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  1. Does anyone know if you go with a faster internet speed if it helps your pings or what. On cable with a 256 upload but they have a 1 mg upload service and before I get it. I wanted to find out if it helps your pings or what. Any ideas. Thanks Hardcore
  2. Thanks mate. Did not want to have to waste money if it would not improve performanace.
  3. Now I know you have to have a gamespy account becuase GRAW and and GRAW 2 gateway to join or create a server. Now I have noticed alot of high pings and as we all know, you can time out if it gets to high. All my other games don't usually have high pings like graw and graw 2. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between standard gamespy arcade account and a paid account. Is the servers for the gamespy arcades for graw better for the paid accounts or not. Don't want to have to purchase a account if it is not going to improve my pings. CAn anyone answer this please. Thanks. Hardcore
  4. Have notcied on several people graw 2 campaigns a issue with completing the campaign and moving to the extraction point and the server crashes. Is this a issue or is this the way the campaign ends. Don't think this was happening before the latest patches. Anyone have any insite to what is up with this. Thank you. Michael Hardcore
  5. Battle Quest Gaming is getting ready to start their new scripts. Link with info is in my Sig at the bottom of the this post. Just click on my sig below. Until such time as release, please feel free to check our other leagues out at www.bq-gaming.com. We are looking at some maps for this game. Looking at supporting other games too. We would like to invite you to check us out. We would like to see more players and teams. Any questions, email me at hardcore@bq-gaming.com. Thank you. Hardcore Lead Admin BQ-Gaming
  6. Well, dont know if this has been mentioned before or not but here goes. If UBI is giving gamespy rights to hos the game and gamespy arcade is dead and does not reckonize GRAW anyways, The gamespy that is hosting should be made with a chat server area for teams to be able to look for matchs and so forth and put up rooms looking for a match or something of that type. That would be part of a server admin wishlist and a gaming league wish list i believe.
  7. BQ-Gaming is growing. We are looking for more players and clans. We have several game ladders, Top ladders are GRAW and GR. We have a map pak for GRAW and are in the works of trying to get new maps for GR to bring more life and fun back to the game. So, if you are looking for some new people to put your skill against and to meet. Come check us out. Bring your team if you have one. You can click the link or my sig below to check us out. We just started up some new scripts that are great. Come check us out. Bring a freind or more. See you on the battlefeild. I will be waiting. http://www.bq-gaming.com/
  8. Hey bro, ss looks great. I get the same thing when clicking on download link. Page not found. Why not upload to ghostholic of something. Keep us posted.
  9. Looks good bro. Can not wait to try it out.
  10. Are you looking for a new Ghost Recon gaming league. Yes they still are around. And active. Plenty of clans and recruiting and easy to create a clan of your own. Check us out. All welcome. Come to our site. http://leagues.bq-gaming.com/gr/ We also have a Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter league getting kicked off. With its own map pak. Check it out. http://leagues.bq-gaming.com/GRAW/ Any question. contact us and let us know.
  11. Can someone from Grin or ubi give us a idea of when the next patch is coming out and what the some of the details are?
  12. Why not put them on file front. Be easy for people to get there too.
  13. When do you think they will be ready.
  14. Looks great, can not wait to play it. Good work. Keep it up.
  15. I have already converted some of the maps into map packs for my former clan. seperated into dm and then tdm-dom. Have not tried to upload to a place for download.
  16. These maps are on the map pack listed on forums.
  17. I have alot of maps but have not found these for download. Anyone have the link? Century_31 Duel Hardpoint Industrial Complex Laboratorie New Map Raid Samira Any ideas.
  18. Good find if you are french or know it and can read it. Why dont someone who knows the language get it and put it up on a english serve for us non french noobs. LOL
  19. Are you checking all 2 setups, some maps will only show up under domination and rest under deathmatch. Check that first bro.
  20. Is GRIN or UBI looking or checking out these maps that the guys are doing a great job of producing and are they thinking about adding them to the future maps packs?
  21. Is this final you was working on or the one you sent me.
  22. Agreed. And what is that old saying. IF there is a will, There is a way.
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