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  1. Definately a keeper, even though alot more complicated and realistic than original.
  2. This might sound a little lame, but did u try double clicking the mouse wheel? Sparkinator
  3. Bads, I had the same problem, so I went out and bought a cheap wheel mouse and plugged it in. I couldn't hit anything since i have used a logitech marble mouse for about 3 years now. Just for giggles, I plugged my marble mouse back in without unplugging the wheel mouse, and was pleasantly surprised to find that both mouses work without any problems in or out of the game. I now use my marble mouse to play the game, and the wheel mouse only to change weapons, and for squad movements! This might help your friend! My wheel mouse is a Kensington 19420, and I got it at a supermarket (LOL), for $9.99. Sparkinator
  4. Cookie, I had the same problem u did, couldn't switch weapons, give squad orders, etc!, so I went out and bought the cheapest wheel mouse I could find (Kensington #19420, $9.99), and plugged it in. Now everything works ok, but I can't move or shoot worth a ****!. I have been using a Logitech #T-BC-21 Marble Mouse for about 3 years now. Just for giggles, I plugged my Logitech back in also, and was pleasantly surprised to be able to use both mouses without any conflict in or out of the game. I use the Logitech for everything but weapons changes, and squad orders. Hope this helps somebody else out there! Sparkinator ASUS P4P800-VM Intel P4 3.2 HT NVidia GeForce 7800 GS OC 8x AGP 256MB DDR3 4GB OCZ Ultra High Performance 3200/400MHZ RAM ANTEC Smart Power 2.0 500watt PS Logitech T-BC21 Marble Mouse Kensington 19420 Wheel Mouse
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