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  1. how about fixing the weapon selection so I don't have to hit the button three times for it to pick the weapon i want. It happens all the time using either hot keys or the mouse wheel. I pick nade launcher, it immediately switches back to the rifle. I pick smoke, switches back to rifle. More often than not I have to choose everything 3 times for it to stick.

    I get this all the time especially with the hot-keys(1,2,3 etc.).

  2. Scenario was:

    I was covering up front, Pagey ran past me in the crouch and started to strafe left to look around the corner. Looked like he went around the corner then came running backwards back to his position but standing. He did not go around the corner though. This 1 actually lasted near 2 mins and at the end he just ran off behind me and vanished or other times he ran around a corner then reappeared behind me.

    Also at the time, he was still engaging enemy that suddenly i could not see.


    Major problem happening there! Animation maybe???

  3. Maybe you shouldn't play GRAW anymore. you're telling me that you flatout think it sucks. There's still patches to come most notably August.

    USUALLY most folks who dislike something say thier mind and then go look for other time consuming hobbies. this thread is only a constructive thread on what I think is the only flaw on the map not the game itself.

    I agree :thumbsup:

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