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  1. one thing you might try, is, in the settings menu, hit the "Default" button. it's not for a game default settings, but a system default, ie it waries from system to system as to witch settings it applies. Other than that, i'd hold the upgrade til afther arma 2
  2. today is ruined! errrr, no, it's ruin's day, yeah, that's it congrats mate
  3. thank you folks, and, rocky, you're off with 2 years mate!
  4. Noraf

    Jury Duty

    And yet, you don't tell us witch book it is?
  5. Noraf

    Jury Duty

    hmmm, over here, we have both jury duty, and for some, even judge (spell check ?) duty. You get selected for judge duty for 2 years at the time ( if i'm not terribly misstaken, can be yearly, or every 4th year..), though, it's not that ofthen you have to spend your time i court... ( i know, my dad has been selected for it several times ). How the jury selection works, i honestly have to say, i realy doen't know... jury trial in norway is rather rare, usualy just in crime cases were you might get life, or institutional detention for several years ( though, somehow, when it comes to crime, l
  6. added a revive version of it too, to the same dl.
  7. uppdated ( objective 2 are now changed, to stop it from being a kille'em all mission ) get the new ver from the same url
  8. i've been working on a few missions lately ( coop ), latest being the co"11 Lights out mission. http://www.kvarsnes.net/xml/lightsout.rar mods needed are : Queens Gambit ( for the dc3 dacota ) ECL for units. This mission also features SEG and Kronskyz UPS (Urban Patrol Script). enjoy edit : updated with new briefing download updated with another version of the mission, with Norrins revive script. (ie : dl contains 2 versions of the mission )
  9. evening gents you aussies in here, ever read anything by Matthew Reilly? (http://www.matthewreilly.com/) Just reread the scarecrow "triology" ( with the novel "hells iseland" it's actualy 4, but since it's not released anywere else than in australia, it's not worth mentioning to mutch, even though it's a good read, not long, but good ) edit : want a test read? check out some of his short storues here : http://www.matthewreilly.com/sst_main.htm now i'm rereading Jeffery Deavers "The blue nowhere",- also a nice relaxing read
  10. ps, now a linux dedi 1.12b is out, if you didn't know. as for mods, well, we're prepping for the ECL nations cup, so, currently we've using ecl mod, and thats it. it runs fine on 1.08, 1.11b and 1.12b, though, the sounds are way better in 1.12b than in 1.08....
  11. i'm afraid it's a qb mission :\ and, i could probably arange for a dedi server for a few hours to do a full scale test, but i'll have to check that more first though
  12. Any of you around here that's a member off a clan or plays with a nice bunch of ppl? if so, would you like to test a mission i've made? i'm working on an 18 player coop mission, and would like to have a full scale test of it done, but it's kind of hard to do alone the mission involves f-16 on cap, cas and gbu bombing. ground units marking target for the gbu(s), an assassination, and some cqb to top it of
  13. another mission that is highly recomended, if you got someone to play with, is Operation Trojan it's a amasingly nice 8 player coop mission
  14. well, you can make some quite interesting missions without scripts too, so good luck
  15. or, you could use the 1.09b, then some of the lowplants mod isn't needed anymore ( although, in 1.08, i just got about 2 extra frames, so i killed it again )
  16. well, arma is a recourse hungry beast i manage to run it on just about normal, and then i got somewere around 20-30 fps
  17. well, if you have something similar to a cray 3, it might be that the puter might manage to do that..... remember, sahrani is somewere around 400km2, and having all that loaded all the time, well, i realy don't think there's a gpu and cpu out that'll manage that with desent quality......
  18. well, the easiest way would be to start in the editor, and just use it to make a few missions, test, and inprove till you're satisfied
  19. you might find some help here then http://www.3dactionplanet.com/flashpoint/scripting.html and, no, ai hasn't improved mutch into the 1.09b patch..... not pathfinding vice atleast, other ways they have changed alot
  20. have a look over here --> http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Mission_Editing
  21. well, i'm running a digital download of the game, and have had no problems at all with that.... you can buy it from here : http://www.armedassault.com/buy.html
  22. just a wild guess, but i'd say the 1.09final would be out in about 2 months. but we got another christmas present as well : http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikon...1;r=1;&#top
  23. jupp, and i've done a couple of tests, and it sure looks good so far, what a lowely christmas present from bis
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