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  1. I think the reason the SP folks were happy at launch was because the SP was done well and they had new levels (ie, the original levels). Now that they have time to play them several times through, they want new missions. MP folks just wanted good MP and you can do that pretty easily with the map editor, given several game types and stable online play. If GRIN gets the MP stable, I think the focus would shift to SP, because you would satisfy the SP players and can have a fun MP experience going through the SP missions as a team too.
  2. I also get dropped by any server after anywhere from 1-3 rounds. And if you are on team speak, you can hear the symphony of "I got dropped too." That, to me, seems like it's more than just the individual person having problems. It doesn't seem to matter what mode or what server, or what ping. It's unfortunate, because this type of frustrating experience will just drive people away and then the game dies. It's also inexcusable. Imagine buying a car that works fine when you are in your driveway, but when you try to drive in traffic, it won't go more than a mile without dying. Who would defend the auto maker? I like the GRIN team, they did great with 90% of the game, they seem like nice folks and they are very helpful with modders, but they NEED to get this working or the game will die. Of course, according to BOTA:X, my computer might just be too fast to play online, if he's right and the reason I get kicked is I load the levels faster than the server. Whodathunk I'd need to slow my rig down to play?
  3. Alive, but on life support. I like playing GRAW, especially online, but I cant' get more than two rounds in without getting disconnected, either for faulty anti-cheat saying I have altered files, or for other unknown reasons. It's very frustrating, and I usually don't try more than a few times before I give up and move to another game. I come back because when it's good, it's really good, but I don't see it lasting another year in it's current state. It needs some serious help. Unfortunately, it's hard these days for a game to spring up after being down. As for the serious help, its what we have been saying it needs all along: Mission/campaign editing, de/activation of mods, stable online play, effective anti-cheat. I know this has been overstated and some people will roll their eyes, but ORG had the mod and server thing perfect: No .xml editing, simple interfaces, and it was fully integrated into the game. Believe it or not, there are people out there who don't want to or are unwilling to edit .xml files or to manually move files around just to play on one server or another. I am willing to bet that's the majority of non-hardcore players. And those are the people who will fill up servers. Go online and is the same 100 people all the time. 100 peope is nothing. 100 people isn't enough to justify keeping a server running. Even if you leave [GR] out of the comparison, GRAW is lacking in this respect against ANY modern multiplayer game. As soon as people start comparing GRAW to [GR], other people start yelling how they weren't meant to be the same game. I'm not making any observations about gameplay. I think it's fine the way it is, for the most part. Its the level of frustration that will drive people away and kill the game. After that, it's the availability of content. That is directly tied to how easy it is to mod. Right now, other than map making, it's not easy to mod at all. So, that's my view. I hope it came across as constructive, rather than griping. Prognosis: Alive, slim chance for full recovery with intensive therapy.
  4. I just got an AMD 4400 X2 and while my frame rate hasn't really improved, what it mainly has done is stabilize. I was running a 3700 (4400 /2 ) and whenever there was a lot of physics or just action, my frame rate would drop anywhere from 5-15 fps. Now, I can be right in the thick of things and the rate doesn't change. I like it a lot more now. I have a 7800gt and I get in the mid 30's. If they could optimize the game for dual core, I think that would be great, but even without it, I have noticed some difference.
  5. Name the date. I'll be there. Even if my wife laughs at the team speak.
  6. I just reinstalled GRAW and it worked.
  7. I only have 1.16 installed, no mods. I will try to DL 1.20 first.
  8. I downloaded patch 1.21 and when I try to install it, it says it cannot detect an istallation of GR:AW on the computer. But it is installed, even the install disk thinks so. I will try to DL again from a different mirror and try that, but otherwise, am I going to have to do a full re-install?
  9. I was in a forum for another game and there was a Nemon there who was discussing coding, so it may be our guy. The thing that struck me was his signature said "Finally Married" in big letters, so maybe he's been honeymooning. But this could really just be rumor spreading, I have no way of knowing if it was our Nemon, or how long the sig had said that. But it's something... maybe...
  10. Thanks for the replies, but I think the question may have been misunderstood. I know that if I took the time to learn 3dsmax, I could do whatever I want as far as maps go, but even then, I'd still run into the same issue I was originally asking about. I am really referring to layout and level design. When I am playing with making a level, I usually start with a interesting idea (at least I think its interesting) and get that part done, then I run out of inspiration real quick. I have a hard time "completing the package" as it were. So my original question was whether people who have made maps just 'wing it' or if they have a pretty much fully conceptualized map before they start.
  11. Ok, so I have been playing with the map editor and have a few small maps that I have played with, but nothing large or finished enough to share. My question though is for people who have made maps for GRAW, ORG, or any game really. Do you just start with a blank slate and plop things down? Do you start with one cool concept and build a map around it? Or do you sketch out a plan, detailed or simple, for what you want the final product to be like? I find that I get a cool idea and work on it for a while, but then I get stumped on how to integrate it into a complete map. Usually its how to transition from one area to another, or how to handle boundaries. I was just wondering how people here conceptualize maps so that maybe some of the ideas I have can find their way into a download
  12. Maybe someone already saw this, but when I was looking through the XML's just now, I found this in the \Data\Strings\Tutorial.xml: <string id="Tut_Text_16" value="Use <>, <>, <> to change the aggression stance of your ghosts."/> The other things in the .xml are all the other directions Louie (sp?) gives you in mission 1. So, it means at some point it was meant to be. That doesn't mean they implemented it because there are things in the mission .xml files that aren't in the game either (like intercepting a convoy with Ontiveros in mission 1.) Maybe someone more familiar with the rest of the bundle could use this info, or if we get Nemon's editor, we might be able to track down the commands and bind them to a key.
  13. I played the game through the first time on Normal. I enjoyed the experience, but wasn't super impressed. There were some parts I had trouble with, but I got through without too much difficulty, and with some fairly sloppy playing I must say. Once patch 1.16 came out with it's revamped AI, I decided to play through again on Hard. It's a whole different game! In Normal, a firefight would be your team against 4-5 tangos. On Hard, it's sometimes twice as many or more, and they come in waves, so just when you think it's clear, here they come again. They will also hunt you down. They won't travel too far, but I've had them go around a whole block just to flank me. Instead of 1-2 roof-top snipers in a level, there might be 4 down one street. It's really made me tighten up my playing and utilize cover and advance techniques. Lastly, when playing Normal, I usually figured I could finish a mission if I lost a guy, but not on Hard. I need every guy I've got. Yeah, it's a LOT harder, but its also lots more tactical and fun. I guess I'm just passing along my thanks to GRIN for a fun game and a tip to those who may have just played on Normal or Easy and didn't think it was tactical/fun enough.
  14. What about gmax? http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax
  15. Hmm, I guess a 1/2 second of thought might have prevented THAT embarassment. Thanks
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