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  1. Can someone post the contents of a few of the XML Stats files for the coop modes? Would be much appreciated.
  2. Hey rocoafz, For some reason my server wont record the coop stats xml files, could you send me a couple of yours for reference? And yes the tool exibits similar functionality as the link you provided, except it is styled so much better )
  3. I am already working on a tool which encompasses that functionality. Will post more about it later.
  4. Ragdoll physics which handle the bodies is always done client side as it is WAY too much data to be sent over the network. Physics for simple objects like boxes and other things which require less computation are within the bandwidth of the server and are therefore done by the server and delegated to the clients. Ragdoll physics normaly will not give any player any clear advantage based on how it is computed. Back in RavenShield the ragdoll Karma files could be edited localy for that reason and made for some interesting death effects.
  5. The customer shouldnt have to bend backwards for the developer. The developer should bend backwards for the customer to make sure their product works no matter what. And Btw my php.ini is configured as a professional, considering I am a proffesional PHP developer. There are reasons why I leave those settings off.
  6. First Main problem, your using asp style tages '<?' when by default php has asp style tags disabled. All of them need to be changed to '<?php'. Second of all, all uses of '<?=$variable ?>' requires the ini setting of short_tags to be on. You should replace with '<?php echo blabla; ?>' Third Have your installer actualy create a database if its not already created. Fourth Database password should not be a required field in the installer. Some people, like myself, have an account without a password (mind you its just a local test server).
  7. I must say guys I hope the free one you released is NOTHING like the one you are charging for because the free one is riddled with bugs. I see how it can work on your server because of your specific setup but the way its programmed EVERYTHING is broken if someone has different ini settings. For the last 30 minutes, just to get the thing running I have been fixing coding errors in the program. I hope you guys plan on fixing these things because you are charging for it and you now have a responsibility to provide a working product to your customers no matter what ini setup they have.
  8. Would be nice if we had some good close quarters environments in the expansion. Personally I think a GR meets RS would be nifty. The large open levels of GR with the close quarters intense firefights of RS. But thats just me )
  9. Gotta be carefull though, the one thing vonage doesnt make clearly known is if you call 911 you are not getting your local 911 center, you are getting the vonage 911 center which doesnt directly dispatch anything, that is a major MAJOR downside to vonage and they always stick that in the fine print. Think about that before you buy
  10. Unreal Editor is probably the best and most versital in the industry, but its made for the unreal engine, which is arguably the best and most versatil engine to build off of in the industry. You really cant compare Graw's editor to unreal ed because graws editor is much more of a placment editor then a full level editor. The graw editor is a couple steps up from the mission editor from the rouge spear series of games. Unreal Editor is many more steps ahead in functionality, not good looks but functionality. You knock the fact that setting up a sky was hard but you forget that the skybox gave you complete control over what is in the sky, you want an alien ship off in the distance you got it. You want fireworks being shot off you got it. The options are limitless, in graw, pick from a list. Me I much prefer building BSP level in the unreal engine for many reasons ... like you dont have to worry about leaks, because its a subtractive based engine there is NO way to ever break out of the world unlike the source engine or diesal engine ... The unreal engine obviously has many features most engines dont but since its developed to be sold to companies then it has to have all these features. Anyway comparing graw to unreal is like comparing rolling oranges to a highly tuned sports car ... you can but you just shouldnt.
  11. Lemme start by saying I am not trying to flame here, but I dont think respected admins is the way to go. I think a lot of the rules they setup for ravenshield were very closed minded and suited their style of play (refering to their restrictions on ALL key bindings) and I think we would be better off setting up an A/C community for GRAW by the GRAW community not an outside entity. Thats just my opinion if anybody else has any comments on this lemme hear them.
  12. It is perfectly legal to modify the files of the game to run without a cd/dvd as long as you own the game, now if you had downloaded it illegaly it would have come with that cd patch already and you wouldnt be here so ... I think its safe to assume that you own the game. Anyway happy compiling ... btw just dont try to play online with those modified files bad things can happen ...
