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  1. Thats fine, but these screenshots posted at other site do not look 5 years old at all. Plus the E3 2006 trailer shows the game very well. SS Link http://www.armedassault.org/web2/screensho...12-59-05-51.jpg
  2. Wille should take a reading course. Fact is, as it stands, Graw is a very linear game ( even though the maps are non-linear ), because we are given one objective at a time and there are too many triggering events like MOH. ( Kill this guy to the right, oh ! now the tank will come .... ) In every forum, I am seeing people complaining about this aspect. In GR1, we were given multiple objectives even though it was not a rpg game and we did not have to collect gold and kill trolls. We liked that and did not want that changed, but alas ! Another very successful military game, Operation Flashpoint, also gave the gamer much more freedom than Graw does. It ended up becoming a classic. The enemies are also, more or less, in the same place every time we replay. This is reducing replayability a lot and I request this aspect to be addressed, even for the SP players. This fall we will have the exact game that you seek, as well as quite a few of us. The game is called Armed Assault and is from the creators of OFP. Heres the link. http://www.armedassault.com/
  3. I use mine like this Comms & Game like Roco said 100% You could also run at full screen and just use Teamspeak Overlay. No in game issues while running TSO. Here's the link if interested http://www.teamspeakoverlay.com/
  4. Like I care.. A cheat is still a cheat... regardless of whether its SP or MP. If you need to cheat then why don't you purchase games that are easier..such as Pacman. By the replys so far..looks like there are a lot of little cheating Fanboys in GRAW..and I say again..GET SOME SKILL.
  5. Hopefully All Seeing Eye picks up GRAW soon.
  6. Here's an idea. Try using some &*%$#@ skill instead of looking for cheats. If you have no skill then learn some.
  7. Congrats Lighty. I do recall you and I had a discussion about most of these topics on TS. Glad you gave the game a chance and have seen the potential it has.
  8. The only way I found around this bug is to lay down on a roadway with either all my right side or all my left side on a curb while the other half of my body (ie- left shoulder down to left foot) remains on the road. It allows me to fire under objects most times with a little body adjustment.
  9. Average 30-35 FPS with ATI Radeon X1600 AGP 512 MB card with 1 gig ram, at 1024x768 everything on high. Should go up a bit when I add a second gig of ram. Have you attempted to uninstall the Aegia Physx drivers completely and see if that improved your FPS at all ? Be interesting to see if it made a difference (whether good or bad)
  10. .... im not asking what it means im pretty much implying wat do we need this for.. it pretty much tells u what the stuff is: It is not needed for alot of us, but there are those out there who perhaps will find it helpful. Hence helping out the COMMUNITY. Yes Ben..alot of it is obvious, but it may not be apparent to others. If you can't actually post to be helpful then don't reply at all. Doesn't anyone consider GR a community anymore ? IE- Community as in members helping members. Exactly Elder. For example dynamic_lights---> for example represents lights such as that created by gunfire reflecting on other objects.
  11. Well after consulting with Rocky I decided to post a scaled-down version of the renderer XML file. Hopefully people can actually post explanations for each setting (although some are self explanitory). This way with the proper explanations perhaps more people (especially those with lower vid cards) can get better framerates while still maintaining eye candy. Please feel free to post the explanations that you know (laymans terms if possible, short answers) - - <render_settings> aspect_ratio brightness dynamic_lights effect_quality max_anisotropy post_effect_quality shadow_quality texture_managed_backdrop texture_managed_buildings texture_managed_buildings_low texture_managed_characters texture_managed_default texture_managed_effects texture_managed_ground texture_managed_lightmaps texture_managed_no_lod texture_managed_plants texture_managed_player_vehicles texture_managed_props texture_managed_props_bump texture_managed_props_high texture_managed_silhouettes texture_managed_sky texture_managed_vehicles texture_managed_weapons texture_managed_weapons_third texture_quality texture_quality_backdrop texture_quality_buildings texture_quality_buildings_low texture_quality_characters texture_quality_default texture_quality_effects texture_quality_ground texture_quality_lightmaps texture_quality_no_lod texture_quality_plants texture_quality_player_vehicles texture_quality_props texture_quality_props_bump texture_quality_props_high texture_quality_silhouettes texture_quality_sky texture_quality_vehicles texture_quality_weapons texture_quality_weapons_third </render_settings> </render_config>
  12. "The entire campaign is playable cooperatively " ? I doubt wether the reviewer has actually played the entire campaign. Since missions like Mayday Mayday are NOT available in co-op mode (only the solo campaign). There are a few others missing as well but this one sticks out the most.
