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  1. We didnt deserve a bunch of stupid patchs and a total fiasco for a sequal. We asked for a sequal. What we got is lame excuses and attacks on REAL [GR] players that puched Tom Clancy games onto the map. Insted lame arguments like yours continue. Ubisoft hasnt done anything right. Hiring Grin boys was a total shot in the dark that missed by a mile. What Ubisoft and Grin have done since release. This is a short well not so short breakdown of what has been fixed and added to the game since its release. GRAW 1.10 Patch. Starting in June, Ubisoft and developer GRIN will release brand new multiplayer modes, including: Deathmatch mode, Map Editor for Deathmatch and Domination, anti-cheat fixes, Anti Aliasing feature, and New co-op maps Throughout the summer: Team Deathmatch, Hamburger Hill modes, Original GR co-op mode, Map editor for TDM, HH, [GR] co-op, GRAW co-op improvement (quick start and respawn) and Dedicated Server pack. Fixes Numerous HUD fixes to prevent issues with cameras, inventory screens and resupply. Animation and lighting fixes for various objects. Fixed general synchronization problems in Cooperative and Domination modes. Destructible objects are correctly reset when restarting rounds in multiplayer. Issues causing user disconnects in multiplayer have been found and fixed. You can no longer remain invisible and kill players using grenades. Fixed crash that could occur after restarting rounds on Avenues map. Player can no longer spawn dead or remain living when the round restarts. Zone glitches on two multiplayer maps corrected. Game no longer crashes while attempting to open inventory out of Dom zone. Helicopters will no longer fall down in certain situations. Cooperative objective waypoints correctly appear after spawning into an AI ghost. Domination statistics have been adjusted. GRAW will no longer run as process priority "High", resolving keyboard problems. Interface updates Coop players can now see status of others in inventory. Gray means loading, yellow is not ready, green means good to go. You no longer have to press "Enter" to confirm input in the multiplayer interface. This should fix certain issues users were having with Gamespy login. In game chat can now be toggled to be visible or not. Default key for this is "u". You will still receive chat messages when this is hidden. Key bindings added for CrossCom actions. It is now possible to reassign the CrossCom previous and next buttons through the game interface. This change will resolve the issue for users with no mouse wheel. AGEIA updates Landscape meshes for levels tuned and updated for better AGEIA performance. Performance increase on bullet hit particles. Some stalls have been removed. A bug that caused zero vertices in baked fluid meshes has been fixed. A bug that caused the rigid bodies from a hand grenade explosion to fall through the ground has been fixed. A faster rendering mode has been added for debris particles. PhysX effects modified to use the faster rendering mode. Patch 1.16 Add on and fixes. Added Components in this Issue. Game mode Deathmatch added. A new gametype Deathmatch(DM) has been added to the game, along with 3 new DM maps. New coop missions. Missions 1, 5 and 9 have been updated to work in Coop mode. You can now enjoy the full campaign in multiplayer. Server interface revamped. Numerous new server options are now available: Start match conditions ("All slots full", "All players are ready", "one player on each side is ready", and "server is ready"). Tactical points can be disabled. Any player joining a spawn limited server will only have as many spawns as the player with the least left, or 0 if the match has only 1 spawn. Players on a spawn limited server will be spawned automatically into the game after 60 seconds. An "Immortality at respawn" option has been added, and it can be from 1 to 10 seconds. Statistics screen for Domination has been updated. It now contains better overall match statistics, round statistics and keeps stats from round to round(for the duration of the match). You can now see the current match scores and time remaining in the ingame status screen, default "Tab" key. Weapon kits are now available. At the bottom of the Inventory you can now find 4 default kits, fully customizable. If a server is playing with the "Disabled tactical points" option, your selected kit will automatically be re-selected on every spawn. Better impact sensation. Some new sounds have been added for when you're hit or when hitting others. When hit, your reticule will be nudged off center. Character models have also been updated, so there's a generally larger area considered to be a "headshot". Weapons damage has also been updated, increasing the chance a single shot to the head will generate an instant kill. Colours have been added to the chat