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  1. YES YES, that worked brilliantly......thanks a bunch........ Fresh I tried this using a Logitech Marble Mouse (5-buttons)...didn't work. I sent an email to support regarding not being able to access the menu items using my current device. The response I got was "Thank you for reporting this issue. We are currently looking into adding additional support for non-mousewheel devices. Thank you for your patience." I can't find anywhere on the box that a required component consists of a mouse with a mousewheel. If a mousewheel is necessary to play the game then it needs to be mentioned on the box. I'm extremely frustrated, because I'm stuck at the second mission and cannot switch to the rocket launcher to take out the tank. This is something that needs to be fixed quickly. There should be a means of moving through these menus without a mousewheel. You can do it in Swat 4...
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