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  1. I believe it is called switching the camera view when in spectator
  2. I just dropped to a command line and ran the FTP client there... connect, say GET {filename}.... for me the FTP client switched to BIN mode automatically. I was getting ~300Kps and it's a 900mb file... but I grabbed it no problem and it installed fine. OH - Update your graphics drivers... I was one release old from nVidia and it flagged me.... just FYI -jk Yeah, about the graphics drivers. I have catalyst 7.4, which is the newest version. What exactly should I do from there ? It keeps saying I need to update my drivers and it wont let me play...
  3. Okay, I got it working now Thanks for the help guys! Read kretzj's posts above he recommended "corelite" and you type in your information then make sure you are set to active. (if not it will prompt you to switch when needed anyway.) BTW: I am dling at 1mb/s. Sweet.
  4. Nice, I am in too. However, I can't get that weird ftp site to work Perhaps it is too busy atm? "Set up your connection as active (generally by unchecking the box "passive mode")" what exactly does that mean? Does that have something to do with the site not loading?
  5. I'm not trying to stick up for any console here, but based on facts both have some nice areas. The 360 has a superior gpu compared to the g71 found on the ps3. It has 48 unified shaders, in fact the upcoming r600 from ati will be based on this architecture, of course the r600 will be improved to have 1gig of gddr4 memory and a 512 interface with more unified shaders. The cell architecture is impressive and right now only 25% of it is being used, so games my look better in the future, john carmack has stated this in the past. I also like the fact the ps3 has free online, which is a major selling point in my eyes, disregarding current games for the system. The 360 has a thirdparty plug-in for use of a mouse and keyboard: http://crunchgear.com/2006/11/27/xcm-xfps-...d-for-xbox-360/ Personally, I am not a console guy, and I dislike paying for maps/content, so I am not an mmo guy either. I am more for moddability and longevity, not greedy product cycles.
  6. Things that must be taken into consideration --------------- -The mod system is good for longevity. Take a lesson from games like oblivion, or better yet Coutner-stike Source, you are able to change the weapon models and player skins for use in online play, without any interference or worry from the anti-cheat program. -SADS (Stand Alone Dedicated Server) is also a very important part to an online community in the pc environment (take a lesson from r6 vegas). -MP functionality in general is very important for this game to surpass the original. This entails fast loading times, solid connections, smooth animations for a client viewing another client, accurate hit boxes, informative gui that includes kill/death ratios and accuracy (unlike r6 vegas), password functionality, custom server names, etc... -About Quick saves and Quick loads. Since, you guys (Grin) implemented the functionality to save anywhere, just make sure that it can be toggled by hitting f6 or any other f- key. It would be very tedious to go to the menu and hit save, or hit load when you die. -Cvars/ console commands. A host needs to maintain a healthy environment of play. Kicking/ banning, map changing, etc should be able to be toggled by the host/ dedicated host and admin simply buy entering the command in the console window or dedicated server window. (Some of these things are a no brainer when it comes to online play, but it must be reiterated again and again to ensure it has been taken into consideration.) Suggestions --------------- -Since, the game is firstperson, add some interactivity with the hands. A good example is rainbow six vegas. Have the hands signal when you are giving an order. It will add a more tactical and visual feel to the game. -Add new textures to the guns. Maybe even add the option to customize the color of your gun. (maybe a pattern implementer, one with an American flag patter, one with jungle pattern, and then your basic colors like black, tan, green, etc.) -Ability to add silencers on the fly. Despite r6 Vegas's huge flaws in mp functionality, the game did implement some nice and flashy tactical ideas, and this was one of them. (this ties into the idea of more fpv hand activity for immersion.) -Since there are dynamic day and night cycles, the same principles can from the silencer should be applied to a flash light. Despite the fact that there are night vision goggles, this would just be a nice feature in general. -When putting on NV goggles have the hand go off screen and actually switch them down. -Use depth of field a bit more combined with motion blur to make some things appear more realistic. (maybe apply this more to when you reload, or put on a silencer.) (I know a lot of things deal with hand interactivity, and I may appear obsessed, but a lot of these things would be innovative and tactical as well as add a more immersive feel to the game.)