window. Your actions are represented by blue, while red is hostile activity. A yellow hue is used for s tatus messages and chat is still white. The chat window can now also be toggled in three modes, default key "u": regular, transparent or hidden. Anticheat server option has been added. When enabled this feature will run certain checks to match the client with the server. Note that this will affect any users with modded files, including the main GRAW.exe. If you wish to play using modified files, make sure the server configuration matches your own, or you will not be able to play (this includes all files in the ./local/ directory). Editor has been added. Grins own editor has been updated and is now released for public use. You can always reach the built-in help functions by pressing "F1". We've also included a basic tutorial document, which you can find in the "Support" directory where you installed GRAW. After you've made your map, press "Escape" and then "Export" to prepare the map for the game. This will allow you to set some options like lightmaps and level quality. Please note that for large maps rendering these can take a very long time. Once the process has been completed, a file with your maps name and extension .bundle can be found in the custom_levels directory of GRAW. This .bundle file can then be distributed, and is the only result file you need to share. All players wanting to play your map must have a local copy of it. Chat has been added to status screens. Chat Window now allows for more text in higher resolutions. A sticky leaning feature (enabled by default) has been added in the Game options. Primary weapon, secondary weapon, backpack, grenade launcher, frag grenade and smoke grenade can now be bound to hotkeys. Anti aliasing: Edge smoothing feature has been added to the graphics options. There's now a "Connecting to" dialog box when connecting to a server. This will display more information and possible error messages about why you cannot join a server. Custom context.xml files can now be loaded with a -o parameter on GRAW.exe. Screenshot button can now be bound from the Options screen. Default key "Ins". AI UPDATES AI now correctly identifies mounted weapons and gun nests as threat. AI will now attack vehicles with soldiers that they can harm (including helicopters). AI will now always go into combat mode if being fired upon. AI teammates are more prone to seek lower covers. They will sit down instantly when taking fire. AI teammates will try to avoid running in front of you when you are shooting, if you are close enough. FIXES Changed statistics screen for coop to contain more information for all. Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in ghost cam when the coop mission ended. Fixed a bug where AI statistics were lost when a player respawned. You can now aim down while lying down(in prone) where it's natural to do so. Strafing after sprinting will no longer instantly bring up your gun. Removed a small delay before being able to run after reloading. Amount of grenades have been tuned in multiplayer. Rust pipes have been fixed. Updated some graphics objects to display correctly. Regular weapons can no longer blow up barrels. MP02 (Warehouses) has been updated and some physics effects removed. Enemy markers now correctly appear on hostile tanks and helicopters. Fixed some minor crashes and bugs. Players can now correctly buy more ammo in MP. Weapons switch correctly synchronizes in MP. Fixed typo that caused the air condition sound to continue after being broken. General interface fixes. Game no longer crashes if you load a Domination map with no zones. Patch 1.20. Patch. This patch contains the complete 1.16 update with all the maps and files, so you don't need to download it. Here is the changelog: A serious timing issue that could cause servers to crash or lock up on map rotation after a 7-10 hour idle period has been fixed. Increased the grace period for anticheat to receive a reply from the client. Fixed crash where AI snipers would crash the game when noticing vehicles. GRAW 1.21 Add on and Fixes: Game mode Hamburger Hill added. Game mode Team Deathmatch added. Two new game types, Hamburger Hill(HH) and Team Deathmatch(TDM) have been added to the game, along with two brand new maps. Some maps have also been added to multiple game modes. In addition the editor has been updated to output maps to these modes. Added "Server Info" button in the multiplayer interface, and a "lock" icon to show servers with passwords. More sound, grunts and a dying sound has been added when you're getting shot. A new "Skip Insertion" option exists for Coop missions. This option will spawn the players at the last stage of the insertion, just before the mission starts. "Death cameras" have been added. Two new options exists when creating a server, "Members" and "Overview". Overview