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  1. There's a thread about this: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=34454
  2. Wow, that was an interesting mission. Very fulfilling. I finished it on my first attempt moving slowly for a couple hours, sustaining half a dozen injuries but otherwise making it through okay. Worked down to my last rifle magazine too using the MR-C equipped with scope + silencer. The silencer was both a curse and a blessing. While the noise and muzzle flash reduction/suppression was extremely helpful, it really brought down its already-meager impact. I had to make three-round burst shots consistently and when my targets were on the fringe of the rifle's effectiveness, I often had to tag them with two bursts. The climax at the castle was a bit frustrating... I ran out of grenades and with my pea shooting rifle running out of ammo there was no way for me to take out the turret at the gate. I kept aiming past the top of the outer wall with my Apache call and after about a dozen tries on a few pixels, I got it to lock on the artillery unit from outside! After that it was just chaotic. Two jeeps drove past me as I hugged the slope down from the castle towards extraction. Luckily for me, each car was moving fast and the gunner's aim was sloppy as ever while I pumped three rounds into each one's head. Anyways, fun fun and again, very fulfilling.
  3. Yeah I think I initially posted that it was 30 mins in my Future Shop deal thread, but I obviously have no proper perception of time haha.
  4. Well, no it doesn't. For example, dynamic_lights. How does this scale? Does it affect the number of allowable dynamic light sources at any given point? Or perhaps lower the effective radius of each dynamic light source? Or both? Maybe something else? Or shadow_quality. Does a high shadow quality mean a higher quality algorithm is used to calculate the real-time shadows (i.e. perspective-corrected mapping) or simply mean a larger shadow map texture. Does it even affect real-time shadows? For all we know, this affects the largest mipmap size of static light maps in the game, assuming they are used (I haven't stopped to look around from a technical perspective). What exactly is a silhouette in the game? Etc. Etc. Those are the types of questions (and hence answers) I think would be more interesting for framerate tweaking.
  5. Well one thing I trust the AI over myself is providing cover. Nothing has been more satisfying in the game so far than hearing this sniper sequence: Allen: "Contact." *BHAM!* *shell ejection* Allen: "He's dead." But yeah, just to add to what I said previously... while they can technically take an extensive amount of abuse, I've never had them in such a dire situation where they've been pelted by constant enemy fire long enough for it to be apparent. At the worst, they've been smart enough to get to cover when hit or being suppressed. I usually position them in reasonable places to begin with. And I certainly never shoot my own squadmates, direct or otherwise!
  6. Haha, that was pretty funny stuff. I do think it's unrealistic, but having said that, so is the health replenishment for you and your entire squad between levels, at checkpoint saves (when you reload them), etc. To me, it doesn't really detract from the gameplay. I like all my squadmates alive anyways, so if I lose out on a man, I reload the game from my last checkpoint. That rarely happens anyways, since I'm disturbingly slow-paced, methodical and tactical ... which is also unrealistic to begin with. Anyhow, I think it works... I am having fun.
  7. Just a heads-up for anyone living in Canada: Future Shop is running a promo deal this week for GRAW @ $59.99 CAD. However, you also get a "making of GRAW" DVD, a pewter GRAW dog tag and a DVD of the movie Black Hawk Down, while supplies last. The "Making of" DVD is about 30 mins long and concentrates on the design choices for the Ghosts' armaments, outfit, etc. As such, it's relevant to both the Xbox 360 and PC versions. Also talks a bit about the US Army's Future Force Warrior program. Not super awesome but still some good info containing an interview mainly revolving around a Red Storm guy and an Army spokesperson. Pewter dog tag is a knick-knack but if you like that kind of collectable stuff it's still cool. GRAW text logo on one side, Ghost "skull" logo on the other. If you haven't seen Black Hawk Down already it's definitely one of the best directed/edited war movies. Arguably the best post-Vietnam/modern war movie out. Horrific and intense. A personal favourite. The main thing is that true to Future Shop policy, if you purchased the game from them up to 15 days prior you can just bring in your receipt to customer service and still get the goods.
  8. He's hiding behind a building east of the embassy, looking towards the SW quadrant. You can't initially position yourself where he is because in the first wave of attacks, three guys come from the NE corner in an attempt to "flank" the embassy. In the second wave, two or three more rebels come from the same route. Once you and/or your Ghosts dispatch those guys it's pretty safe there although I prefer the more open but commanding embassy second floor (better view of the entire circle and monument).
  9. Press and hold zoom ("hold" is probably the biggest thing). Also make sure no physical obstructions are present in your line of sight to the tank. Press fire. Watch the nice explosion.
  10. I found the tanks pretty difficult to deal with too. The key was not only to hide from them but dispatch them quickly with the Apaches once you spot them. I had the most success with this setup: 1) positioned my SAW gunner at the corner of the wall near the VIP and covering south, 2) put my rifleman behind the huge boulder debris "in" the embassy lot covering general east and especially the flanking hole along the east wall, 3) placed sniper upstairs on the west side behind a wall that blocks cross-fire from the east, covering far south (basically where you run from when you see the embassy explode), 4) myself upstairs as well but on the east side snug + crouched against the short broken wall covering the sneaky NE flank, east, and far south. You get a pretty commanding view of the standoff from here but are exposed to fire coming from the south. You can always use a scope or sniper rifle to pick off anyone spraying lead down your path. Combined with the two marine guards watching E and S, this was a pretty successful covering pattern. No one died (a couple injuries tops). No grenades or GLs needed. If you place any Ghosts or yourself outside the embassy wall they're pretty much toasted by the tanks if you don't get the Apaches on them immediately. I never ventured out of this zone... I figured it would be difficult enough to thwart off 2 fields of fire... why venture to the center monument/statue and battle 360 degrees?
  11. I totally agree with the requested feature-adds to the co-op aspect. However, I think the tone of a few posts in this thread from a few hardcore fans, while passionate, are also a bit overzealous and taken the wrong way, could seem ungrateful and threatening to GRIN. Now of course, I don't mean to burst in here on my third forum post and indirectly call a bunch of you inconsiderate. I'm just a moderate GR fan who's had a lot of fun playing the original co-op modes at small LAN parties I've setup in the past. I've never really interacted with the GR community but I can tell it seems tight-knit, established and dedicated. I think if the message gets directed to the dev team in a more positive manner and on a more realistic timeline it'll go a much longer way. There's no feasible way to get all the requests, reasonable or otherwise, in by the June patch unless they have been working on them previously and just disabled them for ship time due to insufficient testing. Anyways, here's another post hoping the original/more interesting/varied co-op modes get in soon.
  12. Probably because no one knows what you're talking about. You might want to describe your problem in more detail.
  13. Had that happen once to my sniper at the end of Mission 3. I eventually ignored him and later I found out he got taken out by the enemy or something. My guess is that he ran out of ammo (is that even possible with your AI teammates?). End of level stats didn't list him as KIA though. Weird.
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