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  1. Can you run a free team speak server without a static I.P.?
  2. Gonna get it right now too. Thank San.
  3. Man, I cant wait to try these things.
  4. Thanks for the great review Rocky. I've been wondering about 3D gaming ever since I heard about it.
  5. Looks very cool guys. Thanks for the effort.
  6. Great job on the map and very objective post sleeper. It's cool to see honest opinions and a modder open to suggestions. Keep up the good work Hartog, you modders keep this game fresh and it's appreciated.
  7. Yep, we have to thank all those peeps who make mods. We ALL got our money's worth out of GR thanks to them. P.S. @ GR50 You're gonna LOVE Frostbite
  8. Man, I can't say enough about how great this mod is. Can't go wrong with FB and HX4. I'm still stuggling thru the missions and I just deleted the .sht file. Thanks for the help and the great mods. Please make more .
  9. Did you check "behind firewall" in the multiplayer settings of the hosting puter? It's the only way it works for me. Otherwise, make sure the ports have forwarded udp as well.
  10. Damn, the more I play this mod (online seige) the more I like all these maps. The visibility distances are just perfect for team games/ limiting night vision. I can't say that about every "stock map". Once again, gr8 job on this mod. P.S. I like the weapons too
  11. I have similar probs on ASE as well. Not sure why it is.
  12. If it's Windows XP ya might have the firewall on. Try disabling it.
  13. Wow, this mod is SWEEEEEEEET. Can't vote yet cuz I didn't try em all yet but that ship map is VERY cool.
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