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  1. For DM you go back into the editor and then place random spawn points around map. In the Props layer there is a type called spawn_dummy, select this and place multiple spawn points in the level.(suggest areas inside or hidden to reduce spawn rapes) When you go to export it you choose Domination or Deathmatch mode ( it will show it when you hit export) and thats it. PS- also for Deathmatch do not put zone areas on map (ie-Alpha,Bravo,Charlie), just consider DM as one large zone.
  2. Press the space bar, then use AWSD to move around. Also, in conjuction with the mouse, you can change your POV just by moving your mouse. Thanks for the info. I also discovered that after hitting spacebar you can use the Q and E keys to adjust your POV height.
  3. Nice work Papa6, working on a map myself at the moment, slowly getting used to the editor as well.
  4. Has anyone been able to get a top Down Point Of View in the editor, also has anyone been able to find a zoom in key or function ? If so, could you explain how to do it. I have been able to move around using the space bar and arrow keys, but have been unsuccesful in changing my POV. Thanks in advance.
  5. I can answer that yes they did play [GR] and still do. To break down the direction of the game and even you John say its gone astray. Ubisoft have moved away from Team Play games for more than 4 players. The community is based on Large Teams and Clans. This game Like LD only supports 4 man coop misions, and you cant as in LD play these missions with any more players. If you accept this change and Grin produced a dam good 4 man Coop Game. As I said before the actual game we got was a Ubisoft created Game as was LD. No more support for large Team Play. As [GR]. Ubisoft basically have destroyed RSE concept and Game. By changing what worked. But like I said before with Grin here and our modders here it can and will be turned around. But not by Ubisoft. Agreed. Now its up to GRIN and the modders, the games life and death literally falls on there shoulders, but considering the excellent modders we had in [GR], the potential for this game is incredible. Time will tell.
  6. That's fine that you don't think you have anything to defend, that is your perception. But, I think some need to open thier eyes to the world around them to get the big picture. Your right, I have never been to the office or your fine country for that matter, but I have been in this industry a long time and done many different things.... The least of which is to help make it posible for you to even be working on a franchise such as GR. I do know a lot about how Ubi works and I most certainly have a strong grasp on the Publisher/Developer relationship, from both perspectives. I don't need to know the specifics of the contract to know that no matter what it says, the developer of a project is still responsible for the product they deliver to the publisher and ultimately to the public. Maybe my points are not clear for some reason, but this entire thread is about the fact that both the developer and publisher are responsible for a products success or failure and those that think GRIN has no responsibility to deliver are childishly niave. Good luck in the future. Im not saying that GRAW is perfect in any way but the fact remains that it was made in about 14 months from start to finish with extremely limited funds and manpower compared to the 360 version. the "buggy or unfinished" state of the game has nothing to do with competence or will of the people working here, there are simply some things, and some decisions that we had no control over. like the human need to sleep atleast 3 hours a night and Ubis control of the project. and it feels a bit arrogant to come in and say "they should have done this or planned accordingly that" when you dont really know what went on along the way of the project) being the industry veteran you are, you would know that terms, conditions and relationships with publishers is quite uniqe with every project and every new publisher you work with. and that the twitching, spazzing and sudden desicion-changing within the publisher are something you can _never_ account for. Once again this just shows that UBI does not give a damn about the PC players, exactly how many developers and resources where available in comparison? Perhaps 4-6 for the PC compared to 30 + for the console kiddies, and then the end result is that we get a damn console port, and even then only half of it. Wheres the nicaraugua maps, wheres the multiple game modes, hell where is the thermal imaging for the sniper rifle. Let's face it people, we are at the bottom of the gaming food chain now, and it's pretty sad considering [GR] was origionally released on PC long before console, and we gave feedback to the developers on what was needed to make the game a showstopper. In essence we were the beta testers, and helped to make GR what it was, and this is the thanks we get. No offence to GRIN, but guys, did you even play [GR] and experience what made it such a great game to begin with ? Or did NUBI put down such guidelines as that it is not to in anyway resemble [GR] (thus tying your hands) ? Please don't take this post in the wrong context Grin, I appreciate what you guys are trying to repair, but I am not sure if it will be a case of "Too little too late", as newer games are on the horizon as we speak. GRAW just might be the final bell tolling for GR series on the PC.
  7. Well if it was the clan that this poster was from (see link), then it probably wasn't lag. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=36457
  8. Then you are definently a minority. Probably 80% of the PC players who purchased GRAW had earlier played and loved [GR]. GRAW is way off base in the continuation of the series, which sadly to say (for the PC at least) it's pinnacle was [GR].