includes the "Members" option. If deathcams are enabled and a player runs out of lives on a limited spawn server, the player can access the deathcam. It will toggle with mouse1 and mouse2 by default, and you can return to the status screen with "tab". A new SLI checkbox exists in the graphics settings to alert the player that SLI is enabled for the game. Fixes Sound settings can now properly be saved. Anticheat will now be checked on player spawn to prevent any false positives during map load. Fixed a crash issue with inventory kits in multiplayer. GRAW PC map pack 3 released After an extensive Beta test within the GRAW PC community, the results are in and the fans have spoken. Two of the most called for multiplayer game modes in the Ghost Recon franchise make their return in GRAW PC Multiplayer Pack3. Siege Mode In Siege you fight for control of a strategic zone, where one team defends (the Ghosts) while the other attacks (the Mexicans). If the attacking team manages to get inside the zone and survive for more than five seconds, they will win the game. [Ghost Recon] Co-op Mode In [GR] Cooperative mode, you and your team-mates face off against hostile soldiers in enemy territory. Your mission is to reach the extraction point. The rebel troops have taken Camp Chapultepec and are using it as a staging area for their activities in the region. Their presence is increasingly affecting the operations of troops loyal to the Mexican President and the Ghosts are sent to deal with the situation before the rebels can fortify their position. This mode allows for up to 12 players to play together (3 teams of 4 players)! Additionally you will find the dedicated servers pack, including: Standalone dedicated server executable Server administration console (complete list of commands to host and manage your matches - restart match, change mode/map, change server options, kick/ban players -) Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter version 1.35 CHANGENOTES 16/10/2006 * Multiple fixes for the disconnection issues in multiplayer, including increased stability in connection between server-client and server-GameSpy. Fixed incorrect game times in [GR] Coop. Enabled the creation of multiple objectives and random events in [GR] Coop. Fixed the tactical map camera so that it works correct in custom [GR] Coop levels. Fixed crash when using grenade launcher with high latency. A full server will not accept connections while it's loading the next map. Fixed the issue with increasing the number of players on the server run-time. Fixed "time not running" when a client is drop-in joining. Moved the time-out values to the server settings file. Various crash prevention fixes. Grin/Ubisoft are still working on GRAW and we will see more improvements Im sure. Yes this is a real big LIE. This post has been edited by Colin: Mar 17 2007, 04:41 AM
  2. Obviously you get what you put in. By not listening to original GR base and giving us the same game play and time attention to the pc flatform we have this thing POS . That will not last and is dead in the box. Countless [GR] clans sit around around watch the talk like its BS . We been burned too many times. UBI doesnt or didnt want to give the time any money to make a sequel. BIG mistake. The base didnt want AW 1 and wont want AW 2 . Plain and simple. I believe politics and Sept 11 have all but ruined PC tectical shooters. People are scared of us playing such games. UBI caved in and agreed.
  3. You forgot Half life and Warcraft but thats ok we all make HUGE catastophic disasters sometimes. Allot to be said about Blizzard Entertainment and Valve. Blizzard is known for releasing a game when its polished. Ofcourse there was the theft of half life 2 that may have caused some further polishing but ya got to hand it to them, Half Life 2 is a great game for what it is. Also I dont see why diablo wont continue , Im sure Blizzard can get it right. Oh and ofcourse we all still have the promise that they will once again revisit the Starcraft Universe. Kinda funny eh?
  4. Im done checkiing out the progress, uninstalled today about 2 hours ago. Up for offers, i take paypal.
  5. Title says it Getting into some old mods for the time, like the Alpha Mod. Just awsome bla bla bla Im back into the game brothers. Even considering another [GR] clan join . OYEAH SHOOT
  6. Yeah Burnt Orange. Been playiing [GR] since day one, now after two letdowns , I can promise you your speculation is correct. Im not looking forward to any new Ghost Recon title ,,,,sorry ........brothers. That is correct most of the [GR] matchs were done on the first offering. So what we got a few patchs later, Overall [GR] without DS and IT was a complete hit all by it self.
  7. WE shouldnt had to say anything. Ever heard of Extrapolation??? Any business man knows what it means. BTW I dont play this anymore.
