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  1. Anyone else notice that for the past few months, Far Cry has been pushed in just about every sale paper and special?
  2. I think Best Buy has a PC game special going on. Buy 2/3 PC games for only $30 and Far Cry is one of the games you can get. Not too sure if it was a chain wide sale.
  3. You put the Lime in the Coke, you nut and drink it all up
  4. Just double checking. Sometimes you get the pre-order items with the game, other times you get it before the game.
  5. Quickie, When you pre-order, does the headset come with the game or do you get it before the game? (curious because every promotion is different)
  6. ...still think they are going to have Gravy Factory make GR Classic t-shirts & bumper stickers
  7. See all these gaming sites with freelance journalists, surely it can't be that hard to get press passes...
  8. Had it pre-ordered but had to cancel when I heard that some video cards are not supported. Hope they release the demo before the game comes out so I can order it just in time- if it works on my PC that is.
  9. Would like to know more about it also. So far they have only shown offensive and defensive modes. Unless something else was shown but Hawk didn't mention it.
  10. ...belongs to the rogue group that want the game just to come out regardless of what it's like. They also think arguing is pointless and a waste of time. Can you believe that? sicko's, all of them!
  11. Zantar45


    Gonna love running over terrorists with a John Deere.
  12. Ghost Recon + Recliner Sounds good to me Forget the I.W.S.*, I'll take the A.W.S.** *Intergrated Warfighter System **Armchair Warrior System
  13. I hear that the GR PC crowd just loooove the MM1 grenade launcher. I suggest putting it back in and making it dual wield...
  14. Just hope the multiplayer isn't (Ubi) Shanghaied. har har
  15. Not live on the West Coast, same with alot of other live programs.
  16. Hopefully, not too high end. Stinks not being able to play GR2 on PC since it's for consoles, would suck even more if you're not able to play it unless you have a high end PC. What's with the transparent monitor? picture
  17. Sounds good Damn, gonna have to drop the twinkies and hit the gym.
  18. Zantar45


    Indeed Spend more time trying to adjust the control layout (it refuses to save certain keys) then you wind up playing it.
  19. Would make sense. Should have been obvious when all the Xbox and PS2 screens were released but no PC ones. Same with the news. Kinda like Rainbow Six 4....
  20. Delta?! Looks good. Just hope it doesn't require a Doom-esqe PC to run it.
  21. Believe thats the first time in a game I've heard a Middle Eastern enemy mutter "Allahu Akbar" while dying. At least it sounded like that....
  22. Who wants to buy a kidney?
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