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  1. They... they... hurt your eyes...???? I think you need glasses.
  2. ######, will you people ###### about everything? Honestly, this is getting ridiculous. Its like a bunch of 12 year olds getting a surprise but then get mad because the surprise wasn't better. They are working and giving us patches, let them do their job.
  3. Looks beautiful, my friend, keep up the amazing work.
  4. I personally thought it was pretty funny. We need more humor here. Oh, and its the truth.
  5. My god, are you a child, Uber? You're acting like an 8-year old on the playground, trying to get everybody to do just what you want. Does it make you feel good to be able to sit here and take shots at the GRIN team? Really, I'm asking you, does it? Frankly, we don't give a damn if you like it or not. Seriously, we're more interested in you playing "dodge the car" on I-95 than if you like GRAW or not. I love the game, personally. It takes true skill to become a good player. This is not CS where you just run around and shoot, this game takes teamwork. I've been a GR fan since day one. I don't care if you have, but I do care that you think that we honestly care about how you feel. You probably didn't even pay the $50 either, mommy most likely did. So quit whining, go find another game.
  6. Yeah, I've seen this as well, though only once in MP. I've seen it 3 or 4 times in co-op, and they fully admit that they have a weapon "mod" on.
  7. I'm sitting here working overtime at the office and I can't post about trivial nonsense if I want to? I'm not even the guy who should deal with your not-so-nicely-put request. Enough with the attitude. Thanks. Owned, biatch.
  8. I'd have no problem getting rid of g-launchers in MP all together. Its not like its a weapon that takes much skill to use.
  9. I was on that server earlier when it crashed.. I loved it, I'll be looking for it every time I play. BeerDrinkingAssassins doesn't use tactical points, but they have a 5 death limit. IBA 3 server doesn't use tactical points. Thats all I have so far.
  10. I hate tactical points. Annoying as hell.. I bought the game, let me play it. I'd to know some servers that have disabled tactical points.. DOM or DM, doesn't matter to me, I just want to play somewhere where I can just choose my weapons. Thanks.
  11. Exactly my feelings as well. Great post/thread.
  12. 5.56mm rounds aren't accurate beyond 100 meters. Thats a problem. And the green-tipped rounds just go in and out, they don't disintegrate like normal rounds, which is the real killer.
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