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  1. Good points, Specter. 1 spawn-servers will be more frequent when and if ppl need to practise for ladder. As of now there are a community of fun-gamers.
  2. Well, you do as you please with your coding. I guess we will either like your long hours coding, or we will not. Simple as that. But the more you change to what you feel is right, and take away freedom of choice, the bigger chance this will be a good effort but not used? Alot of old Ghost Recon players miss the old random insertion gaming.
  3. The weapon-kits dont matter. Its in the game, so its hard to change much (to the better). Edit: Actually, why bother to edit the kits? If we can keep the game as close to original as possible, its best for everyone. Even if the kit-system is wiered as they are, with soldiers not beeing able to have a handgrenade or tree if they are to use scopes on their guns... ? Then again.. GL´s are mostly disliked by respawn-gaming-fans. If you play with 1 spawn they dont make such a big "impact". Same goes for the m99. Pls, just keep the guns there. We who play will have more fun if we get to make our own choices
  4. It does have the 4 random initial insertion zones, but respawns after dying are then in other random zones. Refer to his quote below. If you play without respawns (once Lightspeed updates the mod to allow that), then you have they game type your looking for. If you want to play respawns with just respawn in one of the 4 initial random insertions, I would ask why? The respawn point can be easily identified and camped. I prefer the old gameplay from [GR] with random insertion and no respawns. No spawn camping without respawns. Love you effort to give us a game with random spawns. But pls, to make this a smash-hit. Dont try to "balance" the game like GRiN and Ubi did. Let the players balance. Tend to think we have the intelligence to do so our selfs . During Ghost Recon-peak-days there were a focus on playing with RandomInSertions during ladder. This gave the game an edge that just isnt there now when you know where the enemy spawn. They could be very close, or faar away. You just didnt know, and you had to adapt your team very rapidly to the situation. There were ladders for SIS-gaming too, and for the guys that loved the StaticInSertions they could have their fun too. It was their choice, not GRiNs or Ubis. We tried the mod yesterday with high hopes for what was in [GR], and the "playable" issues were: * No ability to disable respawns or tagging serversided. * Hardly no abiltiy to customize game-settings (guess that will come in the new version?) Other than that, keep up the good work. Guess you have put in some hours into this. We can only hope that the players of GRAW2 will love to use the mod
  5. God I love you! Finally the possibility to get good old RiS running again! Random spawns will always be more fun, especially with only 1 life.
  6. Same here.. seems the game is offline.. Scary enough its even possible.
  7. *sigh* Miss GRs replays. Then it was alot more easy to check if it´s skill or someone that have to buy theirs.. As I remember it 99% of the ones you checked was just skilled, could teach you something, using comms, got lucky or just had a field day of their life. As in any sport, there are some amazing players out there. Pls, b4 you start shouting about cheats, gather the evidence. Without evidence its just nothing more than your oppinion. I´m sure GRiN will check up on the auto-grenaders and semi-auto-.50´s.
  8. As soon as we get a ladder going, there will be more servers with only "1 life". Its the classic GR-gaming-way, and takes alot more skill than the run-n-gun-archade that are ruling most servers now. Anyways, as soon as vU.s server start pinging right, there will be another server with just 1 spawn. Welcome into our sights
  9. * Take away the "kits". Let us choose and pick like in singleplayer/coop * 2-3 handgrenades. 1 single is just a waste of space * Handgrenades to EVERY weapon! (actually just look at the first *) * Aimpoint-sight-possibiltity to m14 weapon. See above.. * The server-side needs polish. * Prone-issues... pls... elite-soldiers that cant shoot while prone unless on a totally flat area..? Other than this, its a great game. Keep patching and we will be happy gamers
  10. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums?a=tpc&amp...4175#8081084175
  11. vU is a team that was created in november 23, 2001, to play Ghost Recon. The founders was Meska and Korpen that came from the gaming of R6: RogueSpear. The team goal have been to develop a gaming style that would defeat teams playing with focus on induvidual skill. vU är ständigt i förändring, och siktar nu på GRAW2 med stora förväntingar. Om du pratar svenska, är inriktad på lagspel, och tror dig passa in i den grupp av gubbar vi är, ta kontakt med oss via viribusunitis.se. Antingen via vår TS som du hittar nere till höger på sidan, eller via forumet. Alla som tänker sig en framtid i vU måste ha tänkt igenom, och accepterat vår codex. To all of you. See you in our sights, and pls feel welcome to our server(s).
  12. * Thin objects as the corrugated fences stop bullets??? Same goes for wooden walls in the "houses", cars, and so forth. Pls, go realism here. Gamers will learn to deal with it, enjoy, use it. And no doubt will we learn how to use terrain better. To have the .50 to penetrate theese objects are just perfect. Lets have the 7.62, 5.56, 4.5 and the 9mm penetrate proper objects too. Pls! * Where is the "shot-in-the-leg-limp"? The "shot-in-the-arm-bad-aim"? Ghost Recon could handle this. Why cant Ghost Recon ADVANCED Warfighter 2 do that? More realism, pls! * The limited LOS. Atleast have the sniper be able to see much futher away when looking IN the scope. This will make gamers move in better cover, just cause the sniper can do his job. But not even beeing able to look across the demo-map the short way..
  13. Well.. there is a solution that give you 10-15 fps if you have AMDs dual-core cpus. http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni...1_13118,00.html GL HF
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