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  1. Anyone else having problems seeing textures when you load up maps ? I can only see stuff when I load the default editor level. It's actually called "editor" I made a room on irc server efnet called #graw.mods if anyone wants to join me in getting this to work. Amazing job nemon..thanks
  2. Was messing around with xml files and I turned it on. It's not very functional. I ca'nt seem to get textures to show. But it's there thats for sure. Kinda makes me mad as this was probably intended for release but they did'nt finish it as with other parts of the game. Anyway guys, try this out open up context.xml from your GRAW root folder and change this line <script base="data" exec="menu/menu" editor="true" language="english"/ Run the game. Load up a LAN multi map. Violla !!!! In the editor Now maybe somone can help figure this out and fix it so we can make some new maps.
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