  13. Howto run Multiple Mods at Once: ** This will not guarentee compatibility with all mods, but it WILL allow mods to run in a hierchial order ** Anybody who knows CSS will understand this perfectly as it would basicaly be a cascading system Howto: When activating mods the game first loads all default files and properties from them, when loading activated mod files it starts from the lowest ranked file files first. It loads all properties from them and overwrites exhisting properties that are set. It proceeds through each file going up the order overwriting the properties each time. Mod A Sample XML Rank #1 PropertyA = 1 PropertyB = 1 PropertyC = 1 Mod B Sample XML Rank #2 PropertyA = 1 PropertyB = 1 PropertyD = 2 Mod C Sample XML Rank #3 PropertyB = 1 PropertyC = 2 PropertyE = 1 Final Loaded Settings PropertyA = 1 PropertyB = 1 PropertyC = 1 PropertyD = 2 PropertyE = 1 What you have in the end is multiple mods loaded, if the mods dont overlap on properties in ways that break them then all the mods will work, BUT if the mods do require different property values something will break. In the example above mod A and mod B both WILL work but mod C may or may not depending on whether or not property C needs to be 2. This also requires modders in their mods to only include the properties in their xml files which need to be set. If modders include their files correctly and make sure all depedencies are accounted for in their files there is no reason why mods cannot work together.
  14. Hey guys just wanted to make notice that the personal messaging system is only showing the inbox and not and of the sent messages. It also isnt showing any of the tracking options to let you know if the person you sent it to has opened the message or not.
  15. I think he means the "Mexican Army" also known as Single Player
  16. Question for you KeeKee how did you find out that you needed to send this: "\xFE\xFD\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\xFF\x00\x00" to the GRAW server in order for it to respond?
  17. I dunno about you guys but from the looks of it the script runs REALLY slow on his server and it glitches phpNuke. The sidebar and the copyright both dont show on any of his scripts pages. QA Testing guys common Anyway I dont recomend phpNuke to anyone its WAY to hackable and its not worth the time and effort to secure it using the numerous third party tools. Anyway check out http://www.brad.vertihost.com/graw/ for some new features on my stats utility , *hint* click on peoples names :snicker: Unfortunetly my host right now only provides MySql version 4, and the statements being used require version five of MySql, so you gonna have to wait on that part of the script When it does work it will list the last five games that player has played in and will give you a link to view the detailed pages about each game. I also added an Ajax Notice so that when the server is working in the background you know and dont keep clicking the buttons. This is mainly for everyone with a slow connection, as you barely see it on highspeed connections. Anyway off to bed for me its 2:30 am This is what it looks like when it works
  18. I did a complete port scan on a Graw Server via a php sockets connection on both udp and tcp protocols and from what I could find Graw did not send back any kind of response to anything so its my guess that right now there really is not any way to monitor the server live. Join the petition to get a beacon port setup on the Graw servers in the next patch and hope for the best. In the mean time check out http://www.brad.vertihost.com/graw/ for the Graw Stats processor.
  19. Hehe just wait until you see the code ... the ajax part your gonna go "so thats how he did it .. that makes sense" when you open the main classfile it will probably knock you off your chair :-D You code VERY differently then I do so its gonna be a shocker when you see it :-D, your coding is what is called inline coding (ALL php code inline with html) mine is more Object Oriented and works VERY differently hehe you will figure it out when you see it.
  20. By the way guys got the player output running on the test site for version 1 http://www.brad.vertihost.com/graw/ Just click the view players part, right now this is only a very basic in the final version click on a players name will drop down a list of the last 10 games the player has played in and his scores in those games along with the ability to view all games the player has played in. Along with that will come the ability to sort everything by any field present. This really all is just a matter of javascript coding all the backend stuff is done but right now its 3:15am and I havent gotten to sleep yet so im hitting the sack, gnite and hope you enjoy the future outlook for this proggy
  21. What everyone really needs to do is petition Grin or Ubi probably grin to put a mini socket connection for the web so we can query the server. If they do that ... woooooweeeee im in business we can have live stats. If someone writes up a formal request and posts it on a bunch of forums im sure it will get noticed. A direct server connection really is what we need.
  22. Start from here: http://rajshekhar.net/blog/archives/85-Ras...X-Tutorial.html Learn it, Love it, Become it Then make your system or class or as most call it your Ajax Pattern and then have fun cause you are now ahead of the curve. I work proffesionaly on Enterprise level ajax applications, while normaly I'm all backend I dabble in the javascript area also. Im mostly X(ML) via P(HP)
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