against me, i wanna know exactly how it's done, whether it has any weaknesses and how close it gets to that fine line... a tight lean is often the most favorable position in all MP FPS that have leaning. a quick tight lean is the most efficient way to attack in an MP FPS, it's just a technique, it's available to everyone. even if you get shot by 4 pixels that appeared and flashed in half a second - you lose. calling it a glitch or an exploit just cuz you do it slower got really tiring in [GR]. i trust GRIN should be able to take care of whatever MP gameplay flaws there are present in GRAW. who knows, maybe this game will end up being that perfect shooter with no easy ways out...
  7. here's another line you could add to an Autohotkey script to bind the tiptoe to one key: capslock::send {space}{w}
  8. you'll find out i don't need to soon enough................. anyway i think i got it. it's as simple as adding these lines to the script: EDITED: q::send q q up::send q e::send e e up::send e
  9. I use Autohotkey since GRAW (to be able to use voicebuddy actually) which is freeware (www.autohotkey.com) and is actually a small utility that comes with a really impressive scripting language. It just takes a few lines of code to make the peekkeys behave like in other games. hey, have you got it to work? i think i found the right command to use, but i have no idea what the complete script looks like. could you please share the codes for Q and E keys? i'd love to have the caps lock as a hotkey for tiptoe as well. your help is appreciated. thanks.
  10. ok, he probly aimed at your head and you got out of the way in time. if you didn't take any steps to the right, your left shoulder/arm/leg were still visible. a scoped SCAR L gets a few hits in there on full auto. i don't mind the added exposure, it's kinda like right peeking in GR. the problem is you can't hide the entire body fast enough after a peek - you're doomed every time you try it.
  11. wonder if GRIN is getting all this feedback... so far i'd say everyone agreed to do away with the toggle BS, and nobody minds being able to move in a lean. falling out of it automatically after a few moves is a good idea too, imo. i don't know if someone mentioned this but the body awareness thing needs some tuning as well. if you're approaching a corner in a strafe, you're exposed way before you start seeing around that corner. and if you do what Roco described - you don't have a quick way back. your first move will be a reverse lean and your legs won't start moving till you're standing up straight. this half-second delay actually helps your opponent. i've gotten shot on my way back out of a lean every other time i tried playing defensively. now i just rush and rip through the campz0rs. Ghost Recon is not supposed to allow players do that. character movements define the game! to top it off, i wouldn't mind seeing the grenade throwing improved, don't ask me how... we're almost there! if this is taken care of - MP will get a lot more tactical, trust me. even in Domination you won't see anyone rushing through the streets. having better, more responsive controls of the peeking movements will slow things down a bit, which is good. to me the GR level of tension certainly felt great. i hope GRAW can get just as _dangerous_. atm the gameplay is simply too random. i want to be able to use my rifle in semi-auto and not worry about getting mowed down by a CS kid with a full mag. if firing while moving and using full auto ever gets more efficient than the so-called tactical waiting (camping an area by hiding behind cover and taking quick peek shots), this game will never even come close to what [GR] was. and more weapons would be real nice! good luck GRIN!
  12. neither lag nor glitch; its pwn. i only played about 8 hours total, most people didn't play GR is what it looks like. they suck at this game. became too easy... that's gonna change when we get TDM, i guess.
  13. well, xt is not xtx, and again, have you set the PostFx value to off in the xml? cuz you can't do that from the options screen...
  14. i wish it was too advanced! i've hit 75 FPS with my 12 pixel pipeline x850pro, not overclocked. it's called Post Effects Quality = "off". it's a lot easier to see people that way too... i actually expected the game to crawl on my rig, but after playing it, i don't think i'm gonna get a crossfire setup anymore. a liquid cooled 1900xtx should give me a 100 frames easy.
  15. can't find any software to do this for a regular keyboard. anyone know of a key remapper that could program an action upon releasing a key? it still wouldn't be perfect though, since you can't do it for the tiptoe, or it'll screw up your forward movement... GRIN needs to take care of this from within the game.
  16. i know dood, but if you want to step back the other way, you'll first have to wait to get out of the peek and then you start moving, which keeps you exposed longer. if i could just let go of the peek button to get out, it'd save some time. also, if you forget that you're holding down the stance switch, you peek the opposite way instead of actually moving. it's inconvenient as hell, or maybe i just get confused too easily.
  17. i'll start with an analogy to the scope/sight function. after playing Domination for a couple of days i tried turning off the zoom toggle option and it eliminated an extra mouse click, instantly making me a somewhat faster shooter. even if it only saves me a quarter of a second, i already have an edge over the toggle users in MP. you can probably already see what i'm getting at and i'm sorry if this was discussed earlier... of course, we all know how it worked in the original: press the key to peek and release it to return into the straight position. i loved it, and a lot of people seemed to have gotten used to that technique. it's basically how every game with a lean action used to work. why invent a bicycle all over again? just like the zoom toggle creates an extra action to perform, "sticky" peeking in GRAW is such a waste of time! i guess there are positive sides to it, like having a free finger and being able to strafe with it, but i never had a problem doing that with the old system in RvS, just press both with one finger. and you can only move like a step or do a wide turn before it kicks you out of the peek anyway! so what is the point!!! all i'm asking GRIN for is an option to turn off the toggled peeking, precisely like the one for zooming in. as long as an incomplete peek isn't allowed - nobody should be able to exploit this to glitch objects. so tapping the Q and E keys would still give you a full lean, you just wouldn't get stuck in it. the main flaw in the current peek controls is the amount of time it takes to perform a few simple moves. it should be much more responsive and dynamic, imo. other than that i have no problems with the game. runs beautifully with post effects off and the netcode is fantastic. great job, GRIN! and one more thing: what happened to the good old minimap? i can't see sheet on that tiny diagram! a full-screen map of all playable area was one of the strongest points in GR, allowing you the tactical planning based on an actual image of the terrain. and being able to use it while still controlling your character made it strong and a half! the GRAW one looks great in the campaign, though you can't zoom out all the way, but what happened to the MP part? hope it makes it into the June patch. good luck GRIN!
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