  9. Thats interesting feedback....how muchsmoother,,,,minor/moderate or a lot of difference ? I found it runs much smoother without the drivers, and since I do not have an Aegis card (and not planning on wasting $$$ on one), then I find having the drivers installed very redundant.
  10. IMHO...that where they should have started from! Agreed, Like the old saying goes "If something isn't broke, then don't fix it". [GR] was the perfect military FPS formula, had everything needed and was suspensful as hell in MP, many of us can remember having shaking hands after an excellent TvT game. This same formula should have been applied to GRAW. The only thing that shakes after a MP game in GRAW is my head.
  11. Just uninstall it in your programs area. Don't just delete the folder. I found that my game ran much smoother without the Aegis drivers installed.
  12. I would love too see GRIN remodel GR1 with the new engine, but with same maps (and a few new ones added), same gameplay, gametypes, and weapons. I for one would purchase it without hesitation. It would be a better alternative for those of us who loved [GR]. How about it Grin, study [GR] and remodel it guys.
  13. You are joking, right? Let's keep reality part of the equation here, ok? The cdkey issue is part of this fabulous patch, not a sign of cheaters. Unreal. lol...I think Postal was refering to the bug that kicks people for no good reason when anti-cheat is inabled on the server...not that there are so many cheaters out there and that is why they are not being used... Yup yup, thats exactly what i was talking about...the bug that is causing the invalid cd key kicks while the anti cheat is enabled...thought it was pretty obvious what i meant...but ok Don't sweat it Postal, alot of anal retentive individuals seem to reply here at GR.Net. Sad that the GR community has sunk so low.
  14. Colin is probably right Payback, putting that info up for grabs would probably not be a good idea and I dont think it will happen as it will help cheaters to work around it. However, you will have to wait for Grin_stickan to pop by until you can get a definate answer to your questions, sorry about the inconvience that the AC is causing you at the moment, it will be dealt with. AC is not causing me any issues whatsoever, but as I stated, It would be nice if it catches modified weapons XML's.
  15. Colin is probably right Payback, putting that info up for grabs would probably not be a good idea and I dont think it will happen as it will help cheaters to work around it. However, you will have to wait for Grin_stickan to pop by until you can get a definate answer to your questions, sorry about the inconvience that the AC is causing you at the moment, it will be dealt with. Thanks for the reply Willie. It's nice to know at least 1 person can post a proper response instead of being a jackass and posting there opinions when not asked for. Because I'd like to know if players can still modify there weapons XML's, doing that is the same as someone using retlock in [GR].
  16. Yes for the price I paid for this game I do. The ones with these modified files know if it catches them or not, but I doubt wether any of them will come forth with any information. So it falls on GRIN to answer questions such as these. BTW..didn't see GRIN in your name so how about letting them answer.
  17. It would be interesting to know exactly what the AC checks besides the exe. Does it check for modified XML's that can only be modded after using the unbundler (hope so), XML's such as weapon recoil, spread etc. It would be nice to know what cheats this thing will detect, so that we all know the games we are playing are clean. I personally don't care how it checks, but what it checks would be some good info.
  18. Agreed. In [GR] you could actually time your shot to kill a member of the opposing team to do just that, and possibly take out a few with him (dead mans nade)
  19. Well at least when the dedi files come out we will have many more servers up.(if the game lives that long)
  20. This then brings into question of command map overlay. It's hard to communicate a tango's postition to teamates in TC for example, by saying things like"There's a guy by the seond hut on left".It would be alot easier to just say "Tango at hut in bravo 3 left side", command map overlays would be a nice touch.
  21. Accept another delay ??? I'm still waiting for GR2 for the PC.<---yes thats sarcasm Alot of us lost faith with UBI after that slap in the face, we know all too well about UBI's delays and promises. (no offence to GRIN)
  22. What happened to us is this. PC gamers account for about 10% of UBI's sales. Console gamers account for the other 90%. The plain and simple fact is that it is more important for UBI to please its largest market and use it's considerable resources to keep the console players happy. It's just good business. We are PC players and therefore relegated to the bottom of the barrel (no insult intended to GRIN). it's doubtful whether UBI really worries about losing it's PC players as customers, because in the long run it wont hurt them much.
  23. You know what I mean I do? Run over the corpses. If they have the same calibre ammo as you do then you will pick up a clip off them, you max out at 10 clips.
  24. What make is the Vid card ? How much ram does it have ? What drivers are you using ? How much system ram do you have ?
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