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  1. I've bounced quite a few grenades off of objects, ceilings, walls, and so forth that I'm standing next to and died as a result.

    This was one area of GR1 I was hoping would be improved on. I really think we should have the fine tuning control of the actual throw hands down. But as far as the bouncing frags off of things I think GR1 fell short. And it seems GRAW might have it backwards lol. The throw should be precision. The bounce should be random. Unless your country has grenades that are perfectly spherical of course. But throwing a grenade from 40m and trying to bounce it off drywall...aint gonna happen. And even if the wall you are trying to bounce off of is armored you should still have a random bounce (possibly even right back towards you if the frag hits the wall just right). If Im wrong feel free to correct me as it wouldnt be the first time and surely not the last :lol: (Just dont tell my woman that or Ill never hear the end of it...)

    hey colin, i know its AA, but u mean something like this??

    LMAO! Best comic Ive seen all year!

  2. I think being able to cook grenades would be awesome and I would be very greatful if it happened but I could live without it as well. But I think fixing the power bar auto throw is absolutely necessary. Even a double click system would be better IMHO (One click to start power bar, the second to stop the power bar and throw the distance indicated. If you dont want to throw you let the power bar run out). I dont think this fix is as necessary as alot of other things immediately but somewhere down the line when core issues have been solved I hope it will be looked into.

  3. Id like to thank you gents as well for the hard work you are doing. I knew you guys were going to pump the blood into this game but I cant think of anywhere else you get this kind of speed and service (and its free!!) :D:grin1:

    (Where's the smiley guy with the "Im with GR Modding Community" sign at anyhow?)

  4. I know this is a huge request (and will most likely need both mod tools and the ability to add more players to co-op than 4) but when someone told me there were no doors I was crushed. I know it sounds simple, but to me at least doors were an extremely important part of GR1 co-op.

    While anticipating GRAW I didnt even give them a second thought because I could not think of a single reason why they would not be there. I am the main grenadier for my co-op group and the lack of doors reduces my effective usefullness to my group signifigantly. Not only that, it makes it feel like alot of map space is rendered completely useless. Im not talking about making every door have the ability to be opened/closed but there should at least be a good number that are. The game is incomplete without them, especially in urban settings.

    I read the bit about too many doors making the map an impossible maze too. Unfortunately Id have to say that while that may be the case, I dont think it is a reasonable excuse. Thats part of urban warfare if I understand correctly. And as far as gameplay goes the more map area that is accessible, the more fun I have. For a game targeting the elite GR community (lack of something similar to GR1 training mission for example) I really dont see navigational problems as something that would be a let-down...

  5. on that note, ppl arnt going to buy it and support it if their machines cant run it properly, no point in saying yer they will be able to in a year because by then graw may well be forgotten. this game really needs optimization and scalability.

    I hear that loud and clear. 2+ months and $1100 later Ill be able to see more than just pitch black map textures. I think when players are willing to spend that much money just to play Ghost Recon (what other game could get people to do that after something like GR2?) they deserve something special and extraordinary. And I am positive I am just a small part of a very large crowd in this situation. Just another example of hard core GR co-op community. So please dont let us down.

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