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  1. @Lightspeed - mate depending on which revive script you go with - if you need help just contact me here
  2. Has anybody tried this mod with the new 1.16 update yet? Other than running into problems with the new anti-cheat system in MP it shouldn't affect or be effected by any of the changes in the patch, can anybody confirm this?
  3. I also had the crash at start after installing patch 1.10 and I also found that if I disabled my Sound Blaster Live card (even though I was using the onboard sound anyway) the game would start. So maybe disabling you SB card is a fix for some people.
  4. I've got exactly the same problem as well. Prepatch I could join any MP game listed, post patch none. I've also noticed that the pings I'm seeing are either 0 now or 999 there's nothing in between whereas pre-patch I could see a nice range of pings. One final thing is that the servers seem to update incredibly slowly post-patch whereas they'd update instantaneously pre-patch.
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