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  1. yup right.. that's why I said " some kind of tutorial - support " believe me I know it will be not easy to explain this stuff, but grin already proved their teaching ability in their past tutorials
  2. it's done, I also opened a new thread just for viewing pleasure
  3. NOTE: the model and the texture are very approximative coz this is just a test to insert a new weapon *alignements need a tweak (global position, left hand grip, etc) and this is a rapidshare link to a little video which shows the animated bolt (had to rip all the rest for now..and I think I messed something while compressing the video..it needs indeo5, watch it with WM) TO DO: 1-adjust alignements 2-custom sounds (will be a joke with des tutorial ) 3-custom spec 4-add missing animations 5-new model and texture 6-add some mod (I know there's a GL for this and maybe optics in a polish model ?) PS: the whole process of adding a new weapon is not easy but wille told we will have some kind of tutorial-support with the next patch and this is really a good thing coz I'm lost in my own modded files
  4. OMG I'M an XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I forgot to put u_ in the unit file it works guys, new weapon in the inventory with new 3d models with new animation give a few min to set some textures on my test model and I'll post a few pics
  5. thx for help eric but I already tried all those changes..a new model with new animation works if it replace an existing weapon and I know how to add a new weapon using existing model but it crashes if I add a new model&animation for a new original weapon btw I like your mod, soon you should be able to customize it even more
  6. it simply means that "align" was chosen to indicate the root_point by the person who did the weapons in max..it's not a big deal untill you call it with the same name in the xml. The important thing is that everything has to be linked to a dummy and the name of that dummy should be referenced into the xml the single lod should work (but what's the point of using the lod structure then? just rip it off..), but if the game crash, just clone the loda into lodb and loc for time saving-testing porposes..
  7. it's so damn early in the morning that I could say a lot of craps but I think you can't use the same objects both as graphics and collisions..you can do that only if replace all collision_type="box" with mesh_mopp
  8. hey eric, I'm not into the weapon's modding so you seem the right person for this question..is it possible to add a new weapon shaped upon an existing one? let's say for eg I wanna add an ak74 using the scar L as a base, but changing the 3dmodel, the animations, and all the parameters and the hud pic (all this keeping the original scar L) Was it already done?Is there some mod which actually add (not replace) an original weapon (even if it recycle the 3d model)? thx
  9. hey man this was your crappy explanation: hey, adding "collision sounds" to collision bodies is as desmond said, easy as tic tac toe, I dont have the game installed right now so I cant write a guide on it but ill do it as soon as I install the game here. in the mean time you can open up the pot_plant_small unit for example and look at how its bodies are set up, it has properties like "collision_filter" and "collision_effect" and "silent_time" or something similar, these are used to play effects when an object collides with something. "collision_filter" or however it is called in the game sets a min_speed at wich an effect will be played for example collision_filter="30" collission_effect="shards" silent_time="10" (the names of the properties are more than probably quite off since I dont have it all in my head..) sets up the collision body so that when it hits something else or something else hits it at a speed higher than 30 (30 what? who KNOWS!I dont ...hehe, youll have to play with this setting until you are satisfied) it playes an effect called "shards" and that could be a sound effect or a particle effect, in your case the sound of branches crunching" and then "silent-time" sets how many seconds should pass before you allow the game to play that effect again so it doesnt just loop and act weird..) hope this helps for now, but look in pot_plant_small or pot_plant_big for a more excact reference!! just want to clarify that it plays an effect , so you have to create an effect with a sound in it..look in the effects folder for examples! so bow to bogvaldt pro style
  10. maybe it was worthy to mention you had this error while running a custom made map..if you want proper support you must do a proper report anyway good job with finding this bug
  11. yup but maybe I can use the animation keyframe to control timed events (I know it's the worst possible workaround )
  12. sure! I think the main problem is to use the action key to trigger events in a MP map (mainly to start an animation) eg: to open a door but it would also be usefull to have the ability to run events (eg: a smoke fx in a certain spot after 1min from the start of the match, an explosion fx, a sound fx) all these triggered both by a timer or by the action key (eg: a detonator) or by proximity of the player (eg: a landmine)
  13. as long as it is not sex related, you should give 'em all they ask
  14. thx bogvaldt (wille already explained the collision_fx in a previous post, but in a willey way now at least we have a professional explanation ) what I'm trying to achieve is some workaround to trigger both sound and visual fx in a MP game mode but it seems that I'll have to entrust in the ability of some talented script modder PS: good job with you know what kenneth
  15. last question ( <---it's a lie ) <effect name="car_impact" test_plane_width="0" test_plane_height="0" test_nr_instances="1" test_spawn_offset="0" test_spawn_rate_hz="0" test_unit="" test_effect_surface="" > <sound3d cue="car_impact" soundbank="car_sound" /> </effect> this is an eg of a collision sound, could you explain me the meaning of each parameter? I'm particulary interested in the possibility to change the position of the sound related to the position of the triggering obj (is there a way to offset the sound in the x,y,z space?) and (ok this is another question but I told you I was lying..) when you attach a sound to an object (the dummy in 3dsmax): <ambient source="xxxx" cue="xxxx" bank="xxxx"/> are these all the parameters you can deal with? THX again
  16. well I'm proud to be a minority if it means I'll be able to mod the game the way I like, and your dedication is much appreciated -------- EDIT: ok I've read it all, it's very clear and I only have a couple of questions..which is the measure's unit of the zero_distance? can you confirm that we can use unbanked wav's without losing anything? I mean.. the .bank is not a compression but just a grouping function right ?
  17. looking forward to that tutorial and the "sound for music" trick will work great
  18. the box or the plane need to be a static not a prop if you want to walk on them at spawn (or you need a static on which to lay your objects, you spawn on this static and then you step on your props) also note that you don't exactly spawn where you're supposed to so keep your static plane big
  19. the grins are very accurate kids they named 3d objects with "gfx_" while all other object's references are usually dummy entities (but they are also lazy kids so sometimes there are references pointing to nothing or to old abandoned stuff.. ) regarding your specific question, I don't think the group name is part of the max scene, but for sure you need to link all lod obj and animations under a dummy (and its name is no specified in the xml so I think you can select a random name but I'm not sure so wait for grin's confirmation) ..oh also note that the scar could not have a "root_point" but an "align" dummy at the top of the hierarchy
  20. yup we don't need music untill we don't get SP tools but about new sounds... I don't know if you (grin) will release the bank tool but could you (desmond) explain us the process of adding new sounds? is it that simple just like banking a few .wav together? are the .xml generated from the bank tool? and now a general question... is it really impossible to add the event manager script to a multiplayer (not coop) mode? (eg: timed events, action triggered objects,etc)
  21. nope, we will keep the original elavation coz we will increase the drawing distance (more than 150mt) to make snipers happy
  22. 1-yes 2-I tested it to see if there was a change in loading times but the game took 30 more sec to load
  23. I really enjoyed those videos, and I really like his english accent
  24. it's not a secret that this is the best server around
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