  8. Unfortunatley dead in the box. Too much controversy, everone wanted a sequel. Half life 2 was a sequel. Warcraft 3 was a sequel. Who will dig it out?
  9. It should have but it didn't and that's a major shame. A great game like GR should have been built up over the years by RSE instead of farming it out and starting over. Oh Well ! It could have been a lot worse as GRAW could have been a total clone of the COD/MOH type games. There was just no excuse to screw up [GR]. The money was there , the history , fane base. years of waiting, mods mods mods, support support , the want the desire, why why why . SO many old and new players would have paid much more for an updated version of [GR] but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  10. Unheard of "FIx" Im sure most are not willing or amused. Were down to 60 pople playing online.
  11. Hmmm wont work with vista. No surprise there. Now the couldnt exptrapolate the future either.
  12. I have one word for grin EXTRAPOLATION. If they knew what that meant the game play and everything else we wanted would be there. Yes ofcourse It is a sequel, a sequel of the failed sequel [GR2] . I aggree if the Ghost Recon name was dropped off of this it might have gotten more fans.
  13. No its not fair that a publisher that is so bad like UBI can dictate and hamper progress. First thing that needs to happen is they need to officially abandon the game. That might happen soon since its not going to make any more money and intrest is very low at this point. Second thing GRIN would need to do is drop the Ghost Recon name on any new stand alone projects but could still sell add on material and support for GRAW just that all distribution would happen from them and this is as simple as downloading them and PAYING with Paypal or the like. Im all for this
  14. [3.2] Threats/Personal attacks : Any posts containing threats or personal or racist attacks will be edited or deleted and the originating account risks banning.
  15. you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.
  16. See someone else here gets it. Why were all those players all those clans discounted. Really its true an updated game engine with some better graphics and add the rest of the stuff and I would have paid $200. hmmmm can i possibly come up with something we need from GRAW ...................nope sorry!!!!! maybe some of the sniper gun bullet power but thats it.
  17. WHAT IS THE POINT?????????????? OMG PC games must be dieing must be !!!! Why try to make excusses just look what happened. WE HAVE GHOST RECON A HUGE SUCCESS , I still play it since day one it hit the shelves. NEVER once came here and bitched about it. 2) TO THIS DAY MANY CLANS, PLAYERS STILL LOVE PLAYING Ghost recon AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. 3) we wanted a Ghost Recon 2 but didnt get it, although the silly kiddies did. Too bad it was just a flavor of the week to them. 4) PC gamers of GHost Recon put hopes in dreams into GRAW only to see one of the most screwed up , anticipated , game launches any human being has seen on the face of this planet. THATS the real problem boys and girls. A patch doesnt get you into a clan of like minded peeps again. A patch doesnt bring people to the internet to play. This is a huge failure. After all of these years how in the hell could this have happened? WHy did it have to be so jackassed retarded. Why did so many people get so overconfident that they could please this fan base? After years of let downs and expectationS WHO IN THE HELL THOUGHT IT WAS JUST GOING TO HAPPEN SO EASY. Too many lazy lame brain people in this world...isnt it obvious to you the everyone responsible for this is to blame. DONE done done
  18. GRIN might stay with it but Ill bet UBI is about to abandon ship. Just like they did with Lock ON. http://forums.pcper.com/showthread.php?t=424419
  19. If you can blow any money on the name GRAW you better not be thinking anything [GR].
  20. Thats an interesting thought, If I was a fan of this game PLAY .....like bf2 or whatever why in the hell would I mess around with GRAW. If someone wasnt dealing with big expectations or hopes for the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon why even put up with this mess? Nothing is here but big questions, disappointment, computer problems, server crashs, dieing clans, cheaters, low or no recruitment, sealed boxs, flame wars, pc and console debates,and somewhere theres a poor SOB that bought a $300.00 physics card buying some other game to justify the purchase, etc etc.
  21. Not really death, nvidia sound storm onboard audio is just as good if not better than any sb live card. New motherboard are coming with Audigy as onboard sound too. Not all of the onboard audio sucks from the last few years and sure as hell has gotten better with some put Audigy quality sound right on the board.
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