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  1. I forgot to tell that I do not compile xml's for mods I use the local folder only to preserve the integrity of bundles (and it's easier to move it out when playing online) And in my experience the only thing which could really affect loading times is a [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] patch so let it spin
  2. I'm not sure I got your question but this is how I work: I have a d:\graw with the game and a d:\bundle where I have unbundled both quick.bundle and patch.bundle (this one overwrites some quick.bundle files) so when I wanna mod something I simply copy files from d:\bundle to my d:\graw\local\english (with proper paths) hope it helps
  3. thx for the info, as I said I'm new to the online part of graw EDIT: done and it works great, thx again doctor!
  4. the solution could be a few more customized slots or the ability to customize the existing ones (you can't do it now right? )
  5. I only started playing online 2 days ago (had to change my router..damn gamespy ) and it's a lot of fun but there are a few things to be addressed: 1- a TK could ruin the entire gaming experience or you could have a few high ping guys who spend hours running into a wall (no way to boot 'em) 2- with respawns there are always spawn campers (but it also cool to play the spawn defender role ) anyway this is not a graw problem 3- each turn you need to reselect your weapons (lazy player here) 4- you see deads chatting while playing (please confirm this) 5- you don'see the chat box while in deathcam mode (I can't say hi to people joining and you can't scroll the chat to see previous msgs) 6- no kit restriction-->you could be killed at spawn by random GL in small maps in the end only point 1 (and maybe 6) are real issues but even with them I had great fun In a few hours of playing I experienced no crashes at all, everything was very smooth. Now if you consider that all issues are going to be corrected in the next patch, this game will be almost perfect
  6. which program is used to create custom contents in swat (weapons and characters)? and how detailed are the animations for an assault rifle? I mean is it just the reloading or there are moving parts while firing?
  7. it's the wrong max version.. the plugin only works with max7 for now
  8. too much time spent modelling male characters I guess...
  9. PM rocky about it, he will be glad to help you
  10. the vip is inside the embassy (floor level of what was the embassy ) so it shouldn't tell "you're leaving the mission area.. " is your game patched to 1.21?
  11. was it in raven shield? the tar-21?
  12. the truth is he likes the design and he likes to be different..
  13. 3ds,dxf,obj, & fbx are the most common
  14. you need custom animations for all the moving parts (5 or 6 in an assault rifle) which is not a big problem if you know what each part is supposed to do when you're firing the weapon
  15. I can do it, but the problem is..I have no idea how it works in graw not only you need to create the 3d model, you also need to know how actually the weapon works to make animated components and honestly I haven' t enough knowledge on that matter I did this test only to show you that importing weapons is possible so you can start working on 3d models and collecting datas (specifics, sounds, texture,etc) It seems that in this forum there are really expert people with military experience, I can only hope they join their force to produce a great and realistic weapon mod
  16. I don't see american football since the times of joe montana and dan marino, only soccer on tv
  17. 1st step for a good strategy..know your enemies
  18. I hope Grin will put a selectable crosshair's color tab into the options menu just to stop this thread (and an option to select 1680x1050 with 1.6 factor for wide monitors )
  19. I just succesfully imported a new gun model...well it needs a 90° turn and some materials on it but it's easy to adjust (ok I'm just lazy ) so guys keep on the good work on 3d models, it's not wasted time
  20. try to remove sb_global.xml (it's not compatible with the 1.21) maybe you'll lose only the no-intro function (but I'm not sure coz I don't use this mod)
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