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  1. Well, my 505 release are being packed as we speek, so, hopefully it'll be in my hands on monday. Anyone else here got that copy? if so, coments plz. got 2 versions? then i even more want to hear your comments. (need a german copy? lol )
  2. here are a link to dl, and online ordering of arma ( although, not an eng dl yet, but it works like a charm with the ger-eng patch... )
  3. shooting? yes, just be sure to bring the shot gun, and bug spray there are plenty of seagulls on this iseland and , a couple of mountains to climb as well, if you got the gear for it..
  4. well, i have had a few issues with atari in the past, thats all. ( just like pacard bell pc's and me doesn't play well together either )
  5. and, for those of us that allready got the game : For more ArmA news, please visit armedassault.com.
  6. Here is a simple way of speeding up mp chatt messages ( pre made messages for mp use, missed those?) ( got that from this tread on the bi forums ) all you now need to do, is hitt 0-9 to get to the custom folder, and then hit the number for the message you want to send. Now then, lets say you got a file called "Armoured spotted, need AT @ my possision", and you're playing a coop, and does spot an enemy armoured approaching, it's quite simple to get it out to you're fellow players, and you don't need to spend the extra time typing it in for everytime you need the messages ( and
  7. it sure is, going to take you forever to remember all those keys though but, still, love the game
  8. or even the day before... and @ 2nd r... with out the thousends of us that allready got it, well, thr 505 release would be buggy as... have a nice arma weekend folks ( ps, gonna need some beta testers "soon" for some missions, whenever i get em finished )
  9. yeah, i know. although, i haven't had many problems with the ai in arma, a few stupid things, of course, but then again, i've seen human players do stupider things ( even done a few of em myself...) though, the fact that i knew the command struktore and how to use it from ofp might help quite a bit on that... haven't tried the demo yet, since i've got the full ver of it, but you get some training of command in the full ver campaign.
  10. well, in quite a few missions, you can switch between soldiers in arma ( although, atleast in ber 1.0, there's a bug in that...)
  11. well, before entering combat, i usualy send the commands 7-2 ( Danger ) and 3-5, alternative 3-2 ( engage at will, or hold fire ) under the movement section (1) you have commands for return to formation ( in your case, useless ), advance, and, more important, flank left, right, and a nice one, in some situations, the hide command... if you order them to engage at will , and danger, then either advance, or flank left\right, you might see a different outcome ( shorther or longer missury on your part, i'm not sure....) ps. i do not have the demo.... just the full ver, so i'm not s
  12. pre order here anywere else? post them links here folks
  13. yes, in sp you can save during missions ( in cadet mode, unlimited )
  14. Blur settings are actualy quite nice, just be sure that there are a free line of sight, haven't had mutch problem with shooting guys @ 500 meters ( though, i do prefer the spr over the m24 ), just keep in mind that the bullets will drop, but if you're elevated, not as mutch ( and you might have to aim below the target to hit if you're high anough ) always try to attack with the sun @ your back, if possible, or even better, at night ( though, the mussle flash is a sure give away, so shoot and relocate!) Unfortanley, BI have never been good at sounds it's the sad truth ...
  15. yes, the controls are quite astonoshing, and a lot to get used to, and, yes, the ai can be a pain in the ######, and do realy stupidd things, but then again, so can we.... i managed to get blown up up and away by an enemy ai last night, in a mp game (coop), i was working to get in for an at kill on a shilka, saw a few enemy spec ops, and opened fire on them, took the blunt down, i thought, so, i continued to move towards the big price, heard some movement near by, turn around, and saw an enemy round the corner, running away from me.... i thought, ######? , and boooom, he blew m
  16. watch the 505 arma trailer here ! btw, use the "tv" in lower right, to adjust resolution
  17. Link got an 8.9 overall score, and a 9 for gameplay, 9.5 for replayability
  18. thats the damage model, i'm pretty sure you had taken a bullet to one, or both, you leg(s)... with a bullet or two, in your foot, it's hard to run around Unfortanley, bis ain't good with sounds, and the engine sound bug is known, you might want to try to turn off\on harware acseleration and eax. Not a 100% sure, but i think they haven't set a data for a us release yet... you're stuck, atm atleast , with the uk version happy newyear folks, and might it be a good arma year for us all
  19. ditto ... as zjj said, but send me a few of them guinnes first!
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