  7. Yeah, and the fpv did not workout imo, it looked worse. After everyone said no to tpv, they went and looked at the 360 version and wondered why ours didn't look so good. Also, a lot of people came together and made a tps mod. I would like to see it toggable. I don't own a 360 and don't plan to, I just want to ensure people don't look at the pc version and question its visuals once again (despite the fact we could run at a higher res/effects, they used tps as a benchmark)... At least they could improve the fps hand models, that way fps view wont be so disappointing as it was before.
  8. Actually, Unless they make the hand models look good, I think thirdperson is the way to go. No offense, but when you play so many fps games you start to become picky one what the hands looks like. Call of duty 2, has one of the best hand models I have seen. Fear's hand models look a little weird. And, Css is another good example of nice hand models. However, graw's hand models looked a bit bad. I know it is a tactical shooter. All I am saying is thirdperson might be the way to go in a visually apealing sense.
  9. Unfortunately, you maybe right Hard to believe Roy, nemon, and Smith would leave it to RIP after all of this work.
  10. You know im going to say now... YOU GOT THE HEAD BACK (woohoo! gj! Roy_E_Brisby, Nemon, VTH_F_Smith!)... Also that RE4 camera is amazing
  11. you have net frame works 2.0 right? tutorial: http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums?a=tpc...9344#6981089344
  12. As long as you were able to dl it. We are happy to have helped you start modding
  13. http://nemon.myby.co.uk/BundleReader.exe that crashes you?
  14. Go here for a tutorial on the bundle reader: http://forums.ubi.com/groupee/forums?a=tpc...9344#6981089344 *If you dont want to unbundle the whole data folder you can unbundle the specific .xml and put it into the local\english folder (but you have to treat it like the data folder). For the camera_settings.xml it would be local\english\settings\ for the directory... (for more help on the local folder see the last page) http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2.../6981089344/p/6 **LOCATION = with the bundlereader open the quick.bundle and go to settings... extract the camera_settings.xml
  15. You have to download the whole thing, it acts as a full installer as well... I am glad to see GRIN release this fix, because if they waited to add more things, people would have had to wait till the end of july.... (BTW this wasn't the july patch so lets get that out of our heads shall we?)
  16. Yeah, I have to say we have some really creative people here! Keep at it guys!
  17. 1. For bumpklops, i believe its only the distance, so try 0 and and it will go back to first person... 2. Someone messaged me on the ubi forum about the effects 3. As for nemon, it doesnt matter how he gets the decompiler to work, because it will act like the bundlereader...
  18. just a quick question... say I modeled something in google sketchup, would I be able to send it to someone with 3dmax 7 and have them convert it to the right file in GRAW for me???
  19. I want to see mod support with AC in mp, so that way the people using legal mods (such as textures) don't get kicked
  20. *off topic* Vegas is really having a pc version? , can you send me a link? (its late, i may have done harm by posting this ....)
  21. 1. Nemon decompiled the .dxe file, using his decompiler; then he changed a variable to show the head, so I would focus on the camera more. Both you and I cannot do this without his decompiler... As for Nemon's keymap implementation, he used the same decompiler, but he had to implement it level by level. 2. After previous frustration, you got me motivated to try again (I didnt have much success, but im going to try alot of new things tomorrow... such as fooling around with the lerp values: maybe try making them higher, or combine xtreme's camera with BumKlop's camera...) 3. Yeah, I have tried setting it to "true" before, and had the same results, heh (it does not matter what mission you are on.) *keep trying dude, hopefully we will get something going
  22. It's wierd, both sway as if they conflict and they go oppostie ways when you lean ... Something is definately wrong, and possibly the opposite the value of what it should be. It's just you lookat the camer and you can't physically see something, wrong, but mentally you know it's there
  23. yeah, i was just trying to help, hmmm... try the physics_settings.xml, located in data\settings\ there is one line there that caught my eye... hope this helps: --> <havok parameter="collision_tolerance" value="15" /> <!-- Radius of extra "shell" to add to all collision objects to speed up testing. higher value -- object's seem to float above the collision smaller value -- slower havoks default -- 10 --> <havok parameter="collision_radius" value="1" />
  24. try under lib\managers\xml\weapon_data.xml
  25. I could be wrong, sorry, i was just comparing it to some other weapons, but im glad i helped you
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