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  1. coop in the full version are greate fun, belive me, and if you don't, ask my wife how mutch time i've spent coop'ing ps, for those who are finding it hard to wait for the game, buy the german download version, and aply the german to english patch thats out, and it'll work like a charm. i know we're a ton of ppl out there that had problems with waiting.... i'm one of em
  2. look here for dedi name change although, thats just for servers...
  3. been playing it quite a bit, since release, and i'm quite happy with the way the sights are
  4. well, since i'm right handed, and not a links shooter (sp?) it would follow perfectly to the left, but not that fast to the right. pick up a broom and give it a try, if you haven't got something better to try it with. afther all, a gun that you do not know what it's pointing at, isn't wery safe...
  5. well, we could almoust say gr.net now, ehh? other forums i like are the bi, off cource, armed-assault.net and armaholic
  6. i do belive i'll skip that, i realy don't think a kid would be sutch a greate idea, afther all, it would steal the time away from greate games sutch as arma....
  7. well, when i was in the armed forces, i was learnt (is that actualy a word?) that the gun should always point were i was looking...
  8. would be lovely, as this is merry christmas all btw, had to check the url twice... when suddenly it wasn't green anymore
  9. go here, then download this mod to get the game english instead of german, works like a charm, and you'll get the game in time for christmas as well...
  10. or, you could just lean into the doorway, and let off a few
  11. *pointing* hah last month or so, i've just worked 5-6 days, and now i'm not going in again before next year sometimes having some vecation is nice, having more of it, even better btw, what do you do for a living then?
  12. well, i got ofp on it's release day, and realy hated it, reinstall a few months later, wasn't so bad, and in the end, i've ended up with ofp, red hammer, and the goty edition as well as for arma : if you didn't like ofp, for any other reason than the graphics, you won't like arma, it's that easy actulay merry christmas
  13. where did the blue? ohh, where did the blue... ohh where did the blue deer go? ohh, and, sup, there was one christmas tread i found that was older, but it was started as a poll, so i found this the best to resurect, afther all, it's the thoughts that counts, isn't that what we say in thise days? i just did a quick search, and, read the posts in here, before giving it life again, just like some of us do to another "thing" this time of the year afther all, how many merry christmas treads do we need? happy birthday ended up getting a sticky, so we would have just one of those
  14. probably not seen in the right treads? have had a few posts in the ofp part, have abandoned gr, since it runs rather crappy on my rig ( i wonder if it's the dual core )
  15. wreck the malls, bob rivers comedy corp
  16. well, i doubt that, since i was lucky anough to get married to a wonderfull person this may, i doubt that next year can top that!
  17. *lol* well, guess i've been here a bit longer than you, member number, look at that for one ) i didn't just stumble across this site, i just so happend to have advace knowledge about it comming, since it came from the creaters of agr-s.com, witch, at first was just the faq for alt.games.rainbow-six ( thereof the url ) i realy miss those days :\
  18. The topic says it all, doesn't it? i'm just resurecting an old tread from the dead, to wish you all a merry christmas, and a peacefull hollidays season. enjoy the comming weeks, take a breake from the daily stress, enjoy the life you got, and take the time to do something you haven't done in a wile ( anyone smell an allnighter gr comming around the corner? or r6? ) best of wishes
  19. amy grant, a christmas album ( she realy does have a greate voice, and....
  20. remove the playercontrolled cars, armoured, support and air (and boats now ), and maybe a few more, but smaller maps, and arma could have been just that.... edit : ohhh, end thae game runs greate on my rig (see x-fire profile )
  21. well, release date for the uk version is now known, although, the german d\l version with a ger-eng custom patch isn't bad either, and it will give you the game a couple of monts earlier ( i got that version )
  22. and? how do you like arma then t1? and, folks, any christmas coop soon?
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