  13. Thanks for the heads up Elder. Sent the wife out to grab the goodies for me, pretty sweet indeed. Just to clarify what Elder posted. If you have already purchased GRAW then bring in your receipt and obtain the $26.99 gift pack for FREE. (and free is always good)
  14. Voice Comms ? The game is enough of a resource hog as it is. Just use Ventrilo or Teamspeak. The game doesn't need its own voice communication software.
  15. Thats nice, but this isn't BF2 or a forum for it.
  16. I know it doesn't relate to actual gameplay, but certain in game attention to detail make GRAW even more realistic. Such as when you look at your fellow ghosts right arm (this is on AI, not sure about human players yet), look just below the American Flag, you will notice the AI have there blood types listed there. If GRIN ends up putting as much attention into giving the MP (co-op and TvT) community what this game still requires as it has done to actual in game level of detail, then this game will truly be outstanding. Don't let us down guys.
  17. I personally enjoyed Mayday Mayday. Right from the beginning it was amazing. Mexico at night with tracers reaching up to your blackhawk. Then the other 2 choppers get blown to hell and you have to land and take out the 2 ADAT's in the park.After that assault the castle and then call in Apache's on the 2 artillery pieces. Nice large open area map. Reminded me alot of the origional GR. This would be a great map to have in MP gametypes such as LMS.
  18. In answer to your post.I was running an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, wasn't doing to bad at Domination. I have since updated to an ATI X1600 512mb AGP card. Doing alot better now. Hopefully your issue won't last once (hopefully) Grin gets us some proper MP gametypes, IE. LMS,Seige etc. Then it will be more about team tactics than this BS run 'n 'Gun counterstrike style we see right now.
  19. What’s free and what is going to cost money? Obviously running a high quality service like Pro-GamingLeagues.com costs money somewhere, so what is free and what is gonna cost money. To ensure our goal in providing quality of service and retain capacity for professional developments and providing prizes for our laddering seasons/cycles, tournaments and events, we have no other way but to depend on the contribution from the users of our Gaming Ladders Department Services themself. The Forums, Community, Webdesign, and Entertainment departments remain free of charges and are there to offer an additional service for the entire community at Pro-GamingLeagues.com. Rates will be somewhat between $12 to $18 or 10€ to 15€ for a yearly subscription. A. Subscription Terms. U are welcome to use the services for free in a trial period of 28 days. After this trial period u will receive a notice to become a subscribed member. If U do not want to become a subscribed member u can continue visiting the Pro-GamingLeagues Gaming Ladders Department but your gamers account will be suspended and kept in our databases for future use if u had change your mind and decided to become a subscribed user. The Subscription will continue until Pro-GamingLeagues.com receives notification of termination from you as described in subsection C below. If you accepted an offer that included a free trial period, your credit card account will not be charged until after the end of the free trial period.If you subscribed for a term of one (1) year or more, you will be notified by Pro-GamingLeagues.com before the account designated by you is to be renewed after the first term. Current fees may be obtained by going to the Registration page at Pro-GamingLeagues Gaming Ladders Department. You shall provide Pro-GamingLeagues.com with accurate, complete and updated information as to your name and e-mail address provided by you at registration. Failure to do so shall constitute a breach of this Agreement
  20. How do you earn points in the Domination mode? When an enemy is killed, you earn 2 points. If you participate in the suppression of an enemy you earn 1 point. If you kill an enemy with full energy you earn 3 points (or by doing a headshot). If you capture a neutral zone you earn 3 points. If you neutralize an enemy zone, you earn 3 points. If you capture an enemy zone, you earn 7 points. If you suppress an enemy supply line, you earn 2 points per suppressed supply line. If you win the match, you earn 10 points. Scores go back to zero when selected numbers of rounds is over. Here is the link to this info and more. http://ghostrecon.filefront.com/news/New_G...and_MP_QA;26639
  21. Check the following link http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=34358
  22. i don't know, more enemies i think, but i hope it is more than that can any one answere it clearly ???? sorry might be off topic on topic: I MADE IT !!!! had to wait the assault out till the last man, sneaky basterds hide well behind allmost every thing I have completed the campaign on both settings. What I have noticed is that on Hard you have a few more tangos in certain areas, as well they are more alert and accurate in their fire. You also cannot take as many hits before going down.
  23. Take all your Ghosts into the Embassy and put them into cover upstairs(facing SE). Take your character and go up and all the way to the right where you can snipe and defend from the low wall. Once the first tank shows (from NE) up lean out to the left so that you can just see the rear 1/4 of the armour. Call in Apache's. Then run down, grab VIP and take him to the chopper. Once you dump him into the chopper you double time it to the large monument. Fairly easy to defend from here and you have a great shot at 2nd armour which comes from the bridge tunnel (SW). Once second armour is down you head to the north west side of the monument. 3rd armour will advance from other side (SE). After it passes, sneak behind it and call the last strike in.
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