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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/id/traider trying again.
  2. CTD ? english, Ceramic Tile Distributors ?? Comparative Toxicogenomics Database.... Crash to Desktop?
  3. I dont think you can change modes without restarting server. i = info about the server c= admin console
  4. I get this all the time especially with the hot-keys(1,2,3 etc.).
  5. Crashes back to desktop when you click on server info. Not often but does happen.
  6. Agreed!! Also maybe their name too with number 4.
  7. Love the patch! I really like the TDM. I have not played much of HH. I did play the cape and well what the rest have said about it. Great Job GRIN!!
  8. 800x600@75 20-30 fps 3 ghz P4 1 gig ram 6600 all settings on low
  9. I would have to agree with this post. DM with 32 players, your all over each other.
  10. Thanks Grin!! I like most of the improvements which is a step in the right direction. But still the game could be smoother, the AA is crap( I hate that blurred effect). I dont like the DM with more than 10 ppl. Looking forward to the rest!!
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