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  1. You just got to love bis support for their games, nearly 5 years afther release, and they patch the game ! And making it copatible with newer os aswell
  2. Mission is now final, if noone manages to find anything faulty here that is Download link Some of the changes : Changed the insertion aircraft from the an2 to the merlin, you're also now starting on the ground, with the engines off ( and in the briefing it's mentioned why ) Uppdated units and weapons, all 4 teams now got a medic, and the three assault teamleaders (spotters) got a backpack with 1x M79 and 4x Flares ( different collour for the teams ) All assault teamleaders got sd rifles, medics not. Snipers got no nv scope on their rifles, and it's quite dark outside. Also added a few suprises, and streamlined it more. Mission now uses baf and pmc units, and needs combined ops to run. If anyone tries it, plz leave feedback to me Have fun, and keep the merlin safe ps : can a mod plz change the dl link in the first post? i can't edit it for some reason
  3. can i join aswell? must be ages since i last had a game with you sart
  4. no? atleast not in the version you're using. You got those nice white lines ( circles and squares ) showing up on the map, that shows the zones. It might be another thing though, but it looks wery mutch like ups markers to me still, nice missions
  5. The missions are nice, but i got one gripe i think you're using some sort of ups script in them, right? the patroll zones are visible in the briefing map...... you might want to add something like this to your init.sqf : were ups1 to 4 is the marker names. that way they won't show up in the briefing. keep up the nice work regards Noraf
  6. Mission is updated, and should now be able to run on something other than a super computer of a server
  7. test it first looks like you need a quite powerfull server to run this, so i have to do some streamlineing of it, to make it more server friendly.
  8. Download here A nice, intence mission, with a focus on teamwork, and coordination. Hope you folks enjoy it. Requires ArmA2 Combined Operations, BAF is highly recomended, but it does run with baf light. Mission uses baf units for the SAS team. Edit : mission updated to v.0.85
  9. ty, just started a week of vecation
  10. This mission is updated, and is now awailible in 2 versions, one that requiers dac.
  11. Like the mission, got a good atmosphere in it Would have loved a CO version of it ( upgraded weponds, so we get laser markers on the rifles for one ), but it's not a biggie. Had a quick go @ it, and i'm liking it a lot. Hope to see more in the same line from you.
  12. linky : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=101415 I just spent an amazing hour here, with this mission. I'll highly recomend playing this mission withn a friend, it's amazing. Hadn't realised that Zargabad was this big a map
  13. i must say that the flir is extremely powerfull. i'm just going around with a big, fat grin on my face, enjoyin this, and i'm glad that i was spot on with the vecation this year ( set up in december ) to match with the release! I realy do love this expantion, and have now retiered the arma2.exe, just running combined ops
  14. i preordered mine from sprocket. Have used them a couple of times now, with no problems at all. Recomended. Also, if you preorder from sprocket, you'll get a printet map of takistan
  15. http://www.idea-games.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=149&Itemid=1 arrowhead is now GONE GOLD!!
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