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  1. not sure about the horse shoes, but what i know they do wear quite a lot of combat gear, and that does make some sound when running! A2 runs a lot smoother than a1 does, and there are a lot less bugs that i have notised ( others too as i've heard ) than a1 had at the german release. Lets just say, i think it's definently worth the wait we have had, for a2 to come out. And BIS does have an excelot actualy can manage to wait ! :Plent rep for supporting it's games. and, this time, they even said they'll release a demo before the international release, so you'll get the chanse to try
  2. My first impressions from playing around on utes is : omg!! this sure looks nice, runs smooth, and i need to learn some german pretty fast, so i can get that keyboard set up right When i get back from the wekend, i'll try to get some more gaming time, and let ya all know more, just played an hour or so now, so it ain't that mutch, but it looks fantastic!
  3. Having played arma since the german release ( just couldn't wait for the international release ), i must say i'm realy looking forward to this. It's true that arma had it's sheare of bugs in the release version ( not to mention the demo...), but bis is doing a greate job in suporting the game, and updating it. The 2 big improvements in my eyes will be the multicore optimalistaion ( is that even a word?) and the new ai. Though, the graphics are looking greate too If you're about to try arma for the first time, just remember that the learning curve is about the same as going from p
  4. and for us die hard fans, ehhh, not the films, sorry, we allways have the german release from peter games , witch is going to be released in just 6 days . ( crap, i'm away for a long weekend then, so i'll have to wait til monday the 1st earliest :\ ) linky http://petergames.de/Armed-Assault-2.48.0.html?L=1
  5. btw, you do know the release is close when they start updating the page 2 times a day....
  6. @ rookie, that must be because you haven't tried arma with trackir! The situation awareness you'll get is awesom, and i find myself missing it a lit in graw2, witch i just resently aquiered. I'm quite sure i'll get the german release (digital download version) this time also, aftherall, 1 got 2 copes of arma ( german digital download and 505 dvd versions ), and if you can't change to english ingame uon the initial release, i'm sure i'll live with that!
  7. How about this one then? no additional info today good luck that pickture came up totaly black, i'll see if i can't get another one....
  8. well, it's just a guess from my part ( seing as i got graw2 yesterday ), but i'd guess ageia is rather sysyem hungry, ie, you'd need a phsycix (sp?) card to run it. That being said, if you got 2 nvidia cards, you probably have the option to run one as a phsycix card ( unless the gfx is old ). Nice efects, and a ton of eye candy, but i wish i could use the trackir with graw2, it's way to oldfashioned to not have that possibility ( if you haven't yet tried a shooter with trackir, i'd recomend it, and you won't go back to play withoutit, if you have the option to use it ) It gives
  9. that it is, and a greate movie too ( both for the gf and yourself ) edit : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Beach_(2000_film)
  10. pffft, not the one next hint : same director as in one of the resident evil movies
  11. no, thats not it remake missed by 6 years, original missed by 13..... btw, how many tries before i'll tell? ps, G.Peck played in the original release
  12. time for another hint then runtime is aprox 3h18m
  13. it's not the fx moveis ( or tv series ), but it is an international release. and to give a hint, it's a remake of an older film.
  14. Nice game this tread, good luck
  15. i've used piratebay, aftherall, the patches for arma came down fastest that way!
  16. resurecting this a bit, if you haven't allready got a new headset, i'd recomend : http://uk.europe.creative.com/products/pro...337&listby= I've been using it since last summer, when my trusted trust headset finaly gave up ( or rather, i gave up repairing it, since the cord snaped for the 3rd time ). It's a good headset, works greate with arma () , and no problems with music and movies aswell, only problem i got is with the wife ( can't hear her wery well when i'm using 'em, but......) ( they are used with an creative x-fi gamer )
  17. it's going to be interesting to follow this though [Post split & Moved to the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising forum]
  18. Max Manus must definently be the best movie of the year 2008 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1029235/
  19. well, haven't been mutch playing this year.... doing my SECOND complete system reinstall atm (btw, don't install the latest 780i chipset drivers, it might screw up the system a "bit"....) One thing that is wery nice, is the stearable parachutes. Quite fun having a team drop in to an enemy controlled town, and have the sniper, and an mg land on some rooftops to wreck havoc on the enemies
  20. well, this still is a beta ( a public one that is ), and it's a blast playing with upp for a mission or 3 this weekend?
  21. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikon...ST;f=70;t=76692
  22. well, being that we don't know what it is, and it does look like it's flying, it is per definition (spellcheck anyone?) an UFO
  23. well, Rocky, the first half was the most boring one So i'd recomend watching it ( still have 2 more ep. to watch, since they aren't aired here yet ). But, as i said, it's different. Don't expect BoB, or Saving private Ryan.... That said, i think this might be interesting to watch, because it is different. and the caracter "Sgt. Rodolfo 'Rudy' Reyes" is played by no other than, Rudy Reyes himself
  24. Read here Not spoiling anything more here atm, but i'd say it's different, and absolutely worth watching It's an HBO production
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