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  1. the problem are the graw2 demos installed on your computer. deinstall them and try again. i don't know exactly if you have to reinstall your game or not
  2. i really hope we'll get restrictions... some maps are pure sniperfests...
  3. this is our xml. no big changes. just set it up ingame and added an admin password (thx beaver)! there are all maps/modes in expect deatmatch!
  4. Check out my thread started here yesterday: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=44750 great, thank you
  5. just finished setting up the dedi server on our rooty (after uploading the whole disc ). i change the settings in dedicated_game_info.xml and fired up the server. my question now is where to set the admin password for the rcon login. i don't find anything about it in the xml. thx
  6. as long as i can choose my own kit for sp and coop im happy wit the preset layouts. for me, they are very balanced an no class is overpowered (just my opinion). these kits remind me a bit to raven shield. in mp you only could add one special to your weapon (scope, silencer and so on). i "think" the same idea was behind creating these kits.
  7. i think we all will see the ws fixed in the final release patch. not too long to wait for it looking forward to it!
  8. great to read! thx stickan. yeah, comparison shots would be great...
  9. take a look here http://ageia.com/physx/titles.html
  10. the spawn protection can raised to 10 sec and when a foe gets to close to the spawn, they will be tagged. and with this 10 sec i think you have enoug time, to get out of the zone or get that ###### down the third thing i would like to see in tdm is more than one spawn point (like the rva mode maybe). that would really reduce spawncamping and our furstration
  11. rva with full loadout from the start??? great idea!
  12. this mode is really fun. ok, playing as ghost is very hard and very annoying, if the whole ghost team is sniping without destroying the objectives.... but with a good team its fun to sneak and hide! also the "ranking" system is very good. its something new. WELL DONE GRIN
  13. yeah! same here. was playig the demo with my girlfriend for an hour i think and got kicked cause of altered game files. only thing i did with the demo was applying the patch. but had this only one time
  14. really enjoyed the 2 hours of playing the demo! can't wait to try out all the other maps! i had no problems ingame! everything ran smoth! but plz fix the server browser, that we can filter for lowest ping and so on. great work grin!
  15. some new screens and preview at eurogamer.de Screens / Preview !!!
  16. definitely ALIVE. but its not that easy to say this game is dead or alive. but im too tired to explain why i think so gn8
  17. mhhh... i'm in, i've got the files, i played the beta but i can't get to the beta forum. i'm logging in with my ubi account on this beta page from the email but then nothing happens. just the same link to the graw beta over and over again... any tips?
  18. Well it was. Will be fixed in the next patch, afraid we didn't get it in this one. thanks grin! finally i'll be able to play graw again
  19. on the official german graw site they say that the patch will be released tomorrow. look at http://www.ghostrecon.com/de ! patchnotes:
  20. hmmm .. tried several drivers but didn't work. tried it in singleplayer... same problem. i turned off the new aa feature but same thing.... switching between auto ratio or 16:9 also has the same effect... noone else has this strange problem? argh....
  21. first of all.... GREAT PATCH. i love it but while playing i had a strange problem.... i used to play on 1024x768 with 16:9 ratio. while playing the screen jumped back to standard ratio. after i die 16:9 again. tried on an other resolution (1440x900).... same thing here... with patch 1.10 no problems with it.... screen with 1024x768 and 16:9 (this is displayed right on my 16:9 dispay) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v333/SGC...19-24-05-96.jpg screen with 1024x768 and 16:9 (this is displayed wrong on my 16:9 dispay) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v333/SGC...19-24-44-09.jpg i know... the 2nd screen looks now right.. but ingame its for my display buggy and streched...
  22. the releasnotes really sound great. can't wait do d/l the patch and spray some bullets around... weeeha!!!!!!
  23. http://forums-de.ubi.com/groupee/forums/a/...23/m/1571045644 thist post is from ubi_marc on the german graw forums. the patch will be out later today! GREAT NEWS!!!!
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