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  1. Bit late reply but here we go anyway My box says WinXP/2K .. I never said it's not going to run, just trying to be devil's advocate a little by pointing out that if you try to run this on a system that's not "supported" it shouldn't come as a surprise that it actually doesn't run
  2. I'm actually (all in all) quite pleased with the AI. At least I have the feeling I can somewhat trust the other teammembers to take care of themselves, find cover and open fire on enemies (as opposed to other games where they first execute the move order regardless of a big enemy AK 47 in their face along the way). There's a weird bug I have with the team movement orders; sometimes, when I order the team to move somewhere, 2 of the 3 members will do that just fine where the 3rd one just runs off into the wilderness like he has seen a dragon or something
  3. Tell me though, why run games on a server operating system? Or, why buy a game for a machine that is hardly going to run it? Infact, as games become more complex, the group of systems that it is made for is going to thin out. It says on the back it's suposed to be ran on 2K/XP, don't be surprised and disapointed if it doesn't, eventhough I can imagine you're frustrated.
  4. Yeah, you need to stand as close to the edge of the garage wall as you can, if u stand off of it a tiny bit, the ridge is gonna be in the way.
  5. Like you said yourself, you need to compress the source video. FRAPS records footage with an uncompressed encoder, which means exactly that. There's a number of tools you can use to encode your FRAPS recording, most of them are fairly complicated (at least the ones I know). Try that Windows MovieMaker thing, that's suposed to be quite easy. There are some other easy to use apps out there, just google around a bit on "avi to wmv" or something like that (yes, I suggest you encode to WMV9 to avoid codec issues).
  6. My garbling apears immediatly when I get in the actual 3D world during an MP game. That screen was indeed surprisingly black, it's really random tho, I've seen it have a load of wierd looking red stripes and all kinds of stuff. Just really messy graphics, unrecognisbale++. That screen is just a snapshot (just for the record). I think I'll test some drivers when I'm up for it tommorow (maybe tonight). I'll keep this thread posted.
  7. I posted about this in another reply somewhere, but it has just reapeared. I can play SP fine, but when I try to play a MP game I get these kinds of situations: screenshot. After that, everything is FUBAR. The intro videos are unrecognisable (screenshot), the ingame graphics and the menu too. SP solution: the only way to fix this in my case is to manually reset the resolution to 1024*768, edit the video settings ingame to match my LCD native resolution and join a SP game, after that all is good, untill I join a MP game. Anyone had/have anything like this? I'm beginning to think it's a graphics driver issue, haven't had the courage to test any of the beta drivers. Any form of help greatly apreciated! Specs: ASUS 6800GT, AMD TBird 2.5Ghz @ 3Ghz, 1 Gig DDR400, ASUS A7N8X-DX, all drivers up2date, including the AGEIA 2.4.2. UPDATE: - Tried NGO NVidia 84.56 drivers, no success. Issue remains. - I have filed a Ubisoft tech support ticket @ ubisoft-en.custhelp.com - Tried the 84.66 drivers (link) Atlas suggested, worked like a charm. Thanks! - They worked once, now it's FUBAR again
  8. Sounds like an overclock issue, maybe? Try installing software to monitor your graphicscard temperature and keep an eye on it. If the gfx start going FUBAR, alt tab out and check the temperature readings.
  9. I've had a "similar" issue; when I first started the game and configured the graphics settings, the image scrambled, when exitting and rebooting the game, it was black as night, couldn't see anything. I had a feeling it had to do with my LCD resolution (1280*1024). I resolved it by manually resetting the resolution (renderer_settings.xml) to 1024*768, booting the game and setting it back to 1280*1024. It's worth a shot if nothing else has helped you... PS: I've never had that again, however, when I try to play multiplayer, the screen scrambles up in the same way I described above. I haven't been able to solve this. SP works fine, MP is kind of dodgy, haven't really looked into this yet tho. PS2: found another accurate description of what I had/have here. Eventhough the anomalies have disapeared in SP, trying this sugested solution for MP.
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