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  1. exactly my point, the chance of a weapon jamming during a mission in the game should be very low if any.
  2. I've been in the army for the past year and a half during which i got to shoot atleast some 2k bullets with an M16 and had only a single jam due to 'double feed' caused by faulty mags. that same gun was shipped to us (IDF) as us army surplus...goes to show you that proper maintenance (cleaning mostly) can reduce gun generated jams by 80% and you'de expect a special force team like the ghosts to have their weapons cleaned atleast once a week / prior to embarking on a mission...
  3. abit late but what the hell! Name: Stefan Farcas (pronounces "Farkash") Date of Birth: 18/05/1984 Location: Israel (born in Romania) Occupation: Millitary Romance Status: could be better Image: Im on the left. Favorite Aspect of GR: realism Least Favorite Aspect of GR: 'nade spam Favorite GR Mod: War of Infamy and rebar's Ranger mod Favorite Ghost: the support guy Favorite Kit: M249/nades hooah!!! 8) Favorite Aspect of GR.net: gr classic campaign Least Favorite Aspect of GR.net: none! When did you first visit GR.net: early 03' Other computer games played: Continuum, RTCW: enemy territory Clan membership: 5th ranger battalion Computer Hardware/Accessories owned: axp2100+@2700+, corsair LL 512mb, r9800pro. Current/Former/Future Military: Current, Israeli Defence Force If yes, what job: Field optics and Tank's optics & guidance system tech.
  4. Just a fun fact; My corresponding NCO who has been with the army for 25 years has a salary of approx. 3000 US$ / month. Even active infantry grunts here get only ~150 US$ / month.
  5. Didnt say I wanted to leave Israel...was toying with the idea of joining the US army since they get to fight in a multitude of places around the globe. Oh and you actually get a real pay cheque
  6. Havent seen this question posted before; am currently in the Israeli Defence Force, job similliar to the us 45G one (Fire Control Repairer) and starting officer training in a week or so. Is it possible for someone like me to join the us army once im done with the IDF (mandatory 3 years) assuming i dont have a green card?
  7. Not every single grunt gets to use the 'tec' in combat. In fact, the tight (IDF) budget allows only special forces commanders to use such toys.
  8. Ive been away for a long time...is there an ETA for the release?
  9. Just posting to show my support on this! I had not lost hope and im sure that this mod will be the best mod ever made by someone! good luck and dont rush it
  10. Hats off, simply amazing stuff...waiting for the video
  11. The oicw lags only when using the auto gl on it, its annoying too. i prefer the good old M24/M9SD combo when in a relax mood, i use the oicw (no gl version) quite alot but thats cuz using the m16 or the ak47 on large maps will make the game almost impossible but i tend to use the MP5SD since its my all time fave (been using it when we didnt have DS and IT). btw, isnt "cobblers" an english soccer team (2nd div?).
  12. A quick search on ebay will show you tha those are being sold at very low prices so i dont think it should be a problem getting both cd's
  13. I used the rsb plugin provided in the Island Thunder cd and was able to convert to anything i like (jpg/bmp/gif etc.).
  14. Is that the plugin that comes with all GR cd's?
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