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  1. Flatliner, we are all over the U.S. and even in Australia we have a member. We have about a 50/50 split of east coast to west coast. Stop over on our website or on our public teamspeak at (i think, if not it's on our website).
  2. Can anyone help me setup a ATC Server so our clan can join it online? I did setup the linksys firewall to port forward 3333 to my internal ip address but that didn't help.
  3. Team AOD would play on the ladder for TDM, No Respawns or maybe 1 at most. I agree with ROCO, this is our favorite ... TDM No spawns 10 min 4 vs 4 or above 2 rounds to win a map 2 maps to win the match.
  4. Team AOD is ready for WAR! We've been scrimmaging and matching about every night during the week at 9:30 EST roughly. I'm excited to start the ladder, thanks for all your hard work getting this setup for us. BTW, we are still recruiting dedicated players that want to match/scrimm and join a fun competitive clan.
  5. The TWL 5v5 North American TDM ladder is about to start up! We have enough to play but are still looking for some older members that are looking for a fun and competitive team to play on! Team AOD Website
  6. I tried to activate my account and got the following error: Invalid activation code or username. My username is tritonb
  7. Team Angels of Death (AOD) has been around for a while and is no newcomer to the Ghost Recon Series. We played the [Ghost Recon] series for a long time and climbed the ranks in the ladders. We are now playing GRAW 2 and are always looking for a few (18 and older) members that are ready to play and grow with us. We are a fun clan to be a part of and some of us have known each other for 6-8 years or longer! Our team consists of players from all over the world and right now we have about 8-10 GRAW 2 players. If you join our team you will likely be contributing immediately, we don't have A teams or B teams, we just have ONE team that are a great group of friends and that work together. We are a pretty understanding team as well, we have players that only show up once or twice a week, and that's ok. Most of us all have families and/or other types of committments such as work that keep us busy. Again, I'd love to grow our team a little more. Come visit us at www.teamaod.net and sign up. If you see me, AOD*Tritonb or any of our other AOD* members please feel free to say, "Hello!" We have a open to the public Teamspeak 2 server (IP is and also our own Dedicated GRAW 2 server running, the GRAW2 server name is, 'AOD Public Server 0 Spawns'. Stop by on TeamSpeak2 or our server anytime and get to know us! We are currently competing in the GRAW2 NA Power Ladder.
  8. Do you have to buy a copy of the game to run a dedicated server and another copy to run on your gaming PC?
  9. How many people have this problem? This seems like a critical issue for the game. Last night I only was able to get in 1 server all night! I clicked JOIN hundreds of times trying to get in a server that was listed. My GameSpy name was GREEN and I could get the server listings yet when clicking JOIN, I'd hear the beep noise and nothing would happen? How widespread is this problem???
  10. Once in the multiplayer screen my Gamespy auto logs in and my nickname turns green. I get the server list refreshed and then when I click a dedicated server to join NOTHING happens. I hear the sound of the button as I click it but it doesn't join the server. Then other times I can join a server... I just start going through the list of low ping, non full servers till I find one I can join. Anyone else have this problem or a solution??? Thanks in advance.
  11. Good point, someone mentioned to me maybe I should by a dual core processor. So are you saying that TS2 and GRAW wouldn't necessarily benefit from a dual core? I'd hate to spend the money just to find out it made no difference and didn't balance out the load on both processors??
  12. Cookie, Good idea, I'll look at your list and try killing some of mine. My Soundblaster X-FI is also identified in the game so I think I'm ok there. I think we are going to find that there are a few problems and maybe a patch down the road will fix. I think its a pretty fun game though even without being able to use comms. I'm coming from the BF2 game so I gotta learn not to run and gun so much! Thanks all for your help.
  13. I forgot to mention that I have a Sound Blaster X-FI sound card. I'm using the latest drivers from Nvidia 84.21 maybe? I don't think they are beta though. I also have started TS2 before starting the game.
  14. I have an AMD 64bit 3500 Processor with 2 gig ram and a Geforce 7800 GTX card. I bought the retail version of GRAW last night and had problems when trying to run TeamSpeak 2 at the same time for voice. I had about 41 processes running in Task Manager but my system was 99% idle before starting the game. After starting the GRAW game my system was using 98-99% CPU the entire time. This basically didn't allow any other processes like TS2 to run correctly I think. Any ideas? I'd start killing processes but NONE of them were taking up any CPU time so I'm not sure that would help. Also I noticed that when in the multiplayer screen at times I'd click JOIN on a server and nothing would happen. Anybody else have that problem? Thanks, TritonBill
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