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  1. same, i've been having this "problem" since monday.
  2. How exactly do you link your gamertag? can someone explain? thanks!
  3. The new game modes are great, but it still feels like "seen-it-done-it", I mean all the games will have this, but for GRAW since i've played domination to death, HH just seems like a smaller version of it, I don't get the special "kick" out of it. Maps are wonderful though. Skipping the intros for Co-op are great, a sure 10/10, but the when Mitchell dies the game is still over, and you must totally reload again, and loading is still VERY VERY long and annoying. Still has the very common random crashes after a game. The game is still pretty choppy (for me anyways). Great maps, but the games going to need more than this. My overall rating for this Patch: 6/10
  4. Remove the "wait for everyone to be ready" for domination, it's pointless to be in dom. it should be in co-op. It's not needed, and sometimes people go AFK during loads, etc. and don't ready, ruining the game for everyone else, get rid of this.
  5. Implement a better waiting system so people don't constantly get disconnected
  6. A major reason why GRAW had lost so many players is because of the graphics and the huge amount of lag people suffer. Yes, the multiplayer options aren't that great, but that isn't the main reason (look at CS), devs these days are too worried about their graphics, and competing with the outside world to create the worlds most laggiest adventure (ex. Doom III). I'm sure if GRAW didn't have so many useless visuals, there would be more players, but more people complaining about making it like [GR] or adding more mp options, etc. I don't play GRAW often at all, because of the lag and horrible load times, but when I do play domination or DM it's pretty fun (aside from spawn kills and the occasional lag here and there), coop is basically useless to me (even though that's why i bought GRAW, for coop) only 1-2 levels allow me to load and stay in the game w/out disconnecting, and i'm surely not the only one.
  7. To the topic starter: QUOTED FROM OFFICIAL GRAW SITE I don't know about you, but I think reading might help sometimes
  8. Disgrunt, it was a question. I do understand UBI's situation, but all I know is that when I get a game for $60, I want my moneys worth, and the other GR titles did give this. But, if you look at it in the p.o.v. of X360 gamers, they surely are getting their moneys worth, and I personally do not own an x360. It is so far not a complaint, yet. Just to say how others feel, Disgrunt, perhaps you should look at the X360 features, and then compare it to the PC version, then look at the prices. It seems $10 can make a huge difference.
  9. http://www.ghostrecon.com/uk/newspost.php?id=15816 What about PC users? Anything promised for us?
  10. The game itself is wonderful, crosscom, the shooting, etc. It's the new computer specs that throws all the people off, and also the HORRIBLE multiplayer. It's as if they worked on the game the whole time and sent in the multi as a beta, I along with many people have to waste hours to join a server, without the game disconnecting us for (?) reason. The patches and help from GRIN are great, but this game needs a huge boost in their multi, its disgusting how it works, the game is too time consuming: huge load times, the black screen afterwards (why is it even there? have we not loaded enough yet?), the performance is better thanks to the patches from AGEIA and GRIN, but yet multi has not been fixed at all (not as in adding more content, they said they will in June) the disconnects are so frequent it's hard not to get frustrated and stop playing.
  11. 1. A function to REMOVE DEAD BODIES + DECALS 2. Clearer map on cross-com (running on 800*600 its VERY hard to see yourself and others) 3. More weapons + mods (as in weapon mods) 4. Mod tools 5. (For domination) Choosable Ghost player skins (ex. Black, ACU, CADPAT.. etc.) 6. Voice commands / Orders (esp. for domination, its hard to get people to go to locations, they all just scramble around) 7. Improve squads in domination (Squad leader capable of issuing orders?) 8. Improve maps to fit with amount of players (ex. 16 players smaller map, 32 players bigger... etc.) 9. Easier purchasing screen (add number functions -> (1) for sniper, (2) for MCR...etc.) 10. A waiting system for co-op (A LOT of people disconnect due to long load times)
  12. First off, I'd like to compliment the devs on a great game. GRAW multi is a VERY exciting experience. Domination has many flaws. The squads are very confusing, not very helpful, and its hard to communicate (VoIP?). Co-op should be fun. I, along with many others can't even load fast enough without getting disconnected. VERY annoying, especially if this game was bought for the co-op experience. I have no comment on co-op since I can't join any games without waiting 10 minutes to load and get disconnected. Memory usage is acceptable, but for people (and there are a lot) who dont have 1 gig of ram have "wobbly" or "drunken" aiming. Now, I'm no professional, I truly don't understand why ram fiddles with drunken aiming. I've played battlefield 2, it lags a bit, i've played on a crap computer (256 ram), it lagged yes, but the aiming was fine, it didn't fly up down left right diagonal. I want an answer to how exactly this "bug?" relates to ram. Loading times are scary. Single player takes 30+ minutes for me to load, thus killing the experience. Do not tell me to upgrade my computer, not everyone has money to buy top of the line items, even if they had a job. Please fix some of the lag issues, and tone down the memory usage, I don't see how GRAW would require more memory than BF2(huge levels, A LOT more people). I personally have only enjoyed 1/4 of the game, IT HAS A LOT of potential, but the problem lies with the bugs, lag, poor multiplayer servers (no dedicated), the load times are HORRIBLE, disconnects from co-op just makes me want to return this game. Add more gametypes, upgrade the server browsers, fix the disconnects(have people all ready up and wait for people to join so it doesnt d/c them all the time, when everyone is ready perhaps a person still loading can be given a timer, or given set weapons etc. and spawn on the team, rather than kicking them out jsut to have it happen again and again.). With patches, fixes, more MAPS and gametypes, this game will easily stand out from the other simple FPS's. This game has a ton of potential. Please do not pull off another Raven shield on this community.
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