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  1. Hmmm..that sounds alot like what is in [GR]....interesting..Considering thats what alot of us wanted in the first place.
  2. Playing the same old checkpoints again and again gets boring Can't see any new SP content coming myself - I mean, who would buy it? Not me! I also think too many folks have already been put off SP by poor/repetitive/buggy gameplay and huge system requirements for an expansion to the SP to be a finanically viable proposition. Still, thats just my thoughts. Comments from Grin? I have had only a few problems, ref computer requirements. Wait until Vista arrives and the games will only be available on Vista! I bet you bought Thunder Island and Desert Seige! That is what I am speaking of. And you are right, playing the same old "checkpoint" can get boring,...or is it frustrating? But,again, if GRiN came out with an expansion pack, I WOULD pay money for it. Just like I will buy the expansion to F.E.A.R. If I think the SP game is good, I will pay for the addtions. Maybe you would not, but that is your choice!...Anyway, didn't you microwave your game? or didn't even purchase it? Hmmm Thunder Island ???? Is that a new [GR] add on pack...never heard of that one.
  3. You mean... if Armed Assault is released.... been in the making longer then any other title i know. Well at least its not a 360 Port. I'm glad Armed Assault has been under development for a long time. Perhaps then we wont get mutiple patches which create multiple BS.
  4. ON LIFE SUPPORT..but the plug will be pulled once Armed Assault is released.
  5. Why every two or three days ? Because people pay hard earned cash for something they feel has fallen short, and they need to vent about it(thats human nature). I for one agree with SSP on most parts, I for one would have been happy with an [GR] Port with updated graphics, and some new maps. I didn't sign up for an X-Box 360 port, which like it or not, is exactly what we have here. I know I know, people will say that its not, that the maps are bigger...BIG DEAL..its still a 360 port. Ahh well..companies put the emphasis and talent on whatever area makes them the highest profit (which is good business sense), and lets face it..the consoles are 80-90% of their customers.So do the math. One other thing concerning "The way things have been going lately" as you put it Angel. Lets clear the air on this one (not being harsh), this isnt "The way things have been going lately", this is things finally coming to a head. This really started back when we got SCREWED OVER for GR2, and its just been building since. We all hoped and prayed that our long wait would be justified with GRAW (no dont say its GR3, because we dont have GR2 and never did), that for once the promises wouldn't be empty, but once again they are. GRAW itself is a fine game by itself, if your a run and gunner. But lets face it, the real tactical players in [GR] would have torn people apart if they tried to do the crap they do in GRAW games. Its a good game if your a teenybopper or a CS freak, but for a true tactician, it not only misses the mark, it misses the timezone.
  6. Some of the areas you have pointed out are already addressed in the Beta we are testing right now. It is a big step in the right direction, the game isnt quite where it needs to be, but its getting there. Hopefully once we are done testing it will get released soon. Alot of people (especially server admins) will be pleased.
  7. We have no idea when this will be released to the public, but I can tell you that they are implementing changes based on what we find as we speak. Apparently the next beta version(with fixes) may be released by tomorrow. This is speculation on when the next Beta version will be released , but I also obtained this information from a source in Grin.
  8. Ahh ok not the ubi forum login then good idea postal... see yah inside. Hmmm I think you mean nice idea Payback LOL, and no we arent brothers or even cousins, just teammates, and your welcome. cant blame him, I always mix up you guys:D you are the ghost recon equivalent of hewey dewey and louie well except for louie.. ROFLMAO, and here I thought we were more like Laurel and Hardy, or shaggy and scoobydoo.
  9. Ahh ok not the ubi forum login then good idea postal... see yah inside. Hmmm I think you mean nice idea Payback LOL, and no we arent brothers or even cousins, just teammates, and your welcome.
  10. Fired mine off too Postal, and thanks. Now its just a waiting game.
  11. Good idea, I just need someone to send me the password that you all got so those in the beta group can access the forum for comments. Ok password has been sent, and no its not the UBI one I was talking about, but the one that came in our origional e-mail to access the ftp, I checked with a few other Beta testers and we all have the same origional Beta Password to access the ftp. Thats the pass we will use to access the private Beta posting area.
  12. I dont think I can post that information, but I will tell you this. What they have done about this issue is definently a step in the right direction, but they need to repair a bug (or oversight) we have located already.
  13. Nope..your not alone on that one, but thats why I suggested this. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=38490
  14. Just a thought, but since most of us cannot access the Beta tools reporting area, perhaps a GR.net admin can put up a BETA test feedback area (with our beta password to access it) so that we can post the good and the bad, and then we can direct UBI here since they have not got there act together yet. Just a suggestion.
  15. [GR] Co-op has 2 gametypes, and when set to Hardcore AI its simply amazing, and yes the server admin tools are very nice.
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