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  1. linky http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikon...ST;f=72;t=70573 downloads http://www.armedassault.com/downloads/ARMAPatch_109beta.zip http://www.ofpec.com/ArmAResources/tools/A...tch_109beta.zip ftp://ftp.armedassault.info/armad/patches...tch_109beta.zip ftp://www.armedassault.info/ARMAPatch_109beta.zip http://www.mediafire.com/?evpety21wxj http://arma.ogn.com.au/addons/ArmA-Patches...tch_109beta.zip
  2. spent a good 5 hours there last weekend, in one session, and all went good, so, if there's an admin, it's hope
  3. well, there's atleast a couple of servers running this, and i've spent some time there the bad part is when someone ruins the idea, by going for a dm \ tdm
  4. If you haven't heard it yet, you might want to go here and read a bit about it. It's basically crime city grovn and adapted for arma go get hooked
  5. i'd say so, yes, royal flush was quite nice, some rather hard missions, and you get to think a bit, and the replayability is quite good too
  6. well, if you got the hardware for it, run it with a 10k view distance, get a chopper, and go for a spin only a few things that i miss from this game, mainly an lst ( or simmilar ), a few tunnels, more entrable buildings, caves and basements ( subways too?) though, i'm sure quite a few of thise will be moddeed in in the not so distant future. The coop possibilities in this game are just awsome, and, if the server you're on supports it, try using the voip, aftherall, it got several channels ( all\side\group\vihecle (sp?) and direct ), lip syncronisation (!!) and uses less cpu than
  7. Anyone here that have tried the xam mod? it's a huge one weighting (sp?) in @ 1,7 Gb. but i've heard a good deal of comments about it saying it to be a very good mod. downloading it now btw
  8. well, early and early.... i've had the game for about a month when the demo came out.... the game was released in early november, i think, just the english version that lags behind a bit The controlls in arma are quite demanding, but you'll learn them afther a wile, and get even more out of this game. Ohh, and btw, the demo mission is a coop mission, and not ment to be played with a single human player so, if you can't get it done by yourself, do not feel to bad, the ai, as good as it might be, can't compare to a human player
  9. i know ppl have had problems with accuracy in the full version of the game, because of fade ( anti piracy function in the game ), but i don't know of other problems with it, except lack of practise, arma is hudgely different than most other fps. and, as for not seeing the enemy, life is a b..... well, to be honnest, i think that is one of the nice things about it, since it makes it harded, and, afther all, green camo does work in the woods if an enemy lies is the grass, you should have trouble spotting him, but same goes the other way too, i've had enemies walk a mete
  10. well, mostly it's the same as in ofp, exept, you're not limited to only 12 ppl in a squad anywore, i've sucessfully had 50+ ( but thats hellish to command)
  11. absolutely not bad ( ps, pz3, you do know that it's awailible for dl from the uk?)
  12. well, if you use your creditcard to pay for the game, they'll draw the right amound, converted to your currency. the german dl release you can burn to a dvd if you like, so that shouldn't be a problem
  13. man, i love torrents thankfully they did release the patch as a torent as well g'night all
  14. hmm, had mutch better speeds when i got the german ver, but it might be becuse there are plenty of pll getting it now...
  15. yeah, just saw the news on a number of places :\ ohhh, well, guess the misses wont see to mutch of me this weekend....
  16. my guess would be that it'll be ready for dl when the 1.05 patch is comming out, witch probably should be tonight or tomorrow, since they said late feb....
  17. shouldn't that be possible with the 505 ver too?
  18. huh? what do you mean, and how do you do that?
  19. hopefully i'll get mine in a day or so... if the customs doesn't sease it that is
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