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  1. You can make the mod compatible by adding/updating the missing lines to the modded files. Does the mod use an sb_global.xml file? It looks like the mod uses or references an old sb_global.xml (can't find member error) and it's probably missing a <var name="order_manager" type="object"/> and <var name="transition_manager" type="object"/> entry under the Global Managers, or a <stats block="sb_global_data"/> setting somewhere in one or more of the files. It's been a long time since I modded graw, but it shouldn't be too hard to get it working. You will probably ne
  2. you also need to change the settings in the unit files .../english/units/beings/u_*.xml <stats block="base_data"> <var name="localize_id" value=""/> </stats> and set the value to whatever you specify in the strings.xml or in the ../english/lib/managers/group_manager.xml
  3. It`s probably caused by the ai threads and extra ai (or effects) and not the draw distance.
  4. This mod allows for some very nice shader fx, unfortunately it also requires some serious hardware to run this at high resolutions. The images came out way darker and have more contrast than what i see ingame, it looks like they have some sort of video gamma correction, maybe its because they were taken from a fraps video and not from the screenshot function?? a gamma of 1.5 and brightness -50 is more or less what it looks like on my system. http://img253.imageshack.us/my.php?image=grfx0001xa5.jpg http://img185.imageshack.us/my.php?image=grfx0002kj2.jpg http://img74.imagesh
  5. Those problems are caused by the auto-detect system in the game. There is no actual seeing/hearing for units, only detection based on the "zone" settings. In assault mode, you are always spotted the moment you step into one of those zones (zone 2,3,4), zone 1 seems to have less effect or no effect at all. ex. if you set zone2 at 20m and approach an enemy from the back, the moment you are at 19.99m, the enemy will do an 180 degree turn and shoot you. In Recon mode the settings are altered a bit by some parameters, but basically its the same thing. Modifying the view cones may help to
  6. add max_ghosts="" to the briefing section of the mission file, anything higher than 5 will crash the game when you give out orders. you'll also need to disable the insertions, 'cause anything more than four will cause some weird behavior at the start. Extra ghosts falling out of the vehicles, helicopters not moving correctly etc... Use the coop insertions instead. if you need more men, add support teams, loyalists or marines or a custom team.
  7. Either start the game up and use the auto-patcher or go to here and download it. For those wondering the mod tools are as follows- Atlasgen - The atlasgen tools takes the raw textures, applies the conversion rule and outputs either a converted set or a baked atlas in a directory structure that can be read by the texture database. Bundler - Takes files together and puts them in a bundle, useful if you want to make nothing more but scripting changes to a map, or create a mod bundle. Max8Exporter - Exporter for 3DSMax 8 to the required format for models. Tutorials - Three sets of t
  8. [GR] has 5 maps, but 2 of them are disabled, don't know why, but they work fine once enabled ([GR] hacienda & [GR] the dam). uncomment the worldinfo path in the world_info.xml file, or add it when missing <world_info path="/data/levels/common/coop_settings.xml type="coop"> </world_info>
  9. open the ghost_templates file and change @Hume to @ag_Hume in the soldier section at the bottom for any of the missions you want. you do not need to compile the xml's after you made some edits. Ok, is this the right xml file? \data\lib\managers\xml ghost_templates <!-- Mission 01 --> <!-- MITCHELL RAMIREZ BEASLEY BROWN JENKINS HUME (ag_HUME) --> bla bla bla <soldier name="HUME"> @hume() <weapon_unit name="m14"> <mod name="m14_scope"/> </weapon_unit> <weapon_unit name="mp5sd"/> <weapo
  10. open the ghost_templates file and change @Hume to @ag_Hume in the soldier section at the bottom for any of the missions you want. you do not need to compile the xml's after you made some edits.
  11. there's a 2nd version of Hume with a ghillie suit in the game. (ag_Hume) you can edit the world_info files and add him to your campaign candidates or change the ghost_templates to use this one by default.
  12. I don't mind answering your questions. If you just want to make the game easier, the only thing you need to do is put the difficulty parameters back to the default values. (sb_global.xml) That will solve your problem with the ai in [GR]. (level difficulty = 1) etc.. If you want to edit the weapons, change the parameters in the weapon files ../local/english/units/weapons just look for the ai settings and moddable stats change the psg1 and barrett for snipers, hk21 for the mounted panhard gun, the m2hb_tripod for the gun nests etc... you will need to edit all the weapon files. If yo
  13. i really want to jump into later mission in co-op so i can play missions that i like more with your AI tweaks but i cant handle the AI. they are really really reaaaaaaally tough. i dont know what to tell ya. i get killed with the first burst of the AI in mdeium distance. (im playing co-op or [GR] on EASY). im a good player. it has nothing to do with my skills. try playing [GR] by yourself and see. it's impossible even on EASY. can u direct me to which lines in what file i should change to make the AI less accurate, like they are by default, if u can't do that yourself? also if u can tell
  14. Yes, deleting a file will use the default one from the bundle What difficulty setting are you playing on? Enemies will know where you are if they see you, or come after you if they hear gun fire. they will not automatically sense you. They do have tweaked reaction times, detection and seeing zones etc... and a lot of other things that are changed(skills,aggression,speed,movement attack distance,navigation,seeking cover,going prone....) It generally takes them between 1-3 seconds or more depending on their state (patrolling,idle etc..) before shooting at you. Using silenced weapons m
  15. ai's are added through the groupjointeam element in the mission files as in the example from mission1. this has been removed in graw2, i guess they now use setplayercontrolled. behavior works for all game modes, but i never tried adding teammates to [GR]. don't know if it works or not, I'll take a look.
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