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  1. I'm a bit disappointed that the domination mode is lack of supporting team playing. One of the key features to be added is the support of Cross-Com, I think. Once you joined any squad, through Cross-Com, you'll be able to view other squad member's view and get orders from squad leader. Now everytime I join any domination mode server, almost all players are in 'unassigned' (belonging to no squad). So sad that I can't enjoy tactical team playing. Co-op mode is fine.
  2. How about - dedicated server support (plus ASE support) - voice chat - more easy-to-understand text chat (with different areas for shot status and info exchange) - rank system (plus unlock weapons) - more detailed score report - medic support (for healing) - etc. These points are what I want to be implemented in the June Patch to make GRAW competitive to BF2.
  3. Did you see the following news on the GRAW website? "You can already expect new additions to the MP modes in June thanks to a completely free package including Deathmatch, a map editor and new co-op missions!" If you know more details on what new features will be added in the MP modes in the planned June patch, tell me please. As many people say, the current MP is a mess, and I really hope it would be competitive to Battlefield2 and other successful MP FPS.
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